Gwendolyn Pates

Gwendolyn Pates Filmography

movie 1914 The Gateway of Regret
movie 1914 The Patched Adonis as Gwendolyn
movie 1914 When Romance Came to Anne as Anne
movie 1913 A Clever Story
movie 1913 A Modern Garrick as Editha Martin
movie 1913 An Exciting Honeymoon as Gwendoline De Vinne - the Bride
movie 1913 An Itinerant Wedding as Gwendoline Woods
movie 1913 Baseball's Peerless Leader as Ethel Norwood
movie 1913 Easy Money as Gwendoline
movie 1913 For Mayor, Bess Smith as Bess Smith
movie 1913 From Pen to Pick as Mrs. Pennan Nink - the Author's Wife
movie 1913 His Date with Gwendoline as Gwendoline
movie 1913 Starting Something as Gwendoline Clarkson
movie 1913 The Artist's Trick
movie 1913 The Blind Girl of Castle Guille as The Blind Girl
movie 1913 The Elusive Kiss as Gwendoline Pawling
movie 1913 The Frozen Trail as Claire
movie 1913 The Hardup Family's Bluff as The Daughter
movie 1913 There She Goes as Lena Schmidt
movie 1912 'Tis Mother!
movie 1912 A Question of Age as Gwendoline Post
movie 1912 A Stern Destiny as Betty
movie 1912 An Aeroplane Love Affair as The Aviator's Sweetheart
movie 1912 At the Burglar's Command as Gwendoline Smith
movie 1912 Dynamited Love as Gwendoline Borden
movie 1912 His Second Love
movie 1912 Jimmy's Misfortune as The Wife
movie 1912 Pals as Gwendoline Parrish
movie 1912 Phantom Lovers as The Artist's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Poor Jimmy
movie 1912 The Fishermaid's Love Story as The Fishermaid
movie 1912 The Great Steeplechase
movie 1912 The Professor's Daughters as The Professor's Daughter
movie 1912 The Salvationist as The Salvationist
movie 1912 The Simple Life as Gwendoline Nelson
movie 1912 The Striped Bathing Suit as The Girl in the Bathing Suit
movie 1912 Unwelcome Love
movie 1911 A Close Call as Nell - The Telegraph Operator
movie 1911 A Pinch of Snuff as The Girl
movie 1911 A Puritan Courtship as Ruth Windsor
movie 1911 Billy's Marriage as Betty
movie 1911 College Sweethearts as Billy's Sweetheart
movie 1911 Legend of Lake Desolation
movie 1911 Love's Renunciation
movie 1911 The Reporter as Gwen Wayne - Tom's Sweetheart