Guy Usher

Guy Usher Filmography

video movie 1990 The Green Hornet as Lynch
movie 1977 Buck Rogers as Aldar
movie 1953 Planet Outlaws as Aldar
movie 1943 The Avenging Rider as Dr. Aeneas McLane
movie 1942 A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen as Police Detective
movie 1942 Bad Men of the Hills as Doctor Jed Mitchell
movie 1942 Bells of Capistrano as Sheriff
movie 1942 I Was Framed as Springfield Police Chief Taylor
movie 1942 In Old California as Captain of First Boat
movie 1942 Junior G-Men of the Air as Senator [Ch. 12]
movie 1942 Lady for a Night as Governor
movie 1942 Lost Canyon as Zack Rogers, Banker
movie 1942 Man from Cheyenne as Cattleman's Association Chief
movie 1942 Pardon My Gun as Jim Carter
movie 1942 Reap the Wild Wind as Jailer
movie 1942 Shepherd of the Ozarks as General Tobin
movie 1942 Sin Town as Train Passenger Carter
movie 1942 The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine as Police Inspector
movie 1942 The Mummy's Tomb as Doctor
movie 1942 The Old Homestead as Commissioner
movie 1942 Timber! as Jerome K. Osborne, Government Agent
movie 1942 Top Sergeant as Ansel Jacobs - Teller
movie 1941 Adam Had Four Sons as Constable C.E. Clark
movie 1941 Blossoms in the Dust as City Councilman
movie 1941 Borrowed Hero as District Attorney
movie 1941 Buy Me That Town as Norton
movie 1941 Highway West as Sheriff
movie 1941 Kansas Cyclone as Lou Graham
movie 1941 King of Dodge City as Morgan King
movie 1941 King of the Zombies as Admiral Arthur Wainwright
movie 1941 Meet John Doe as Bixler
movie 1941 No Greater Sin as J.J. 'Pa' James
movie 1941 Public Enemies as Detective Captain
movie 1941 Ridin' on a Rainbow as Sheriff Jim Mason
movie 1941 Robbers of the Range as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1941 The Bandit Trail as Mayor Blake
movie 1941 The Great Train Robbery as Barnsdale
movie 1941 The Kid from Kansas as Maloney
movie 1941 West of Cimarron as Colonel Conway
movie 1940 Abe Lincoln in Illinois as Douglas's Crony
movie 1940 Black Diamonds as Grundy - Mine Night Watchman
movie 1940 Danger Ahead as Inspector
movie 1940 Doomed to Die as Paul Fleming
movie 1940 Hold That Woman! as Police Officer John Mulvaney
movie 1940 I Take This Oath as Police Captain Casey
movie 1940 Laughing at Danger as Alvin Craig
movie 1940 One Man's Law as Official
movie 1940 Passport to Alcatraz as Thomas Lindsey
movie 1940 Queen of the Yukon as Stake
movie 1940 The Devil Bat as Henry Morton
movie 1940 The Green Hornet as Lynch [Chs. 8-9]
movie 1939 Ambush as Detective at Mosher's
movie 1939 Arizona Legion as The Commandant - a Major
movie 1939 Buck Rogers as Aldar
movie 1939 Death of a Champion as Officer Brown
movie 1939 Invitation to Happiness as Spectator
movie 1939 King of Chinatown as Investigator
movie 1939 Missing Evidence as Senator Andrew Hodges
movie 1939 Mr. Wong in Chinatown as Police Commissioner
movie 1939 Mutiny on the Body
movie 1939 Off the Record as Inspector
movie 1939 Pirates of the Skies as Capt. Higgins
movie 1939 Rough Riders' Round-up as Mr. Blair
movie 1939 Rovin' Tumbleweeds as Mr. Craig - Mary's Boss
movie 1939 Timber Stampede as Jay Jones
movie 1939 Union Pacific as Leland Stanford
movie 1939 Wolf Call as Michael Vance, Sr.
movie 1938 City Streets as Judge Wiley
movie 1938 Crashing Through Danger as Superintendent Carter
movie 1938 Highway Patrol as Lewis
movie 1938 Island in the Sky as Police Captain
movie 1938 Little Miss Roughneck as Police Captain Dorm
movie 1938 Midnight Intruder as Mike Kelly
movie 1938 Prison Break as Warden
movie 1938 Red Barry as General Fang [Ch. 1]
movie 1938 Reformatory as Official
movie 1938 Romance of the Limberlost as Judge
movie 1938 Spawn of the North as Grant
movie 1938 State Police as Hughes
movie 1938 The Missing Guest as Police Inspector McDonald
movie 1938 The Renegade Ranger as Major Jameson
movie 1938 Touchdown, Army as Gen. Ashby
movie 1938 Under Western Stars as John Fairbanks
movie 1937 A Family Affair as Convention Chairman
movie 1937 Alcatraz Island as Captain of the Guards
movie 1937 Big Town Girl as Inspector
movie 1937 Boots and Saddles as Colonel Allen
movie 1937 Boy of the Streets as Fog Horn Brennan aka Foggy
movie 1937 Counsel for Crime as Judge
movie 1937 Criminal Lawyer as Police Lieutenant Conducting Raid
movie 1937 Hotel Haywire as Reilly
movie 1937 It May Happen to You as Captain of Detectives John Mallory
movie 1937 Life Begins with Love as Director
movie 1937 Marked Woman as Det. Ferguson
movie 1937 Marry the Girl as Chief G-Man
movie 1937 Michael O'Halloran as Judge H.J. Benson
movie 1937 Nancy Steele Is Missing! as Municipal Court Judge
