Gus Pixley

Gus Pixley (1864 ? 2 June 1923), was an American actor of the silent era. He appeared in 132 films between 1910 and 1921. ... more on Wikipedia

Gus Pixley Filmography

movie 1921 The Baby
movie 1921 The Girl from Porcupine as Miller
movie 1921 The Happy Pest
movie 1920 Mary's Little Lobster
movie 1920 Slipping Feet
movie 1919 Skidding Thrones
movie 1918 A Soul Without Windows as Murio
movie 1918 No Money, No Fun
movie 1918 The Bogus Uncle
movie 1916 The Skating Rink
movie 1915 A Letter to Daddy as Old Townsend - the Broker
movie 1915 A Much-Needed Lesson as The Young Wife's Father
movie 1915 A Safe Adventure as 1st Moving Man
movie 1915 A Stop-Off in New Mexico
movie 1915 Between Father and Son
movie 1915 Blow for Blow
movie 1915 Bobby's Bargain as Bobby's Grandfather
movie 1915 Count Twenty
movie 1915 Getting Into a Scrape as The tramp
movie 1915 His Last Wish as The Farmer
movie 1915 His Night Out
movie 1915 His Own Hero as The Fishermaid's Father
movie 1915 His Poor Little Girl as The Poor Girl's Father
movie 1915 His Ward's Scheme as Mr. Wise - the Guardian
movie 1915 In the Boarding House
movie 1915 Love's Melody as The Stagedoor Keeper
movie 1915 One Hundred Dollars as The Tramp
movie 1915 Saved from the Vampire as Jonas Jazbo
movie 1915 The Bridge Across as Uncle Pompey
movie 1915 The Broken Wrist
movie 1915 The Cheese Industry as Employee
movie 1915 The Fashion Shop as Percy Patthare
movie 1915 The Fixer
movie 1915 The Girl Hater as Ralph Morgan
movie 1915 The Hungarian Nabob as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 The Little Runaways as The Hiltons' Gardener
movie 1915 The Little Scapegoat as The Butler
movie 1915 The Little Slavey as The Crook
movie 1915 The Need of Money as The Rich Man
movie 1915 The Reproach of Annesley
movie 1915 Twice Won
movie 1915 When Hearts Are Young as Old Mike
movie 1914 A Fowl Deed as The Tramp
movie 1914 A Matter of Court as Judge
movie 1914 Getting the Sack as Robber
movie 1914 His Loving Spouse as The Ice Man
movie 1914 His Wife's Pet as Robber
movie 1914 How They Struck Oil as Rube
movie 1914 Lord Chumley
movie 1914 Meeting Mr. Jones as The Butler
movie 1914 Murphy and the Mermaids as Murphy
movie 1914 Our Home-Made Army as Soldier
movie 1914 The Fall of Muscle-Bound Hicks as Muscle-Bound Hicks
movie 1914 The Fire Chief's Bride as The fire chief
movie 1914 The Man Hunters as The Convict
movie 1914 They Called It 'Baby' as 2nd Policeman
movie 1914 Thrown Off the Throne as The Spy
movie 1913 A Barber Cure as The Barber
movie 1913 A Chinese Puzzle as The Father
movie 1913 A Compromising Complication as Second Man
movie 1913 A Delivery Package as The Delivery Boy
movie 1913 A Fallen Hero as Sammy Getup
movie 1913 A Horse on Bill as Town Band Member
movie 1913 A Lesson to Mashers as In Laundry
movie 1913 A Ragtime Romance as The Groom's Friend
movie 1913 A Saturday Holiday as Harry Hurry-Up
movie 1913 A Sea Dog's Love as Pinkey
movie 1913 All Hail to the King as The King
movie 1913 Almost a Wild Man as The Wild Man
movie 1913 Among Club Fellows as In Club
movie 1913 An 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' Troupe as Uncle Tom
movie 1913 An Old Maid's Deception as Man at picnic
movie 1913 An Up-to-Date Lochinvar as First Suitor
movie 1913 Aunts, Too Many! as Krazy-Nutt
movie 1913 Baby Indisposed as Messenger
