Harry Edwards

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Harry Edwards Filmography

movie 1955 One Spooky Night
movie 1953 Oh, Say Can You Sue
movie 1951 Woo-Woo Blues
movie 1948 Pardon My Lamb Chop
movie 1947 Sarge Goes to College
movie 1947 Two Jills and a Jack
movie 1946 Maid Trouble
movie 1946 The Blonde Stayed On
movie 1945 Pistol Packin' Nitwits
movie 1945 Snooper Service
movie 1945 Spook to Me
movie 1945 Wife Decoy
movie 1945 The Mayor's Husband
movie 1945 Where the Pest Begins
movie 1944 Defective Detectives
movie 1944 Heather and Yon
movie 1944 His Hotel Sweet
movie 1944 Strife of the Party
movie 1944 A Knight and a Blonde
movie 1944 His Tale Is Told
movie 1944 Wedded Bliss
movie 1943 Garden of Eatin'
movie 1943 Socks Appeal
movie 1943 Two Saplings
movie 1943 Blonde and Groom
movie 1943 He Was Only Feudin'
movie 1943 Quack Service
movie 1943 Three Little Twirps
movie 1943 Who's Hugh?
movie 1942 Carry Harry
movie 1942 Cooks and Crooks
movie 1942 Phoney Cronies
movie 1942 College Belles
movie 1942 Matri-Phony
movie 1942 Piano Mooner
movie 1942 Sappy Birthday
movie 1942 Sappy Pappy
movie 1942 Wedded Blitz
movie 1941 Host to a Ghost
movie 1941 Lovable Trouble
movie 1941 Love at First Fright
movie 1941 Some More of Samoa
movie 1941 Sweet Spirits of Nighter
movie 1941 The Blitz Kiss
movie 1940 Blondes and Blunders
movie 1940 Boobs in the Woods
movie 1940 Cold Turkey
movie 1940 His Bridal Fright
movie 1940 Mr. Clyde Goes to Broadway
movie 1940 No Census, No Feeling
movie 1940 South of the Boudoir
movie 1940 You're Next
movie 1936 The Brain Busters
movie 1934 An Old Gypsy Custom
movie 1934 The Super Snooper
movie 1933 His Weak Moment
movie 1933 Artist's Muddles
movie 1933 Dora's Dunking Doughnuts
movie 1933 Feeling Rosy
movie 1933 Frozen Assets
movie 1933 Hot Hoofs
movie 1933 Leave It to Dad
movie 1933 Loose Relations
movie 1933 Marriage Humor
movie 1933 Pop's Pal
movie 1932 Hotel Continental as Hotel Clerk
movie 1932 A Fool About Women
movie 1932 Boy Oh Boy!
movie 1932 Eyes Have It
movie 1932 Honeymoon Beach
movie 1932 In the Bag
movie 1932 Kid Glove Kisses
movie 1932 Meet the Princess
movie 1932 Robinson Crusoe and Son
movie 1932 Sea Soldier's Sweeties
movie 1932 Ship A Hooey!
movie 1932 Sunkissed Sweeties
movie 1931 An Apple a Day
movie 1931 Bless the Ladies
movie 1931 First to Fight
movie 1931 Hello Napoleon
movie 1931 Hello Russia
movie 1931 Hotter Than Haiti
movie 1931 Howdy Mate
movie 1931 No Privacy
movie 1931 Peeking in Peking
movie 1931 Scared Stiff
movie 1931 Selling Shorts
movie 1931 Sold at Auction
movie 1931 The Cat's Paw
movie 1931 The Sargie's Playmate
movie 1930 Cleaning Up
movie 1930 Follow Me
movie 1930 Go to Blazes
movie 1930 Ooh La-La
movie 1930 Up and Down Stairs
movie 1930 Vernon's Aunt
movie 1929 A Close Shave
movie 1929 Clunked on the Corner
movie 1929 Doing His Stuff
movie 1929 Don't Get Jealous
movie 1929 Jazz Mamas
movie 1929 The New Aunt
movie 1929 Calling Hubby's Bluff
movie 1929 His Girl's Wedding
movie 1929 Ladies Must Eat
movie 1929 Matchmaking Mamma
movie 1929 Sitting Pretty
movie 1929 Sunday Morning
movie 1929 The Nightwatchman's Mistake
movie 1928 A Dumb Waiter
movie 1928 A Jim Jam Janitor
movie 1928 The Best Man
movie 1928 His Unlucky Night
movie 1928 Hubby's Weekend Trip
movie 1928 Motorboat Mamas
movie 1928 The Beach Club
movie 1928 The Bicycle Flirt
movie 1928 The Campus Vamp
movie 1928 The Girl from Nowhere
