Hamid Assian

Hamid Assian Filmography

movie 2013 Insta-Beard! as Russian Scientist
movie 2013 James Bond SkyMall as Q
movie 2013 The Confession
video movie 2012 Dinner with Stacy as Hamid
movie 2010 Band as Ryan Hawkins
movie 2010 Fall Away as Clarence
movie 2008 Johnny Appleseed, Johnny Appleseed as Johnny Appleseed

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SkyMall Theme Song 54-40 Films SkyMall lyrics written by Hamid Assian and Clark Coffey SkyMall produced by Hamid Assian and Adam Wisz Performed by ...

MI6's headquarters is blown to smithereens by Raoul Silva and Parliament thinks Q Branch is irrelevant. Where will Q turn to provide Bond with the gadgets th...

For more http://www.nofocusfilms.com Directed by Adam Josef Written by Ashlee Curtis, Adam Josef Starring JR Davidson, Joshua Silverstein, Hamid Assian, ...

A famous group of "rock star" filmmakers attempt to break the boundaries of motion pictures setup by Hollywood and reality. Synopsis: BLACKLISTED is the most ...