Harry A. Pollard

Harry A. Pollard (23 January 1879, Republic City, Kansas - 6 July 1934, Pasadena California) was an American silent film actor, director, and screenwriter who in total was involved in over 300 film productions. His wife was silent screen star Margarita Fischer. ... more on Wikipedia

Harry A. Pollard Filmography

movie 1951 Ça c'est du cinéma
movie 1932 Fast Life
movie 1932 When a Fellow Needs a Friend
movie 1931 Shipmates
movie 1931 The Prodigal
movie 1930 Great Day
movie 1930 Undertow
movie 1929 Tonight at Twelve
movie 1929 Show Boat
movie 1927 Uncle Tom's Cabin
movie 1926 The Cohens and Kellys
movie 1926 Poker Faces
movie 1925 California Straight Ahead
movie 1925 I'll Show You the Town
movie 1925 Oh, Doctor!
movie 1924 K - The Unknown
movie 1924 Sporting Youth
movie 1924 The Empty Stall
movie 1924 The Reckless Age
movie 1923 Barnaby's Grudge
movie 1923 Columbia, the Gem, and the Ocean
movie 1923 Don Coyote
movie 1923 Joan of Newark
movie 1923 Something for Nothing
movie 1923 Strike Father, Strike Son
movie 1923 The Chickasha Bone Crusher
movie 1923 The Wandering Two
movie 1923 The Widower's Mite
movie 1923 Trifling with Honor
movie 1923 When Kane Met Abel
movie 1922 Let's Go
movie 1922 A Fool and His Money
movie 1922 Confidence
movie 1922 He Raised Kane
movie 1922 Payment Through the Nose
movie 1922 Round Two
movie 1922 The Loaded Door
movie 1922 The Taming of the Shrewd
movie 1922 Trimmed
movie 1922 Whipsawed
movie 1922 Young King Cole
movie 1920 The Invisible Ray
movie 1918 The Danger Game
movie 1918 Which Woman?
movie 1917 The Devil's Assistant
movie 1917 The Devil's Bait
movie 1917 The Girl Who Couldn't Grow Up
movie 1916 The Pearl of Paradise as John Dellow
movie 1916 Miss Jackie of the Navy
movie 1916 The Dragon
movie 1915 Infatuation as Cyril Adair
movie 1915 The Quest as John Douglas
movie 1915 The Girl from His Town
movie 1915 The Miracle of Life
movie 1915 The Problem
movie 1914 A Flurry in Hats as Knox Dunlap
movie 1914 A Joke on Jane as Joseph Rich
movie 1914 A Midsummer's Love Tangle as Jack Weston
movie 1914 A Modern Othello as Harry Mason
movie 1914 A Suspended Ceremony as Jack Weston
movie 1914 Bess, the Outcast as The Schoolmaster
movie 1914 Caught in a Tight Pinch as Henry Hunter
movie 1914 Closed at Ten as Jack Bandle
movie 1914 Cupid and a Dress Coat as Henry Warner
movie 1914 Drifting Hearts as Arthur Courtleigh
movie 1914 Eugenics Versus Love
movie 1914 Fooling Uncle as Harry
movie 1914 Her 'Really' Mother as Undetermined Role
movie 1914 Her Heritage as Dr. Van Arsdale
movie 1914 Italian Love as Angelo Giovanni
movie 1914 Mlle. La Mode as Paul Knox Jr.
movie 1914 Motherhood as Harry - the Man
movie 1914 Nancy's Husband as Percival Winthrop
movie 1914 Nieda as Jean Le Claire - a Trapper
movie 1914 Retribution as Roger Carlin
movie 1914 Sally's Elopement as Squinty - the Storekeeper's Son
movie 1914 Susie's New Shoes as William Van Dusen
movie 1914 Suzanna's New Suit
movie 1914 Sweet Land of Liberty as Filippo Ferrari
movie 1914 The Courting of Prudence as Larry Neil
movie 1914 The Dream Ship as Jeune Coeur - a friendless lad
movie 1914 The Girl Who Dared as Harry Marshall Court - Maggie's Employer
movie 1914 The Man Who Came Back as Donald Baxter
movie 1914 The Motherless Kids
movie 1914 The Only Way as John Rodney
movie 1914 The Other Train as Rev. John Gordon
movie 1914 The Peacock Feather Fan as John Keith
movie 1914 The Professor's Awakening as Professor Blake