movie 1913 Boarders and Bombs as Member of 'The Hamfats'
movie 1913 Cinderella and the Boob as Party Guest
movie 1913 Come Seben, Leben as Rufus
movie 1913 Dan Greegan's Ghost as Dan Greegan
movie 1913 Dyed But Not Dead as Dad Binks
movie 1913 Edwin Masquerades as First Guard
movie 1913 Edwin's Badge of Honor as First Prisoner
movie 1913 Father's Chicken Dinner as Second Policeman
movie 1913 Frappe Love as A Farmer
movie 1913 He Had a Guess Coming as Poker Player
movie 1913 Highbrow Love as Extra
movie 1913 His Hoodoo as Male Half of Couple
movie 1913 Jenks Becomes a Desperate Character as In Club
movie 1913 Kissing Kate as At Church Fair
movie 1913 Look Not Upon the Wine as In Cabaret
movie 1913 Master Jefferson Green as One of the Doctors
movie 1913 McGann and His Octette as Ikey Goldstein
movie 1913 Never Known to Smile as At Picnic
movie 1913 Oh, Sammy!
movie 1913 Oh, What a Boob! as The Tramp
movie 1913 Saving Mabel's Dad as Henry - Mabel's Suitor
movie 1913 Scenting a Terrible Crime as The Coroner
movie 1913 Slippery Slim Repents as In Crowd
movie 1913 The Best Man Wins as The Best Man
movie 1913 The Bite of a Snake as Zeke
movie 1913 The Coveted Prize
movie 1913 The Cure as The Suitor
movie 1913 The Daylight Burglar as In Club
movie 1913 The End of the World as Third Tramp
movie 1913 The Hicksville Epicure as The Prisoner
movie 1913 The High Cost of Reduction as In School
movie 1913 The Masher Cop as The Informant
movie 1913 The Mothering Heart as Club Patron
movie 1913 The Noisy Suitors as The Jew's Harpist
movie 1913 The Old Gray Mare as Outside saloon
movie 1913 The Power of the Camera as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Press Gang as Herbert's Brother
movie 1913 The Reformers; or, The Lost Art of Minding One's Business as Minstrel
movie 1913 The Rise and Fall of McDoo as At Lawn Party
movie 1913 The Spring of Life as First Spring of Life Employee
movie 1913 The Suffragette Minstrels as In Audience
movie 1913 The Sweat-Box as Isidore
movie 1913 The Trimmers Trimmed as A Speeder
movie 1913 Their One Good Suit as Passerby
movie 1913 There Were Hoboes Three as Third Hobo
movie 1913 Those Little Flowers as Ronald G. Saunders
movie 1913 Tightwad's Predicament as The Tramp
movie 1913 While the Count Goes Bathing as The Young Woman's Father
movie 1912 A Day's Outing
movie 1912 A Grocery Clerk's Romance as Brown's Pal
movie 1912 After the Honeymoon as A Croquet Player
movie 1912 An Interrupted Elopement as Gardener
movie 1912 At Coney Island as The Other Rival
movie 1912 Bill Bogg's Windfall as Member of Bill's Old Gang
movie 1912 Brutality as At Theatre
movie 1912 Fanchon the Cricket as Didier Barbaud
movie 1912 For His Son as At Soda Fountain
movie 1912 He Must Have a Wife as Harry
movie 1912 Hoist on His Own Petard as At Dancing Academy
movie 1912 Jinx's Birthday Party as Housecleaner
movie 1912 My Hero as Man in Room
movie 1912 She Is a Pippin as In Office
movie 1912 So Near, Yet So Far as In Club
movie 1912 Stern Papa as Papa's Friend
movie 1912 The Transformation of Mike as At Dance
movie 1912 The Water Nymph as Effeminate Man
movie 1912 The Would-Be Shriner
movie 1911 Abe Gets Even with Father as A Visitor
movie 1910 The Honor of His Family
movie 1910 The Last Deal as At Card Game

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