Grant Lee Phillips

Grant-Lee Phillips (born Bryan G. Phillips, September 1, 1963) is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist known for his versatile voice, intense lyrical narratives and dexterity on the acoustic twelve-string guitar, a style that often sees him compared to Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. ... more on Wikipedia

Grant Lee Phillips Filmography

movie 2013 Low Expectations as Chess
movie 2012 See a Little Light: A Celebration of the Music and Legacy of Bob Mould as Himself
movie 2011 Girl Walks Into a Bar as Teddy Wright
video movie 2009 Grant-Lee Phillips: Buried Treasure
movie 2008 Largo as Himself
video movie 2008 One Giant Leap 2: What About Me? as Himself
movie 2005 NotNa as Himself
movie 2004 Death and Texas as Caleb the Sonnetteer
movie 2003 Easy
movie 2002 1 Giant Leap as Himself
video movie 2002 Elixirs & Remedies as Himself
movie 2002 Zig Zag
movie 2001 The Girls Guitar Club as Kontiki Announcer

Grant Lee Phillips on Youtube

New Grant Lee Phillips album to be released March 27, 2007.

"Smile" by Grant-Lee Phillips is from the end of "Application Anxiety" (Season 3, Episode 3), as Luke and Taylor are having a fight and Rory and Lorelai are ...

SEE A LITTLE LIGHT: A Celebration of the Music and Legacy of Bob Mould Recorded live 11/21/11, Available For the first time to the public through Kickstarter...

Gran cover de la cancion de "THE CHURCH" a mi gusto supera a la original.