movie 1914 The Sacrifice as Henry Newton - a Fisherman
movie 1914 The Silence of John Gordon
movie 1914 The Tale of a Tailor as Harry - Millie's Husband
movie 1914 The Wife as Harry Gordon
movie 1914 Withering Roses as John Everett
movie 1914 Damaged Goods
movie 1914 Jane, the Justice
movie 1914 The Legend of Black Rock
movie 1914 Break, Break, Break
movie 1914 Via the Fire Escape
movie 1914 When Queenie Came Back
movie 1913 Black Jack's Atonement
movie 1913 Bobby's Magic Nickel
movie 1913 Freckles' Fight for His Bride as Freckles
movie 1913 How Freckles Won His Bride as Freckles
movie 1913 In a Strange Land as Antonio
movie 1913 The Village Blacksmith as The Village Blacksmith
movie 1913 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Uncle Tom
movie 1913 What Happened to Freckles as Freckles
movie 1913 The Awakening
movie 1913 Flesh of His Flesh
movie 1913 Why Rags Left Home
movie 1912 A Change of Stripes as Albert Freeman - the Escaped Convict
movie 1912 A Fight for Friendship as Will Irwin, a Young Engineer
movie 1912 A Melodrama of Yesterday as The Villain
movie 1912 A White Lie as Dick
movie 1912 Better Than Gold as Parson Jim Stafford
movie 1912 Betty's Bandit as Jack Parsons, Tenderfoot Cowboy
movie 1912 Big Hearted Jim as Big Hearted Sim
movie 1912 False to Both as Will Hinton
movie 1912 Hearts in Conflict as Ralph
movie 1912 Her Burglar
movie 1912 Jim's Atonement as Jim - the Husband
movie 1912 Love, War and a Bonnet as Captain Berry
movie 1912 Nothing Shall Be Hidden as Fred Langdon
movie 1912 On the Border Line as Robert Wilson, Ranch Owner
movie 1912 On the Shore as Tom Morgan - the Fisherman
movie 1912 Squnk City Fire Company as Bob Summers
movie 1912 The Baby as Noel Grantley
movie 1912 The Call of the Drum as Cpl. Ellison - the Old Soldier
movie 1912 The Dove and the Serpent as Pablo - Tortola's Lover
movie 1912 The Employer's Liability as John Strand, a Disabled Miner
movie 1912 The Exchange of Labels
movie 1912 The Land of Promise as Jose
movie 1912 The Mountain Girl's Self-Sacrifice
movie 1912 The Padre's Gift
movie 1912 The Parson and the Medicine Man
movie 1912 The Return of Captain John as Capt. John Strong
movie 1912 The Rose of California as George McCurdy
movie 1912 The Tankville Constable as Jonas J. Bluff
movie 1912 The Thirst for Gold as John Rhodes
movie 1912 The Worth of a Man as Arthur Severn - a Young Hunchbacked Surgeon
movie 1912 Where Paths Meet as James Bright - Alice's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Who Wears Them? as Harry French aka Mr. Meek
movie 1912 Henpecked Ike
movie 1912 Romance and Reality
movie 1912 The Regeneration of Worthless Dan
movie 1912 The Rights of a Savage
movie 1911 An Arizona Romance as Dave Denton
movie 1911 The Mission in the Desert as Ned
movie 1911 The Tenderfoot's Round-Up
movie 1910 The Squaw and the Man
movie 1910 Two Lucky Jims

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The final scene of Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927), a silent film directed by Harry A. Pollard. It is the last of nine silent silent films based on Harriet Beecher ...

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927) is a silent film directed by Harry A. Pollard. It is the last of nine silent silent films based on Harriet Beecher Stowe's eponymous...

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927) is a silent film directed by Harry A. Pollard. It is the last of nine silent silent films based on Harriet Beecher Stowe's eponymous...