Harriet Hammond

Harriet Hammond (20 October, 1899 ? 23 September, 1991) was an American actress of the silent era. She appeared in 47 films between 1918 and 1930. ... more on Wikipedia

Harriet Hammond Filmography

movie 1943 Happy Times and Jolly Moments
movie 1930 The Chumps as Minor Role
movie 1928 Queen of the Chorus as Mrs. Gordon Trent
movie 1926 Driftin' Thru as The Girl
movie 1926 The Seventh Bandit as Dr. Shirley Chalmette
movie 1925 Man and Maid as Alathea Bulteel
movie 1925 Soft Shoes as Mrs. Bradley
movie 1925 The Man from Red Gulch as Betsy
movie 1925 The Midshipman as Patricia Lawrence
movie 1924 Leap Year as Loris Keene
movie 1922 Confidence as Miriam Wiggins
movie 1922 The Golden Gift as Edith Llewelyn
movie 1921 A Small Town Idol as Minor Role
movie 1921 Astray from the Steerage as The Rich Wife
movie 1921 Bits of Life
movie 1921 Bright Eyes as The Marriageable Daughter
movie 1921 Dabbling in Art as The Model
movie 1921 Home Talent as Roman Beauty
movie 1921 Live and Let Live as Mary Ryan
movie 1921 Officer Cupid as The Cop's Sweetheart
movie 1921 On a Summer Day as The Pupil
movie 1921 The Unhappy Finish as Riley's Favorite Actress
movie 1920 By Golly! as The Dancing Girl
movie 1920 Don't Weaken! as Reilly's Daughter
movie 1920 Down on the Farm as Herself - in Prologue
movie 1920 Gee Whiz as The Sea Captain's Wife
movie 1920 Great Scott! as Reilly's Daughter
movie 1920 Married Life as Minor Role
movie 1920 Movie Fans as 1st Screen Ingénue
movie 1920 The Star Boarder as The Boarding House Owner's Wife
movie 1919 A Lady's Tailor as The Modiste's Wife
movie 1919 Cupid's Day Off as Shoe Store Customer
movie 1919 Hearts and Flowers as The Pea Shooter's Companion
movie 1919 Rip & Stitch: Tailors
movie 1919 Salome vs. Shenandoah as Minor Role
movie 1919 The Little Widow as The Stenographer
movie 1919 Trying to Get Along as The Pretty Girl
movie 1919 Up in Alf's Place as The Dancing Pupil
movie 1919 Why Beaches Are Popular as Bathing Girl
movie 1919 Yankee Doodle in Berlin as Minor Role
movie 1918 Her First Mistake
movie 1918 Her Screen Idol as Minor Role
movie 1918 His Wife's Friend as Minor Role
movie 1918 Ladies First as Minor Role
movie 1918 She Loved Him Plenty as Minor Role
movie 1918 The Summer Girls as Minor Role
movie 1918 The Village Chestnut as Student
movie 1918 Whose Little Wife Are You? as Bathing Girl

Harriet Hammond on Youtube

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