movie 1937 Once a Doctor as Warden
movie 1937 Sophie Lang Goes West as Police Inspector Parr
movie 1937 The Go Getter as Ship Line Official
movie 1937 The Mighty Treve as Edward L. Wilton
movie 1937 The Old Wyoming Trail as Lafe Kenney
movie 1937 Time Out for Romance as Chief of Police
movie 1937 White Bondage as Phillips
movie 1936 After the Thin Man as Police Captain
movie 1936 Anything Goes as Federal Man
movie 1936 Big Brown Eyes as Judge Davis
movie 1936 Charlie Chan at the Opera as Inspector Regan
movie 1936 China Clipper as State Department Official
movie 1936 Collegiate as Lawyer
movie 1936 Dangerous Waters as Captain Denning
movie 1936 Fifteen Maiden Lane as Desk Sergeant Sweeney
movie 1936 Fury as Assistant Defense Attorney
movie 1936 King of Hockey as Mr. O'Rourke
movie 1936 Parole! as Police Lieutenant
movie 1936 Pepper as Commissioner
movie 1936 Postal Inspector as Evans
movie 1936 Spendthrift as Sheriff
movie 1936 Sutter's Gold as Swiss Police Prefect Wache
movie 1936 The Case of the Black Cat as District Attorney Hamilton Burger
movie 1936 The Golden Arrow as Board Member
movie 1936 The President's Mystery as Police Lieutenant
movie 1936 The Return of Sophie Lang as Cop
movie 1935 Air Hawks as Police Detective Shelton
movie 1935 Annapolis Farewell as Admiral
movie 1935 Atlantic Adventure as Police Lieutenant Bill Kelly
movie 1935 Charlie Chan in Shanghai as President of Shanghai Chamber of Commerce
movie 1935 Chinatown Squad as Police Lieutenant Connors
movie 1935 Dinky as Sheriff George H. Stoker
movie 1935 Front Page Woman as Devlin's Editor
movie 1935 Grand Exit as Police Chief Roberts
movie 1935 His Night Out as Police Sergeant
movie 1935 Hold 'Em Yale as Coach Jennings
movie 1935 It Happened in New York as New York Policeman
movie 1935 Justice of the Range as Hadley Graves
movie 1935 King Solomon of Broadway as Detective
movie 1935 Law Beyond the Range as Daniel Heston
movie 1935 Life Begins at Forty as Sheriff
movie 1935 Little Big Shot as Lt. Adams
movie 1935 Make a Million as Corning
movie 1935 Naughty Marietta as Ship's Captain
movie 1935 One-Way Ticket as Bank President
movie 1935 Orchids to You as Board of Directors
movie 1935 Party Wire as Johnson
movie 1935 People Will Talk as Tommy
movie 1935 Rendezvous as Ship's Captain
movie 1935 Shipmates Forever as Captain
movie 1935 The Crusades as Greybeard
movie 1935 The Goose and the Gander as Police Sergeant
movie 1935 The Mystery Man as District Attorney Johnson
movie 1935 The Spanish Cape Mystery as Inspector Queen
movie 1935 Two for Tonight as Police Captain
movie 1934 All of Me as District Attorney
movie 1934 Baby Take a Bow as Det. Capt. McLean
movie 1934 Born to Be Bad as Judge McAffee
movie 1934 Elinor Norton as Army Colonel
movie 1934 Flirting with Danger as James E. Fenton
movie 1934 Gambling Lady as Detective
movie 1934 Good Dame as Detective Fallon
movie 1934 Hell Bent for Love as Police Chief O'Brien
movie 1934 It's a Gift as Harry Payne Bosterly
movie 1934 Kid Millions as Bill Slade
movie 1934 Mills of the Gods as Kennedy
movie 1934 Straight Is the Way as Father of Crying Children
movie 1934 The Hell Cat as Gillette
movie 1934 The Man with Two Faces as Detective Weeks
movie 1934 The Merry Frinks as Second Detective Sergeant
movie 1934 The St. Louis Kid as Police Sergeant
movie 1934 The Witching Hour as Dick Wingate
movie 1934 Upperworld as Police Capt. Carter
movie 1934 Voice in the Night as Thomas Benton
movie 1933 Ann Carver's Profession as Judge James Hanlon
movie 1933 Clear All Wires! as J. H. Stevens
movie 1933 Elmer, the Great as Police Sergeant
movie 1933 Face in the Sky as Albert Preston
movie 1933 Fast Workers as Scudder
movie 1933 From Headquarters as Third-Degree Detective
movie 1933 Gabriel Over the White House as Secretary of the War Representative
movie 1933 Heroes for Sale as Constable
movie 1933 Jimmy and Sally as Sales Manager
movie 1933 Lilly Turner as Detective with Warrant
movie 1933 Luxury Liner as Captain Frederickson
movie 1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum as Detective
movie 1933 Penthouse as News Editor
movie 1933 Stage Mother as Theater Owner
movie 1933 The Big Brain as Minor Role
movie 1933 The Little Giant as Detective
movie 1933 The Nuisance as Doctor Schuyler
movie 1933 The Silk Express as Horteg
movie 1933 The Way to Love
movie 1933 This Day and Age as Chief of Police
movie 1933 Tugboat Annie as Auctioneer
movie 1933 Turn Back the Clock as Mr. Mullins
movie 1933 Whistling in the Dark as Detective
movie 1932 Penguin Pool Murder as Parker
movie 1932 Thunder Below as Ship's Captain

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