Harry McCoy

Harry McCoy Filmography

tv series 1980 Hollywood as Himself
movie 1947 The Road to Hollywood
movie 1936 Fury as Adams' Assistant
movie 1936 Midnight Blunders
movie 1935 Calm Yourself as Business Executive
movie 1935 Woman Wanted as Businessman
movie 1935 Honeymoon Bridge
movie 1935 Hot Paprika
movie 1934 Call It Luck
movie 1934 Counsel on De Fence
movie 1934 One Too Many
movie 1933 Sing, Bing, Sing
movie 1933 The Big Fibber
movie 1932 The Trial of Vivienne Ware as Cop
movie 1932 Alaska Love
movie 1932 Billboard Girl
movie 1932 Bring 'Em Back Sober
movie 1932 Courting Trouble
movie 1932 Dream House
movie 1932 False Impressions
movie 1932 For the Love of Ludwig
movie 1932 Hatta Marri
movie 1932 Heavens! My Husband!
movie 1932 Hypnotized
movie 1932 Listening In
movie 1932 Shopping with Wifie
movie 1932 Speed in the Gay Nineties
movie 1932 The Candid Camera
movie 1932 The Flirty Sleepwalker
movie 1932 The Giddy Age
movie 1932 The Girl in the Tonneau
movie 1932 Young Onions
movie 1931 A Poor Fish
movie 1931 Ghost Parade
movie 1931 Half Holiday
movie 1931 Hold 'er Sheriff
movie 1931 I Surrender Dear
movie 1931 In Conference
movie 1931 Just a Bear
movie 1931 Monkey Business in Africa
movie 1931 Movie-Town
movie 1931 One More Chance
movie 1931 Poker Widows
movie 1931 Slide, Speedy, Slide
movie 1931 Speed
movie 1931 Taxi Troubles
movie 1931 The Albany Branch
movie 1931 The All-American Kickback
movie 1931 The Bride's Mistake
movie 1931 The Cannonball
movie 1931 The College Vamp
movie 1931 The Cowcatcher's Daughter
movie 1931 The Dog Doctor
movie 1931 The Fainting Lover
movie 1931 The Great Pie Mystery
movie 1931 The Pottsville Palooka
movie 1931 The Shooting of Dan the Duck
movie 1931 Too Many Husbands
movie 1930 Midnight Daddies as Minor Role
movie 1930 A Hollywood Theme Song
movie 1930 Bulls and Bears
movie 1930 Fat Wives for Thin
movie 1930 He Trumped Her Ace
movie 1930 Honeymoon Zeppelin
movie 1930 Johnny's Week End
movie 1930 Match Play
movie 1930 Our Nagging Wives
movie 1930 Radio Kisses
movie 1930 Scotch
movie 1930 Sugar Plum Papa
movie 1930 Won by a Neck
movie 1929 The Bees' Buzz as Off-Screen Pianist
movie 1929 The Constabule as Man in Cafe
movie 1929 Whirls and Girls as Cafe Pianist
movie 1929 A Close Shave
movie 1929 Baby's Birthday
movie 1929 Broadway Blues
movie 1929 Clancy at the Bat
movie 1929 Foolish Husbands
movie 1929 Girl Crazy
movie 1929 Jazz Mamas
movie 1929 Ladies Must Eat
movie 1929 Taxi Dolls
movie 1929 The Big Palooka
movie 1929 The Bride's Relations
movie 1929 The Lunkhead
movie 1929 The New Halfback
movie 1929 The Nightwatchman's Mistake
movie 1929 Uppercut O'Brien
movie 1928 A Little Bit of Fluff
movie 1928 Hearts of Men as Tippy Ainsworth
movie 1928 His Unlucky Night
movie 1928 Run, Girl, Run
movie 1928 Smith's Catalina Rowboat Race
movie 1928 Smith's Farm Days
movie 1928 Smith's Restaurant
movie 1928 The Beach Club
movie 1928 The Bicycle Flirt
movie 1928 The Chaser
movie 1927 Oh Boy
movie 1927 Present Arms
movie 1927 A Dozen Socks
movie 1927 Broke in China
movie 1927 Catalina, Here I Come
movie 1927 Crazy to Act
movie 1927 For Sale, a Bungalow
movie 1927 Gold Digger of Weepah
movie 1927 Love in a Police Station
movie 1927 Love's Languid Lure
movie 1927 Pass the Dumplings
movie 1927 Peaches and Plumbers
movie 1927 Smith's Candy Shop
movie 1927 Smith's Cook
movie 1927 Smith's Cousin
movie 1927 Smith's Customer
movie 1927 Smith's Fishing Trip
movie 1927 Smith's Kindergarten
movie 1927 Smith's Modiste Shop
movie 1927 Smith's New Home
movie 1927 Smith's Pony
movie 1927 Smith's Surprise
movie 1927 The Bull Fighter
movie 1927 The Girl from Everywhere
movie 1927 The Golf Nut
movie 1927 The Jolly Jilter
movie 1927 The Plumber's Daughter
movie 1927 The Pride of Pikeville
movie 1927 Three's a Crowd
movie 1926 Dashing Thru
movie 1926 A Blonde's Revenge
movie 1926 A Prodigal Bridegroom
movie 1926 Alice Be Good
movie 1926 Kitty from Killarney
movie 1926 Meet My Girl
movie 1926 Muscle-Bound Music
movie 1926 Puppy Lovetime
movie 1926 Should Husbands Marry?
