Harry L. Rattenberry

Harry L. Rattenberry (14 December 1857 ? 9 December 1925) was an American film actor. He appeared in 129 films between 1913 and 1925. ... more on Wikipedia

Harry L. Rattenberry Filmography

movie 1925 Daring Days as Uncle Johnny Catter
movie 1924 Safe and Sane
movie 1924 The Dramatic Life of Abraham Lincoln as Stagehand
movie 1924 Tire Trouble as J. William McAllister
movie 1924 Wide Open Spaces
movie 1924 Zeb vs. Paprika
movie 1923 Soul of the Beast as Pere Boussut
movie 1923 The Printer's Devil as Chet Quimby
movie 1922 The Weak-End Party as Mr. Smith, her father
movie 1922 Watch Your Step as Constable
movie 1921 A Motion to Adjourn as Silas Warner
movie 1921 The Broken Spur as Andy MacGregor
movie 1920 His Pajama Girl as Henry Dodd
movie 1920 Huckleberry Finn as Uncle Harvey
movie 1920 The Poor Simp as Peter Adams
movie 1919 Almost Married as Papa Le Blanc
movie 1919 Fireman, Save My Gal! as Fire Chief
movie 1919 Hearts of Men as Judge Newcombe
movie 1919 Honeymooning
movie 1919 The Best Bad Man
movie 1919 The Delicious Little Devil as Pat McGuire
movie 1918 Limousine Life as Mr. Wills
movie 1918 M'Liss as Undetermined Role
movie 1918 Playing the Game as Matt Shannon
movie 1918 The Law's Outlaw as Oscar Davison
movie 1917 '49-'17 as Colonel Hungerford
movie 1917 A Bold, Bad Knight
movie 1917 A Gay Deceiver
movie 1917 A Lucky Slip
movie 1917 A Marked Man as Young
movie 1917 A Smoky Love Affair
movie 1917 Betty's Big Idea
movie 1917 Black Hands and Soapsuds
movie 1917 Down by the Sea
movie 1917 Father Was Right
movie 1917 Five Little Widows as Daniel Morgan
movie 1917 Her Friend, the Chauffeur
movie 1917 High Speed as Father
movie 1917 Indiscreet Corinne as Mr. Cotter Brown
movie 1917 Lonesome Luke, Lawyer
movie 1917 Love and Locksmiths
movie 1917 Oh, for a Wife!
movie 1917 Suspended Sentence
movie 1917 The Learnin' of Jim Benton as Undetermined role
movie 1917 The Mysterious Mr. Tiller as O'Meara
movie 1917 Won in a Cabaret
movie 1916 A Brass-Buttoned Romance
movie 1916 A Leap Year Tangle as The Dean
movie 1916 By the Sad Sea Waves
movie 1916 Cupid Trims His Lordship as Father
movie 1916 Cupid's Uppercut
movie 1916 Dad's Masterpiece
movie 1916 Good Night, Nurse as Harry
movie 1916 He Almost Eloped
movie 1916 Henry's Little Kid as Father
movie 1916 Her Friend, the Doctor as Mr. West
movie 1916 Her Husband's Wife
movie 1916 Her Steady Carfare as Ray's 'Father'
movie 1916 His Baby
movie 1916 His Friend, the Elephant
movie 1916 His Neighbor's Wife
movie 1916 His Wedding Night
movie 1916 Inoculating Hubby
movie 1916 Love and Brass Buttons
movie 1916 Lovers and Lunatics
movie 1916 Nearly a Hero
movie 1916 Never Lie to Your Wife
movie 1916 Oliver Twist as Mr. Bumble
movie 1916 That Doggone Baby
movie 1916 The Boy the Girl and the Auto as Mr. Smith
movie 1916 The Deacon's Waterloo as The Horse Owner
movie 1916 The Deacon's Widow
movie 1916 The Disappearing Groom as Captain Blunt
movie 1916 The Janitor's Busy Day
movie 1916 The Newlyweds' Mix-Up
movie 1916 The Wooing of Aunt Jemima
movie 1916 Their Awful Predicament
movie 1916 Tramp, Tramp, Tramp
movie 1916 Twixt Love and the Iceman
movie 1916 Wanted: A Husband
movie 1916 What Could the Poor Girl Do?
movie 1916 When Clubs Were Trumps
movie 1916 When the Losers Won as Mr. Gordon
movie 1915 A Looney Love Affair as Billie's Father
movie 1915 A Maid and a Man as The Father
movie 1915 A Mix-up at Maxim's
movie 1915 A Mixed Up Elopement
movie 1915 A One Cylinder Courtship as Billie's Father
movie 1915 All Aboard
movie 1915 All in the Same Boat as Billie's Father
movie 1915 An Heiress for Two as Mr. Brown
movie 1915 Changed Lives
movie 1915 Down on the Farm as The Farmer
movie 1915 Father's Helping Hand as Ray's Wealthy Father
movie 1915 Father's Lucky Escape as Neal's Father
movie 1915 Following Father's Footsteps
movie 1915 He Fell in a Cabaret as Harold's Father
movie 1915 Her Friend, the Milkman as Eddie's Father
movie 1915 His Nobs the Duke as Jack's Sweetheart's Father
movie 1915 How Doctor Cupid Won Out
movie 1915 Keeping It Dark as Harry - Billie's Father
movie 1915 Little Egypt Malone
movie 1915 Love and a Savage as Betty's Father
movie 1915 Molly's Malady as Molly's Father
movie 1915 Mrs. Plum's Pudding
movie 1915 Snatched from the Altar as Elsie's Father
movie 1915 Some Chaperone as The Old Man
movie 1915 Some Fixer
movie 1915 The Downfall of Potts as The Police Commissioner
movie 1915 The Frame-Up on Dad as Dad
movie 1915 The Rise and Fall of Officer 13
movie 1915 The Tale of His Pants
movie 1915 Those Kids and Cupid as Billie's Father
movie 1915 Wanted: A Leading Lady
movie 1915 When Cupid Crossed the Bay
movie 1915 When Father Had the Gout
movie 1915 When Father Was the Goat as Ray's Father
movie 1915 When He Proposed
movie 1915 When the Spirits Moved
movie 1915 When Their Dads Fell Out
movie 1915 When They Were Co-Eds
movie 1915 Where the Heather Blooms as Royal Butler
movie 1915 With Father's Help as Billie's Father
movie 1914 A Wartime Reformation as The Sheriff
movie 1914 Her Husbands as Mr. Smith
movie 1914 Lucille Love: The Girl of Mystery
movie 1914 Some Boy
movie 1914 Stolen Glory as The Theatrical Manager
movie 1914 The Return of the Twins' Double
movie 1914 Those College Days as The Professor
movie 1914 Too Many Cooks
movie 1914 When Eddie Went to the Front
movie 1913 The Prairie Trail
movie 1913 The White Squaw

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