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Harold Horace Hopkins FRS (1918 - 1994) was a renowned British physicist. His Wave Theory of Aberrations, (published by Oxford University Press 1950), is central to all modern optical design and provides the mathematical analysis which enables the use of computers to create the wealth of high quality lenses available today. In addition to his theoretical work, his many inventions are in daily use throughout the world. These include zoom lenses, coherent fibre-optics and more recently the rod-len ... more on Wikipedia

Harold Hopkins Filmography

movie 2010 The Clinic as Grave Digger
video movie 2009 Buddies: A Gem of a Time as Himself
video movie 2005 Crashing the Party: The Making of 'Don's Party' as Himself
video movie 2005 Rod Taylor: Return to Oz
movie 2005 The Assistant as Enzo
video movie 2003 Meet the Team as Himself
tv movie 2002 The Road from Coorain as Rob McLennan
tv movie 2001 Saturn's Return as Dan
movie 2000 Our Lips Are Sealed as Shelby Shaw
movie 1998 Bloodlock as Peter
tv movie 1998 Never Tell Me Never as Neville
tv series 1998 Moby Dick as Captain Peleg
movie 1997 Blackrock as Principal
movie 1997 Joey as Kanga Catcher
movie 1996 Children of the Revolution as Police Commissioner
movie 1996 The Legend of Fred Paterson as Fred Paterson
tv movie 1995 The Celluloid Heroes as Himself
movie 1994 No Worries as John Burke
movie 1994 Resistance as Peach
tv series 1994 Heartland as Jim
tv movie 1993 Joh's Jury as Geoffrey Woodward
movie 1993 Kin chan no Cinema Jack
tv movie 1992 Big Ideas as Sam Stevens
tv series 1991 Brides of Christ as Ken Maloney
tv movie 1990 Shadows of the Heart as Willy Carter
tv series 1989 Fields of Fire III as Whacka
tv series 1988 Fields of Fire II as Whacker
tv series 1988 True Believers as Edgar Ross
movie 1987 The Year My Voice Broke as Tom Alcock
movie 1984 Fantasy Man as Nick Bailey
movie 1984 Stanley: Every Home Should Have One as Harry
tv series 1984 The Last Bastion as Harold Holt
movie 1983 Buddies as Johnny
movie 1983 The Winds of Jarrah as Jack Farrell
movie 1982 Ginger Meggs as Mr. Fox
movie 1982 Monkey Grip as Willie
tv movie 1982 Sara Dane as Andrew Maclay
movie 1982 The Highest Honor as Cpl. C.M. Stewart
movie 1981 Gallipoli as Les McCann
movie 1980 The Club as Danny Rowe
tv series 1979 Twenty Good Years as Ron Fielding
movie 1977 The Picture Show Man as Larry Pym
movie 1976 Don's Party as Cooley
tv movie 1974 Billy and Percy
tv series 1973 Certain Women
movie 1971 Demonstrator as Malcolm
movie 1970 Adam's Woman as Cosh
movie 1969 Age of Consent as Ted Farrell
tv series 1969 Pastures of the Blue Crane

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Gallipoli Trailer 1981 Director: Peter Weir Starring: Bill Kerr, Harold Hopkins, Mark Lee, Mel Gibson, Robert Grubb, Ron Graham Official Content From Paramou.

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