Graham Greene

Henry Graham Greene OM, CH (2 October 1904 ? 3 April 1991) was an English author, playwright and literary critic. His works explore the ambivalent moral and political issues of the modern world. Greene was notable for his ability to combine serious literary acclaim with widespread popularity. ... more on Wikipedia

Graham Greene Filmography

movie 2014 As You Like It as Corin
movie 2014 Hack: Dead Again as Sheriff Goossen
movie 2014 The Birder as Manny
movie 2014 Winter's Tale as Humpstone John
video movie 2013 Atlantic Rim as General Hadley
movie 2013 Chasing Shakespeare as Mr. Mountain
movie 2013 Islands of Sanctuary
movie 2013 Maïna as Mishtenapeu
movie 2013 Profit and Loss
movie 2013 Standing on Sacred Ground
movie 2013 Standing on Sacred Ground: Pilgrims and Tourists
movie 2012 Seattle's Loch Ness: The Lake Washington Sea Monster
movie 2012 The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 as Harry Clearwater
movie 2011 Man on the Train as Sado
movie 2011 Running Mates as Dilton Harper
movie 2011 Valley of the Sun as Turquoise Jack
movie 2010 Casino Jack as Bernie Sprague
movie 2010 Gunless as N'Kwala
tv movie 2010 Shooting Gunless as Himself
movie 2010 The Legend of Secret Pass as Granpa
tv movie 2010 The Wild Girl as Joseph
movie 2010 Willatuk: The Legend of Seattle's Sea Serpent as Narrator
tv movie 2009 Tales of an Urban Indian as Adam
movie 2009 The Twilight Saga: New Moon as Harry Clearwater
tv movie 2008 The Red Green Story: We're All in This Together as Himself
video movie 2008 Turok: Son of Stone as Elder #1
video movie 2008 When I Find the Ocean: Behind the Scenes as Himself
movie 2007 All Hat as Jim Burns
movie 2007 Breakfast with Scot as Bud Wilson
movie 2007 Just Buried as Henry Sanipass
tv movie 2007 Luna: Spirit of the Whale as Bill Louis
movie 2006 A Lobster Tale as Sheriff
movie 2006 Dream Makers as Himself
movie 2006 When I Find the Ocean as Copeland
tv series 2006 The War That Made America as Host
tv movie 2005 Buffalo Dreams as John Blackhorse
tv movie 2005 Spirit Bear: The Simon Jackson Story as Lloyd Blackburn
movie 2005 Transamerica as Calvin
tv movie 2004 2004 Gemini Awards as Himself
tv movie 2004 A Beachcombers Christmas as Colin Reid
tv movie 2004 A Thief of Time as Slick Nakai
movie 2004 Phil the Alien as Wolf
tv movie 2003 Big Spender as Jake Cotter
tv movie 2003 Coyote Waits as Slick Nakai
video movie 2003 Dances with Wolves: The Creation of an Epic as Himself
video movie 2003 Declaration of Independence as Himself
tv movie 2003 Shattered City: The Halifax Explosion as Elijah Cobb
movie 2002 Duct Tape Forever as Edgar K. B. Montrose
tv movie 2002 In the Echo
movie 2002 Punch & Judy as Charley
movie 2002 Skins as Mogie Yellow Lodge
movie 2002 Snow Dogs as Peter Yellowbear
video movie 2002 The Highest Step in the World
tv movie 2002 The New Beachcombers as Colin Reid
tv series 2002 Rocket Science as Narrator
movie 2001 Christmas in the Clouds as Earl
tv movie 2001 Independence Day 2001 as Himself
movie 2001 Lost and Delirious as Joe Menzies
tv movie 2001 Science Highway as Narrator
movie 2000 Desire as Connor
tv movie 2000 Trial by Fire as Walter Pearce
video movie 2000 Walking the Mile as Himself
movie 1999 Bad Money as George Baines
movie 1999 Grey Owl as Jim Bernard
movie 1999 Misery Harbour as Burly
tv movie 1999 Shadow Lake as Sgt. Garson Longfellow
movie 1999 The Green Mile as Arlen Bitterbuck
movie 1999 Touched as Albert
movie 1998 Heart of the Sun as Ol'Billy
movie 1998 Shattered Image as Detective
tv movie 1998 Stranger in Town as Eddie Lester - 'the creeper'
movie 1998 The Herd as Voice of of Andrew Bahr
tv series 1998 Terminal City as Himself
movie 1997 Dead Innocent as Detective Mike Salvatori
movie 1997 Song of Hiawatha as O Kagh
movie 1997 The Education of Little Tree as Willow John
tv movie 1997 The Hired Heart as Keith
movie 1997 Wounded as Nick Rollins
movie 1996 First Nation Blue as Narrator
movie 1996 Sabotage as Nicholas Tollander
tv movie 1996 Snow White as Brown Bear
tv movie 1996 The Pathfinder as Chingachgook
tv series 1996 Great Drives as Host
movie 1995 Die Hard: With a Vengeance as Joe Lambert
tv movie 1995 The Way West as Voice
tv series 1995 500 Nations
movie 1994 Camilla as Hunt Weller
movie 1994 Huck and the King of Hearts as Jim
movie 1994 Maverick as Joseph
movie 1994 North as Alaskan Dad
tv movie 1994 Rugged Gold as Samuel Smith
movie 1994 Savage Land as Skyano
tv series 1994 The Adventures of Dudley the Dragon as Mr. Crabby Tree
movie 1993 Benefit of the Doubt as Calhoun
tv movie 1993 Cooperstown as Raymond Maracle
tv movie 1993 Medicine River as Will
tv movie 1993 Spirit Rider as Vern
tv movie 1993 The Broken Chain as Peace Maker
movie 1992 Earth and the American Dream as Reader
movie 1992 Rain Without Thunder as Author on History
tv movie 1992 The Last of His Tribe as Ishi
movie 1992 Thunderheart as Walter Crow Horse
movie 1991 Clearcut as Arthur
tv movie 1991 The 63rd Annual Academy Awards as Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role
movie 1990 Dances with Wolves as Kicking Bird
tv movie 1990 Lost in the Barrens as Mewasin
tv movie 1990 The Making of 'Dances with Wolves' as Himself
movie 1989 Powwow Highway as Vietnam Vet
movie 1989 Where the Spirit Lives as Komi's Father
tv movie 1986 Murder Sees the Light
movie 1985 Revolution as Ongwata
tv series 1984 Spirit Bay as Chief
movie 1983 Running Brave as Eddie Mills
movie 1976 Bei Shao lin as Roar

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