Harry Carter

Harry Carter Filmography

movie 1933 Trails of Adventure as 'Ace' Carter
movie 1924 The Fast Express
movie 1923 Bavu as Shadow
movie 1923 Burning Words as Slip Martin
movie 1923 Dead Game as Jenks
movie 1923 The First Degree as District Attorney
movie 1923 The Steel Trail as Mark Zabel
movie 1922 A Dangerous Game as Her Manager
movie 1922 Another Man's Shoes as Lawrence
movie 1922 The Kentucky Derby as Bob Thurston
movie 1922 Top o' the Morning as Blakely Stone
movie 1922 Up and at 'Em as Crook
movie 1922 Wolf Law as 'Dandy' Dawson
movie 1921 Go Straight as Hellfire Gibbs
movie 1921 Jackie as Bill Bowman
movie 1921 Reputation as Dan Frawley
movie 1921 Sure Fire as Rufus Coulter
movie 1921 The Hope Diamond Mystery as Ghung
movie 1921 The Torrent as Jud Rossen
movie 1920 The Fatal Sign as Indigo
movie 1920 Thou Art the Man as Mr. Prescott
movie 1919 A Proxy Husband
movie 1919 After His Own Heart as Dr. Spleen
movie 1918 After the War
movie 1918 Beans as Ellis
movie 1918 Kiss or Kill as Craig
movie 1918 The Bride's Awakening as George Bennett
movie 1918 The Girl in the Dark as Strang
movie 1918 The Kaiser, the Beast of Berlin as Gen. von Kluck
movie 1918 The Lure of the Circus as Edward Lawrence
movie 1918 The Marriage Lie as Terence Carver
movie 1918 Three Mounted Men as The Warden's Son
movie 1917 A Kentucky Cinderella as 'Kentuck' Windfield Gordon
movie 1917 Beloved Jim as 'Beloved' Jim Brockton
movie 1917 Even As You and I as Saturniska
movie 1917 Life's Pendulum
movie 1917 Somebody Lied
movie 1917 The Circus of Life as Gaston Bouvais
movie 1917 The Fugitive
movie 1917 The Gray Ghost as The Gray Ghost
movie 1917 The Ninth Day
movie 1916 A Son of the Immortals as Gen. Stampoff
movie 1916 A Youth of Fortune as Cormack O'Donovan
movie 1916 Her Chance
movie 1916 Hulda the Silent
movie 1916 In the Heart of New York
movie 1916 Langdon's Legacy as Miguel Alba
movie 1916 Secret Love as Ralph Lonsdale
movie 1916 The Beckoning Trail as 'Placer' Murray
movie 1916 The Bugler of Algiers
movie 1916 The Measure of a Man as Jack Flack
movie 1916 The Pool of Flame as Duke Victor
movie 1916 The Right to Be Happy as Jacob Marley
movie 1916 The Shadow
movie 1916 The Silent Battle as Coleman Van Duyn
movie 1916 The Social Buccaneer as Caglioni
movie 1915 Betty's Dream Hero
movie 1915 Judge Not; or The Woman of Mona Diggings as Lee Kirk
movie 1915 Mavis of the Glen as Old Peter
movie 1915 Shattered Memories
movie 1915 The Frame-Up as Richard Sears
movie 1915 The Little Blonde in Black as The Detective
movie 1915 The New Adventures of Terence O'Rourke as Duke Victor
movie 1915 The Palace of Dust as Duke Victor
movie 1915 The Road to Paradise as Duke Victor
movie 1915 The Silent Command as Dr. Sevani
movie 1915 When a Queen Loved O'Rourke as Duke Victor
movie 1914 A Riot in Rubeville as Henry aka Charles Dudley - Outlaw and Gentleman Joe
movie 1914 For the Family Honor
movie 1914 In the Eye of the Law
movie 1914 Mountain Law
movie 1914 Olaf Erickson, Boss
movie 1914 Swede Larson
movie 1914 The Awakening as Beatrice's Fiance
movie 1914 The Boob's Legacy
movie 1914 The Boob's Nemesis
movie 1914 The Fox as Anna's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Hedge Between
movie 1914 The House Across the Street as Big Mike
movie 1914 The House Discordant as Mary's Father
movie 1914 The Little Sister
movie 1914 The Master Key as Harry Wilkerson
movie 1914 The Mistress of Deadwood Basin
movie 1914 The Ruby Circle as The Conspirator
movie 1914 White Roses as Evil Thought

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