Hale Hamilton

Hale Hamilton Filmography

movie 1940 Edison, the Man as Broker
movie 1938 The Adventures of Marco Polo as Maffeo Polo
movie 1935 After Office Hours as Henry King Patterson
movie 1935 Calm Yourself as Mr. M.B. Kent
movie 1935 Dante's Inferno as Mr. Wallace
movie 1935 Grand Old Girl as Killaine
movie 1935 Hold 'Em Yale as Mr. Wilmot
movie 1935 I Live My Life as Uncle Carl
movie 1935 Let 'em Have It as Ex-Senator Reilly
movie 1935 The Nitwits as Winfield Lake
movie 1935 The Woman in Red as Wyatt Furness
movie 1935 Three Kids and a Queen as Ralph
movie 1934 Big Hearted Herbert as Mr. Havens
movie 1934 City Park as Herbert Ransome
movie 1934 Dr. Monica as Dr. Brent
movie 1934 Private Scandal as Jim Orrington
movie 1934 The Girl from Missouri as Charlie Turner
movie 1934 The Marines Are Coming as Colonel Gilroy
movie 1934 The Quitter as Maj. Stephen Winthrop
movie 1934 When Strangers Meet as Captain Manning
movie 1933 Billion Dollar Scandal as Jackson
movie 1933 Black Beauty as Harlan Bledsoe
movie 1933 Curtain at Eight as Major Manning
movie 1933 Employees' Entrance as Monroe
movie 1933 One Man's Journey as Dr. Tillinghast
movie 1933 Parole Girl as Anthony 'Tony' Grattan
movie 1933 Reform Girl as Santor Putnam
movie 1933 Sitting Pretty as Vinton
movie 1933 Strange People as J.E.Burton - the Attorney
movie 1933 The Wolf Dog as Norman Bryan
movie 1933 Twin Husbands as Colonel Gordon Lewis
movie 1932 A Fool's Advice as George Diamond
movie 1932 A Successful Calamity as John Belde -
movie 1932 Call Her Savage as Cyrus Randall
movie 1932 I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang as Rev. Allen, James' Brother
movie 1932 Life Begins as Dr. Cramm
movie 1932 Love Affair as Bruce Hardy
movie 1932 Manhattan Tower as David Witman
movie 1932 The Most Dangerous Game as Bill - Owner of Yacht
movie 1932 Those We Love as Blake
movie 1932 Three on a Match as Defense Attorney
movie 1932 Two Against the World as Mr. Gordon Mitchell
movie 1931 A Tailor Made Man as Mr. Stanlaw
movie 1931 Beau Ideal as Major LeBaudy
movie 1931 Dance, Fools, Dance as Selby
movie 1931 Murder at Midnight as Phillip Montrose
movie 1931 Never the Twain Shall Meet as Mellenger
movie 1931 New Adventures of Get Rich Quick Wallingford as Charles Harper
movie 1931 Oh! Oh! Cleopatra
movie 1931 Rebound as Lyman Patterson
movie 1931 Strangers May Kiss as Andrew
movie 1931 Susan Lenox <Her Fall and Rise> as Mike Kelly
movie 1931 The Champ as Tony
movie 1931 The Cuban Love Song as John
movie 1931 The Drums of Jeopardy as Martin Kent
movie 1931 The Great Lover as Stapleton
movie 1930 Common Clay as Judge Samuel Filson
movie 1930 Good Intentions as Franklin Graham
movie 1930 Paid as District Attorney Demarest
movie 1929 Columbia Victor Gem Series: Listen Lady
movie 1928 Walls Tell Tales
movie 1927 Girl in the Rain
movie 1927 The Telephone Girl as Mark
movie 1926 Summer Bachelors as Beverly Greenway
movie 1926 The Great Gatsby as Tom Buchanan
movie 1926 The Greater Glory as Leon Krum
movie 1926 Tin Gods as Dr. McCoy
movie 1925 The Manicure Girl as James Morgan
movie 1923 His Children's Children as Rufus Kayne
movie 1923 The Purple Highway
movie 1919 After His Own Heart as Thomas Wentworth Duncan
movie 1919 Full of Pep as Jimmy Baxter
movie 1919 In His Brother's Place as Nelson Drake
movie 1919 Johnny-on-the-Spot as Johnny Rutledge
movie 1919 That's Good as Marcellus Starr
movie 1919 The Four-Flusher as Lon Withers
movie 1918 Five Thousand an Hour as Johnny Gamble
movie 1918 Opportunity as Anthony Fry
movie 1918 The Winning of Beatrice as Robert Howard
movie 1918 The Return of Mary
movie 1915 Her Painted Hero as A Matinee Idol
movie 1915 Saved by Wireless as Wireless Operator

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