Gus Meins

Gus Meins (March 6, 1893 - August 1, 1940) was a German-American film director. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany. ... more on Wikipedia

Gus Meins Filmography

movie 1959 Little Rascals Varieties
tv series 1955 The Little Rascals
movie 1953 Kelly Finds a Fighter
movie 1940 Earl of Puddlestone
movie 1940 Grandpa Goes to Town
movie 1940 Scatterbrain
movie 1939 Money to Burn
movie 1939 My Wife's Relatives
movie 1939 Should Husbands Work?
movie 1939 The Covered Trailer
movie 1939 The Mysterious Miss X
movie 1938 His Exciting Night
movie 1938 Ladies in Distress
movie 1938 Romance on the Run
movie 1938 The Higgins Family
movie 1937 Nobody's Baby
movie 1937 Roll Along, Cowboy
movie 1937 The Californian
movie 1937 The Hit Parade
movie 1936 All-American Toothache
movie 1936 Hill-Tillies
movie 1936 Kelly the Second
movie 1936 Second Childhood
movie 1936 The Lucky Corner
movie 1935 Anniversary Trouble
movie 1935 Beginner's Luck
movie 1935 Little Papa
movie 1935 Little Sinner
movie 1935 Our Gang Follies of 1936
movie 1935 Sprucin' Up
movie 1935 Teacher's Beau
movie 1934 Babes in the Goods
movie 1934 Babes in Toyland
movie 1934 Done in Oil
movie 1934 For Pete's Sake!
movie 1934 Hi'-Neighbor!
movie 1934 Honky Donkey
movie 1934 I'll Be Suing You
movie 1934 Maid in Hollywood
movie 1934 Mama's Little Pirate
movie 1934 Mike Fright
movie 1934 Movie Daze
movie 1934 One-Horse Farmers
movie 1934 Shrimps for a Day
movie 1934 Soup and Fish
movie 1934 The First Round-Up
movie 1934 Three Chumps Ahead
movie 1933 Air Fright
movie 1933 Asleep in the Feet
movie 1933 Backs to Nature
movie 1933 Beauty and the Bus
movie 1933 Call Her Sausage
movie 1933 Fallen Arches
movie 1933 Maids a la Mode
movie 1933 One Track Minds
movie 1933 Taxi Barons
movie 1933 Thundering Taxis
movie 1932 Sneak Easily
movie 1930 Getting the Air
movie 1930 Some Show
movie 1930 Step Right Up
movie 1930 Stop That Noise
movie 1930 Traffic Troubles
movie 1929 Burning Youth
movie 1929 Chaperons
movie 1929 Crushed Hats
movie 1929 Early to Wed
movie 1929 Finishing School
movie 1929 Getting Buster's Goat
movie 1929 Hot Puppies
movie 1929 Just the Type
movie 1929 Outdoor Sports
movie 1929 Private Business
movie 1929 Sailor Suits
movie 1929 Seeing Sights
movie 1929 The Newlyweds' Pests
movie 1928 A Big Bluff
movie 1928 A Full House
movie 1928 All for Geraldine
movie 1928 Buster's Big Chance
movie 1928 Fish Stories
movie 1928 Her Only Husband
movie 1928 Horse Play
movie 1928 Indoor Golf
movie 1928 Just Wait
movie 1928 Look Pleasant
movie 1928 McGinnis vs. Jones
movie 1928 Meet the Count
movie 1928 Reel Life
movie 1928 Rubber Necks
movie 1928 Shooting the Bull
movie 1928 Should Scotchmen Marry?
movie 1928 Start Something
movie 1928 The Cross Country Bunion Race
movie 1928 The Newlyweds' Friends
movie 1928 The Newlyweds' Servant
movie 1928 The Newlyweds' Success
movie 1927 Backward George
movie 1927 Buster Don't Forget
movie 1927 Buster's Dark Mystery
movie 1927 Buster's Frame Up
movie 1927 Buster's Handicap
movie 1927 Buster's Initiation
movie 1927 Buster's Picnic
movie 1927 Buster's Sleigh Ride
movie 1927 Buster, What's Next?
movie 1927 Fishing Snookums
movie 1927 George Steps Out
movie 1927 Keeping in Trim
movie 1927 Look Out Buster
movie 1927 Model George
movie 1927 Passing the Joneses
movie 1927 Picking on George
movie 1927 Showing Off
movie 1927 Snookums Asleep
movie 1927 Snookums Cleans Up
movie 1927 Snookums Disappears
movie 1927 Snookums' Playmate
movie 1927 Society Breaks
movie 1927 Stop Snookums
movie 1927 The Disordered Orderly
movie 1927 The Newlyweds Build
movie 1927 The Newlyweds' Christmas Party
movie 1927 The Newlyweds' Mistake
movie 1927 The Newlyweds' Shopping Tour
movie 1927 The Newlyweds' Surprise
movie 1927 The Newlyweds' Troubles
movie 1927 Why Blondes Leave Home
movie 1926 Circus Today
movie 1926 Wandering Willies
movie 1926 Buster Helps Dad
movie 1926 Buster's Girl Friend
movie 1926 Buster's Heart Beat
movie 1926 Buster's Hunting Party
movie 1926 Buster's Mix-Up
movie 1926 Buster's Narrow Escape
movie 1926 Buster's Nose Dive
movie 1926 Buster's Orphan Party
movie 1926 Buster's Prize Winner
movie 1926 Buster's Skyrocket
movie 1926 Buster, Watch Tige
movie 1926 Snookums' Buggy Ride
movie 1926 Snookums' Merry Christmas
movie 1926 Snookums' Outing
movie 1926 Snookums' Tooth
movie 1926 The Newlyweds' Neighbors
movie 1926 The Newlyweds' Quarantine
movie 1925 The Soapsuds Lady
movie 1925 Buster's Bust-Up
movie 1925 Buster's Nightmare
movie 1925 Oh! Buster!
movie 1922 Home Made Movies
movie 1922 Step Forward

Gus Meins on Youtube This is a short clip taken from a home vacation 8mm movie. It was taken probably in the summer of 1933. It begins with Bert Wheel... Babes in Toyland (1934) Directed by Gus Meins and Charley Rogers Starring Stan Laurel, Oliver ...

A Hal Roach comedy short with Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts, directed by Gus Meins.

A Hal Roach comedy short with Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts, directed by Gus Meins.