Harry Eytinge

Harry Eytinge Filmography

movie 1918 The Buyer from Cactus City
movie 1917 God's Man as Hartogesis Sr.
movie 1916 The Catspaw as Major Holbrook
movie 1915 An Unwilling Thief
movie 1915 In Spite of All as Stella's Wealthy Admirer
movie 1915 It May Be You as A Banker
movie 1915 Out of the Ruins
movie 1915 Poor Baby as The Sheriff
movie 1915 Rooney the Bride as Artie's Uncle
movie 1915 The Girl of the Gypsy Camp as Sam
movie 1915 The Simp and the Sophomores as Professor Stout
movie 1915 The Widow's Breezy Suit
movie 1915 The Wrong Woman as Dr. Dane
movie 1915 With Bridges Burned
movie 1914 'Twas the Night Before Christmas as Santa Claus
movie 1914 A Foolish Agreement as The Cashier
movie 1914 An American King as Court Physician
movie 1914 Andy and the Hypnotist
movie 1914 Andy, the Actor
movie 1914 By Parcel Post
movie 1914 Comedy and Tragedy as The Prince's Valet
movie 1914 Getting Andy's Goat
movie 1914 Her Grandmother's Wedding Dress
movie 1914 His Grandchild
movie 1914 Mr. Sniffkins' Widow
movie 1914 The Active Life of Dolly of the Dailies as Clerk
movie 1914 The Birth of Our Saviour as Wise Man
movie 1914 The Double Cross as Lawyer Lipmann
movie 1914 The Drama of Heyville
movie 1914 The Light on the Wall as Lawyer Lipmann
movie 1914 The Man of Destiny
movie 1914 The Man Who Disappeared as Lawyer Lipmann
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Amsterdam Diamonds
movie 1914 The New Partner as Mr. Burns - the Lawyer
movie 1914 The Old Fire Horse as Mr. Morgan
movie 1914 The Shattered Tree as The Assayer
movie 1914 The Song of Solomon as The Pawnbroker
movie 1914 The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of as Mr. Davis - Nellie's Father
movie 1914 The Unopened Letter as The Judge
movie 1914 When the Cartridges Failed
movie 1914 Who Goes There? as Kate's Father
movie 1913 A Heroic Rescue as The Policeman
movie 1913 A Wilful Colleen's Way as Father O'Grady
movie 1913 An Almond-Eyed Maid
movie 1913 An Unsullied Shield as The Money Lender
movie 1913 Beau Crummel and His Bride
movie 1913 Fortune Smiles as Secretary, Occidental Trust Company
movie 1913 Peg o' the Movies
movie 1913 Reginald's Courtship
movie 1913 The Desperate Condition of Mr. Boggs
movie 1913 The Haunted Bedroom
movie 1913 The Honor of a Soldier as The Sergeant
movie 1913 The Long and Short of It as The Police Sergeant
movie 1913 The Maid of Honor as Mr. Pendleton - Grace's Father
movie 1913 The Man from the West as Brandon's Uncle
movie 1913 The Mystery of West Sedgwick as The District Attorney
movie 1913 The Office Boy's Birthday as The Old Clerk
movie 1913 The Phantom Signal
movie 1913 The Title Cure as Ike Muttenberg
movie 1913 The Twin Brothers as The Blackmailer
movie 1912 A Cowboy's Stratagem as Mr. Scadds - Jessie's Father
movie 1912 Fog as Slogger Bill
movie 1912 Hogan's Alley as Mr. Schmidtburger
movie 1912 Jack and the Beanstalk as The Giant
movie 1912 Kitty's Holdup
movie 1912 Mr. Pickwick's Predicament
movie 1912 Romance of the Rails as Railroad Superintendent
movie 1912 Rowdy and His New Pal as The Doctor
movie 1912 The Angel and the Stranded Troupe
movie 1912 The Baby
movie 1912 The Lord and the Peasant
movie 1912 The Sketch with the Thumb Print
movie 1912 The Wooden Indian as Grace's Father
movie 1912 What Happened to Mary as Secretary, Occidental Trust Company
movie 1911 Love and the Stock Market
movie 1911 Mae's Suitors as Mr. Thornton - Mae's Father
movie 1911 The Hair Restorer and the Indians as Head of the Flake and Drake Dramatic Company
movie 1911 The Iron Master as Moulinet - the Financier
movie 1911 The Silent Tongue as The Girl's Father