Hal K. Dawson

Hal K. Dawson Filmography

movie 1977 American Raspberry as Grandpa
tv movie 1973 Brock's Last Case as Mr. Henderson
movie 1973 Showdown as Car Salesman
movie 1973 Wicked, Wicked as Grandpa Blake
movie 1971 The Touch of Satan as Mr. Gentry
movie 1970 Airport as Ben Bradley - Passenger
movie 1968 Funny Girl as Doorman at Keeney's
movie 1968 What's So Bad About Feeling Good? as Harris
movie 1966 An American Dream as Apartment House Guard
movie 1960 Guns of the Timberland as Husband
movie 1960 The Rat Race as Bo Kerry
movie 1959 But Not for Me as Father in Play
movie 1959 Face of a Fugitive as Jackson
movie 1959 The Alligator People as Train Conductor
movie 1958 Andy Hardy Comes Home as Irate Townsman
movie 1958 Cattle Empire as George Washington Jeffrey
movie 1958 Teacher's Pet as Bill
movie 1958 The Female Animal as Eddie, Assistant Director
movie 1958 The Last Hurrah as Managing Editor
movie 1957 Loving You as Police Lieutenant
movie 1957 The Tin Star as Andy Miller
movie 1957 Top Secret Affair as Reporter
movie 1956 A Cry in the Night as Matson
movie 1956 The Benny Goodman Story as McHenshey - Mgr. Columbus Pavilion
movie 1955 A Lawless Street as Hotel Clerk
movie 1955 City of Shadows as Ski Lodge Proprietor
movie 1955 Foxfire as Man Tourist
movie 1955 The Girl Rush as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1955 Three for the Show as Theatre Treasuer
movie 1955 Trial as Nervous Man
movie 1954 Loophole as Mr. Johnson, Bank Examiner
movie 1954 Rails Into Laramie as Pop
movie 1954 The Country Girl as Actor
movie 1954 The Glenn Miller Story as Used Car Salesman
movie 1954 The Yellow Mountain as Sam Torrence
movie 1952 Bonzo Goes to College as Mr. Cox
movie 1952 It Grows on Trees as John Tutt
movie 1952 Park Row as Mr. Wiley
movie 1952 Somebody Loves Me as Man in Barbershop
movie 1952 The Captive City as Clyde Nelson
movie 1952 Woman of the North Country as Dispatcher
movie 1952 Young Man with Ideas as Mr. Cumberly
movie 1951 Double Dynamite as Mr. Hartman
movie 1951 Rhubarb as Mr. Fisher
movie 1951 Superman and the Mole-Men as Chuck Weber
movie 1950 Dallas as Butterfield the Drummer
movie 1950 To Please a Lady as IMRA Promoter
movie 1950 Wabash Avenue as Healy
movie 1949 Chicken Every Sunday as Jake Barker
movie 1949 Slightly French as Whitaker
movie 1949 You're My Everything as Ticket Seller
movie 1948 Apartment for Peggy as Salesman
movie 1948 B.F.'s Daughter as Marvin X. Gibson, Lecture Bureau
movie 1948 Let's Live a Little as Radio Show M.C.
movie 1948 Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House as Harry Selby
movie 1948 That Wonderful Urge as Passerby
movie 1948 The Mating of Millie as Davidson
movie 1948 You Gotta Stay Happy as Night Clerk
movie 1947 A Likely Story as Doctor Fraser
movie 1947 Blondie in the Dough as Mr. Tyler, the Grocer
movie 1947 Blondie's Big Moment as Mr. Little
movie 1947 Danger Street as Stevens, Auditor
movie 1947 Merton of the Movies as Gus Blanchard - Agent
movie 1947 Road to Rio as Bit Role
movie 1947 Something in the Wind as Cook
movie 1947 Television Turmoil
movie 1947 The Fabulous Dorseys as Artie
movie 1947 The Flame as Telegraph Clerk
movie 1947 The Perils of Pauline as Exhibitor
movie 1947 The Shocking Miss Pilgrim as Peabody
movie 1947 Variety Girl as Man at Steambath
movie 1946 One More Tomorrow as Henry - Dinner Party Guest
movie 1946 One Way to Love as Henry
movie 1946 The Best Years of Our Lives as Man at Airport
movie 1946 The Kid from Brooklyn as Hotel Clerk
movie 1945 Diamond Horseshoe as Sam Carter
movie 1945 Doll Face as Hotel Clerk
movie 1945 Guest Wife as Dennis
movie 1945 Life with Blondie as Reporter
movie 1945 Week-End at the Waldorf as First Hotel Clerk
movie 1945 You Came Along as Reporter
movie 1944 Greenwich Village as Herb, the Cashier
movie 1944 Henry Aldrich's Little Secret as Photographer
movie 1944 Take It Big as Manager Al Baxter
movie 1943 Coney Island as Cashier
movie 1943 Hi Diddle Diddle as Dr. Agnew, the Minister
movie 1943 Hi'ya, Sailor as Howard
movie 1943 Jitterbugs as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1943 Mr. Lucky as Draft Board Doctor
movie 1943 Riding High as Master of Ceremonies
movie 1943 Sweet Rosie O'Grady as Poindexter - Reporter
movie 1943 The Meanest Man in the World as Photographer
movie 1943 What a Woman! as Foster
movie 1942 Baby Face Morgan as J.B. Brown
movie 1942 Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant as Shumate
movie 1942 Jail House Blues as Talent Scout
movie 1942 Life Begins at Eight-Thirty as Producer
movie 1942 Meet the Stewarts as Henry, Country Club Waiter
movie 1942 My Favorite Spy as Eberle
movie 1942 Obliging Young Lady as Bore in Pullman Car with Linda
movie 1942 Song of the Islands as John Rodney