movie 1927 A Hollywood Hero
movie 1927 Love's Languid Lure
movie 1927 The College Kiddo
movie 1927 Daddy Boy
movie 1927 Fiddlesticks
movie 1927 Gold Digger of Weepah
movie 1927 His First Flame
movie 1927 The Golf Nut
movie 1926 Benson at Calford
movie 1926 Fighting to Win
movie 1926 Making Good
movie 1926 Saturday Afternoon
movie 1926 Soldier Man
movie 1926 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
movie 1925 Boobs in the Wood
movie 1925 His Marriage Wow
movie 1925 Lucky Stars
movie 1925 Plain Clothes
movie 1925 Remember When?
movie 1925 The Sea Squawk
movie 1925 There He Goes
movie 1924 A Lofty Marriage
movie 1924 All Night Long
movie 1924 Dusty Dollars
movie 1924 Feet of Mud
movie 1924 Out Bound
movie 1924 Pay or Move
movie 1924 The Hansom Cabman
movie 1924 The Lion and the Souse
movie 1924 The Luck o' the Foolish
movie 1923 A Howling Success
movie 1923 Boyhood Days
movie 1923 Dad's Boy
movie 1923 Smarty
movie 1923 Spring Fever
movie 1923 Day by Day in Every Way
movie 1923 Ham and Yeggs
movie 1923 Oh, Ma the Rent Taker
movie 1923 Seaside Simps
movie 1923 The Covered Schooner
movie 1922 Cold Feet
movie 1922 Mile-a-Minute Mary
movie 1921 Dummy Love
movie 1921 His Nibs as First Villain
movie 1921 Hubby Behave as One of the Husband's Chums
movie 1921 Man vs. Woman
movie 1921 Rest in Peace as The Husband
movie 1921 Take Your Time
movie 1921 Zero Love
movie 1920 His Pajama Girl as Blakie Jones
movie 1920 Excess Baggage
movie 1920 Fix It for Me
movie 1920 Rare Bits
movie 1919 Sally's Blighted Career
movie 1919 Pretty Soft
movie 1919 Taking Things Easy
movie 1918 All Dressed Up
movie 1918 Betty's Adventure
movie 1918 Five to Five
movie 1918 Know Your Neighbor
movie 1918 Love and a Gold Brick
movie 1918 Many a Slip
movie 1918 Mum's the Word as Phil
movie 1918 Never Surprise Your Wife
movie 1918 The Night of His Life
movie 1918 Whose Wife?
movie 1918 Widow's Might as The star salesman
movie 1918 Nearly a Chaperone
movie 1918 His Double Life
movie 1918 Their Neighbor's Baby
movie 1917 One Good Turn
movie 1917 A Bath House Tangle
movie 1917 A Fire Escape Finish
movie 1917 Brainstorm
movie 1917 The Shame of a Chaperone
movie 1916 A Lover's Might
movie 1916 Ham and the Masked Marvel
movie 1916 Ham's Busy Day
movie 1916 Ham's Waterloo
movie 1916 The Surf Girl
movie 1916 The Tank Town Troupe
movie 1915 The Kidnapped Heiress
movie 1915 The Spy's Ruse as Jones
movie 1915 The Ventures of Marguerite as Max - one of the Kidnappers [Ch. 3]
movie 1915 Father Was Neutral
movie 1915 Hearts and Flames
movie 1915 Poor Policy
movie 1915 The Fatal Note
movie 1915 Bill's Blighted Career
movie 1915 Bill's New Pal
movie 1915 In and Out of Society
movie 1915 The Avenging Dentist
movie 1915 The Curse of Work
movie 1914 A Bachelor's Love Story
movie 1914 Little Lord Fauntleroy as Dick Tipton
movie 1914 Universal Ike Gets a Goat
movie 1912 Young Wild West Cornered by Apaches as Young Bull - the Chief's Son

Harry Edwards on Youtube

Harry Edwards spiritual healer.

Excerpts from an interview with Dr. Harry Edwards.

Clips Provided By: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAZ9Os9t1nQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lXQ9sYht06w Music by Harry Edwards ...

Clip from HBO's Journey of the African-American Athlete focusing on the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City and the origins of John Carlos' and Tommie Smith's "blac.