Hans Isaac

Gerald Hans Isaac or more popularly known as Hans Isaac is a Malaysian actor, producer, director and a former model. He is of Indian, Filipino, Spanish and Eurasian parentage, his mother is of Filipino and Spanish descent and his father is Indian Malaysian. ... more on Wikipedia

Hans Isaac Filmography

movie 2014 Nota
movie 2013 Awan Dania: The Movie as Pengacara Majlis
movie 2013 Langgar as Jimi
movie 2013 Lemak kampung santan as Ridzuan
movie 2013 Lawak ke der? 2
movie 2011 Misteri jalan lama as Indra
movie 2010 Miss You Like Crazy as Mir
movie 2009 Duhai si pari-pari as Tuan Rumah
movie 2008 Cuci as Khai
movie 2008 Los dan Faun as Los
movie 2008 Tipu kanan tipu kiri as Remo Rizal
movie 2006 Buli balik
movie 2006 Persona non grata as Ben
movie 2005 Baik punya cilok
movie 2004 Buli
movie 2003 City Sharks as Chief
video movie 2002 Heart of Darkness: The Making of a Comedy as Himself
movie 1997 Amok as Rem
movie 1997 Gemilang
movie 1997 Hanya kawan as Hans
movie 1996 Scoop as Norman
movie 1995 Child's Play
tv movie 1995 Dunia rees dan ina
movie 1995 Ringgit Kasorrga as Khal

Hans Isaac on Youtube

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Trailer for NOTA the feature, starring MAYA KARIN, HANS ISAAC, RAMLI HASSAN and RIN IZUMI. A feature shot in one of the most beautiful national parks in ...

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