movie 1942 The Fleet's In as Bert
movie 1942 The Mad Martindales as Hotel clerk
movie 1942 The Magnificent Dope as Charlie
movie 1941 A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob as Photographer
movie 1941 Andy Hardy's Private Secretary as Men's Department Salesman
movie 1941 Angels with Broken Wings
movie 1941 Blues in the Night as Man #2 Sitting with Kay
movie 1941 Cracked Nuts as Sawhorse Man
movie 1941 Hellzapoppin' as Photographer at Pool
movie 1941 Lydia as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1941 Man at Large as Drunk Reporter
movie 1941 San Antonio Rose as Farnsworth
movie 1941 Three Girls About Town as Guest
movie 1941 Washington Melodrama as Harry Logan
movie 1941 Week-End in Havana as Mr. Marks
movie 1941 You'll Never Get Rich as Railroad Information Clerk
movie 1941 You're the One as Male Secretary
movie 1940 Blondie on a Budget as Bank Teller
movie 1940 Broadway Melody of 1940 as O'Grady
movie 1940 Lillian Russell as Chauffeur
movie 1940 Little Men as Telegraph Operator
movie 1940 Millionaires in Prison as Mike, a Reporter
movie 1940 Pier 13 as Ticket Salesman
movie 1940 Public Deb No. 1 as Layout Man
movie 1940 Slightly Tempted as Steward
movie 1940 Star Dust as Cargo, Wellman's Assistant
movie 1940 The Doctor Takes a Wife as Charlie
movie 1940 The Great Profile as Ticket Seller
movie 1940 This Thing Called Love as Bit Part
movie 1940 Tin Pan Alley as Hotel Clerk
movie 1940 Two Girls on Broadway as License Bureau Clerk
movie 1940 We Who Are Young as Salesman
movie 1939 Blackmail as Hotel Desk Clerk
movie 1939 Disbarred as Hotel Clerk
movie 1939 For Love or Money as Cashier
movie 1939 Hotel for Women as Dave Moore
movie 1939 How to Sub-Let as Real Estate Agent
movie 1939 I Stole a Million as Bit Part
movie 1939 Joe and Ethel Turp Call on the President as Bill
movie 1939 Pack Up Your Troubles as Booking Agent
movie 1939 Rose of Washington Square as Chump
movie 1939 Swanee River as Drunken Man on Riverboat
movie 1939 The Big Guy as Man Customer
movie 1939 The Great Victor Herbert as George Faller
movie 1939 The Ice Follies of 1939 as Publicity Man
movie 1939 The Lady's from Kentucky as Announcer
movie 1939 The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle as Man in Balcony in Fields Audience
movie 1939 Two Bright Boys as Boswell
movie 1938 Always Goodbye as Al - Groom-to-Be
movie 1938 Blondie as Eddie
movie 1938 Boy Meets Girl as Wardrobe Attendant
movie 1938 Change of Heart as Golf Store Clerk
movie 1938 Gateway as Reporter
movie 1938 How to Read as Annoying Club Member
movie 1938 International Settlement as Master of Ceremonies
movie 1938 Just Around the Corner as Reporter
movie 1938 Keep Smiling as Casting Director
movie 1938 Kentucky as Auction Clerk
movie 1938 Rich Man, Poor Girl as Mr. Allen
movie 1938 Safety in Numbers as Cameraman
movie 1938 Sweethearts as Morty - Stage Manager
movie 1938 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse as Pedestrian at Burglary Site
movie 1938 The Nurse from Brooklyn as Tommy Tucker
movie 1938 There Goes My Heart as Camera Clerk
movie 1938 Too Hot to Handle as Film Cutter
movie 1938 You and Me as Information Clerk
movie 1937 A Night at the Movies as Mr. Pennelly
movie 1937 Behind the Criminal as Phillips - Eye Witness to Shooting
movie 1937 Café Metropole as Arthur Cleveland Thorndyke
movie 1937 Danger: Love at Work as Chauffeur
movie 1937 Easy Living as Jeweler
movie 1937 Life Begins in College as Graduate Manager
movie 1937 Love and Hisses as Music store clerk
movie 1937 Mama Runs Wild as Bank Robber
movie 1937 Mountain Music as Hillbilly
movie 1937 On Again-Off Again as Sanford
movie 1937 One Mile from Heaven as Information Clerk
movie 1937 Park Avenue Logger as Joe--Wrestling Manager
movie 1937 Second Honeymoon as Andy
movie 1937 She Had to Eat as Mr. McIntire - Telegraph Cler k
movie 1937 Vogues of 1938 as Jim - Ticket Seller in Boston
movie 1937 We're on the Jury as Mr. John Weatherman
movie 1937 Wells Fargo as Ormsby - N.Y. Herald Correspondent
movie 1937 Wife, Doctor and Nurse as Dr. Hedges
movie 1936 China Clipper as Airplane Designer
movie 1936 Crack-Up as Reporter
movie 1936 Down the Stretch as Mr. Watson
movie 1936 Everybody's Old Man as Jameson
movie 1936 Libeled Lady as Harvey Allen
movie 1936 My American Wife as Stephen Cantillon
movie 1936 Public Enemy's Wife as Daugherty
movie 1936 Wedding Present as Furniture Salesman
movie 1935 Dr. Socrates as Mel Towne
movie 1935 Music Is Magic as Jim Watson
movie 1935 Paddy O'Day as Motorist
movie 1934 The Firebird as Assistant Stage Manager
movie 1933 Another Language as Walter Hallam
movie 1930 Roadhouse Nights as Newspaperman

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