Gwen Lee

Gwen Lee (November 12, 1904 ? August 20, 1961) was an American film actress from Hastings, Nebraska. Her given name was Gwendolyn Lepinski. ... more on Wikipedia

Gwen Lee Filmography

movie 1938 Man-Proof as Blonde Woman at Fight
movie 1938 Paroled from the Big House as Binnie Bell
movie 1938 Penny's Party as Herself
movie 1937 A Night at the Movies as Cashier
movie 1937 Candid Cameramaniacs as Drowzina, Otto's Wife
movie 1937 Double Wedding as Woman in Crowd
movie 1937 Give Till It Hurts as Telephone Solicitor
movie 1937 Mannequin as Flo
movie 1937 My Dear Miss Aldrich as Hat Saleswoman
movie 1936 Absolute Quiet as Western Union Operator
movie 1936 Fury as Mrs. Fred Garrett
movie 1936 How to Behave as Restaurant Gossip
movie 1936 Libeled Lady as Switchboard Operator
movie 1935 A Night at the Opera as Driftwood's Dining Companion
movie 1935 One in a Million as Kitty Kennedy
movie 1935 Twenty Dollars a Week as Ann Seymour
movie 1934 City Park as Maizie, the Hooker
movie 1933 Corruption as Mae
movie 1933 Meet the Baron as Small Role
movie 1933 Song of the Eagle as Nails' Girl
movie 1933 The Intruder as Daisy
movie 1932 Alias Mary Smith as Blossom
movie 1932 Boy Oh Boy!
movie 1932 Broadway to Cheyenne as Mrs. Myrna Wallace
movie 1932 Midnight Morals as Dora Cobb
movie 1931 Inspiration as Gaby
movie 1931 Julius Sizzer as Cleo
movie 1931 The Galloping Ghost as Irene Courtland
movie 1931 The Lawless Woman as Kitty Adams
movie 1931 The Pagan Lady as Gwen Willis
movie 1931 Traveling Husbands as Mabel
movie 1931 West of Broadway as Maizie
movie 1930 Caught Short as Manicurist
movie 1930 Chasing Rainbows as Peggy
movie 1930 Estrellados as Herself
movie 1930 Extravagance as Sally
movie 1930 Free and Easy as Bedroom Scene
movie 1930 Lord Byron of Broadway as Bessie
movie 1930 Our Blushing Brides as A Mannequin
movie 1930 Paid as Bertha
movie 1929 Fast Company as Rosie La Clerq
movie 1929 The Duke Steps Out
movie 1929 The Hollywood Revue of 1929 as Herself
movie 1929 The Man and the Moment as Viola
movie 1929 Untamed as Marjory
movie 1928 A Lady of Chance as Gwen
movie 1928 Diamond Handcuffs as Cecile
movie 1928 Laugh, Clown, Laugh as Lucretia
movie 1928 Lucky Boy as Mrs. Ellis
movie 1928 Sharp Shooters as Flossy
movie 1928 Show Girl as Nita Dugan
movie 1928 The Actress as Avonia
movie 1928 The Baby Cyclone as Jessie
movie 1928 Thief in the Dark as Flo
movie 1927 Adam and Evil as Gwen De Vere
movie 1927 After Midnight as Maizie
movie 1927 Heaven on Earth as Claire
movie 1927 Her Wild Oat as Daisy
movie 1927 Orchids and Ermine as Ermintrude
movie 1927 Twelve Miles Out as Hulda
movie 1927 Women Love Diamonds as Roberta Klein
movie 1926 The Boy Friend as Pettie Wilson
movie 1926 The Lone Wolf Returns as Liane De Lorme
movie 1926 There You Are! as Anita Grant
movie 1926 Time Flies as An Adventuress
movie 1926 Upstage as Dixie Mason
movie 1925 His Secretary as Clara Bayne
movie 1925 Lady of the Night as Molly's Friend
movie 1925 Pretty Ladies as Fay
movie 1925 The Plastic Age as Carl's girl

Gwen Lee on Youtube

Clip from the rare MGM Silent feature UPSTAGE.

Children's book author Gwen Lee details the need to make Western nursery rhymes relatable for Singaporean children, and explains how her upcoming picture ...

A boy who dreams of having a traditional family attempts to hook up his older brother and elementary school teacher with the help of his origami fortune tell...

Clip from Orchids And Ermine (1927). The brash check out girl hopes to dazzle Pink with her sweet society project. Things don't go quite as well as planned. ...