movie 1926 Smith's Uncle
movie 1926 Smith's Visitor
movie 1926 The Divorce Dodger
movie 1926 The Ghost of Folly
movie 1926 The Perils of Petersboro
movie 1926 When a Man's a Prince
movie 1925 Heads Up as Biff
movie 1925 Heir-Loons
movie 1925 Nobody's Sweetheart
movie 1925 Sailing Along
movie 1925 Stick Around as Dr. Brown
movie 1924 A Lofty Marriage
movie 1924 Eat and Run
movie 1924 Fearless Fools
movie 1924 Her City Sport
movie 1924 Her Fortunate Face
movie 1924 Hit 'em Hard
movie 1924 Keep Coming
movie 1924 Keep Going as The Cop's Rival
movie 1924 Lost Control
movie 1924 Obey the Law
movie 1924 Snappy Eyes
movie 1924 Some Tomboy
movie 1924 Sons-In-Law
movie 1924 Sweet Dreams as The Young Attorney
movie 1924 Taxi! Taxi!
movie 1924 The Fatal Mistake
movie 1924 Traffic Jams
movie 1921 A Doggone Mix-Up as Ferdie
movie 1921 After the Dough as Ferdie
movie 1921 At Your Service as George
movie 1921 Circus Heroes as Ferdie
movie 1921 False Roomers as Ferdie
movie 1921 Friday, the 13th
movie 1921 High & Dry as Ferdie
movie 1921 In Again, Out Again as Ferdie
movie 1921 In Bad Again as Ferdie
movie 1921 Put and Take
movie 1921 Skirts
movie 1921 Start Something
movie 1921 Tough Luck as Ferdie
movie 1921 Two Faces West
movie 1920 A Close Shave as Ferdie
movie 1920 A Twilight Baby
movie 1920 All Balled Up as Ferdie
movie 1920 Clever Cubs as Ferdie
movie 1920 Hired and Fired as Ferdie
movie 1920 Movie Madness as Ferdie
movie 1920 Pals and Petticoats
movie 1920 Some Champs as Ferdie
movie 1920 Stung Again as Ferdie
movie 1920 Ten Nights Without a Barroom
movie 1920 The Garage as The Dude
movie 1920 This Is the Life as Ferdie
movie 1920 Wild Wild Women as Ferdie
movie 1920 The Quack Doctor
movie 1919 Back to Nature Girls
movie 1919 His Naughty Wife
movie 1919 Sis Hopkins as Undetermined Role
movie 1919 Taming the West
movie 1919 The Chicken Hunters
movie 1918 A Hoosier Romance as John
movie 1918 A Pigskin Hero
movie 1918 Beware of Boarders as Statesman
movie 1918 Fair Enough as Frederick Pierson
movie 1918 His Wife's Friend as The Hairdresser's Partner
movie 1917 A Fallen Star
movie 1917 A Film Exposure
movie 1917 A Toy of Fate
movie 1917 A Tuner of Note
movie 1917 All at Sea
movie 1917 Her Torpedoed Love as The Drunk
movie 1917 His Cool Nerve
movie 1917 His Deadly Undertaking
movie 1917 His One Night Stand
movie 1917 His Parlor Zoo
movie 1917 His Perfect Day as A Farm Hand
movie 1917 His Rise and Tumble
movie 1917 His Saving Grace
movie 1917 Perils of the Bakery
movie 1917 The Road Agent
movie 1917 Their Week Moments
movie 1916 A Movie Star as One-Man Orchestra
movie 1916 Because He Loved Her as 1st Cook
movie 1916 Bubbles of Trouble as Father's Chosen Son-in-Law
movie 1916 Cinders of Love as The Town Drunk
movie 1916 His Auto Ruination as The Daughter's Boyfriend
movie 1916 His Last Laugh as The Piano Player
movie 1916 Love Will Conquer as The Piano Player
movie 1916 Perils of the Park as The Gardener
movie 1916 She Loved a Sailor as The Ship Owner's Son
movie 1916 The Great Pearl Tangle as Crook
movie 1915 A Bear Affair as The Lodgekeeper's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1915 A Human Hound's Triumph as The Farm Hand
movie 1915 A Janitor's Wife's Temptation as Diner in Booth
movie 1915 A Lucky Leap as Second Prowler
movie 1915 A One Night Stand as Audience Spectator
movie 1915 A Village Scandal as Chair Warmer
movie 1915 Ambrose's Fury as The Drunk
movie 1915 Ambrose's Lofty Perch
movie 1915 Ambrose's Nasty Temper as 1st Kidnapper
movie 1915 Beating Hearts and Carpets as The Daughter's Boyfriend
movie 1915 Dirty Work in a Laundry as The Laundry Truck Driver
movie 1915 Fatty and Mabel at the San Diego Exposition as Chaplin Impersonator
movie 1915 Fatty's Chance Acquaintance as Pickpocket
movie 1915 Fatty's Faithful Fido as Pianist
movie 1915 Fatty's Reckless Fling as Drunk
movie 1915 For Better - But Worse as The Married Man
movie 1915 Hogan's Wild Oats as Hero in 'Workingman's Neglect'
movie 1915 Mabel and Fatty's Wash Day as Mabel's Nagging Husband
movie 1915 Merely a Married Man as The Husband
movie 1915 Peanuts and Bullets as The Fruit Vendor
movie 1915 Regeneration as Owen - Age Seventeen
movie 1915 Rum and Wall Paper
movie 1915 Saved by Wireless as Minister of War's Daughter's Lover
movie 1915 That Little Band of Gold as Man in Front Row
movie 1915 Those Bitter Sweets as The Suitor
movie 1914 A Coat's Tale
movie 1914 A Film Johnnie as Fireman
movie 1914 A Race with Death as The Driver
movie 1914 Caught in a Cabaret as Mabel's Boyfriend
movie 1914 Cursed by His Beauty as The Art Student's Husband's Secretary
movie 1914 Double Crossed
movie 1914 Fatty and Minnie He-Haw as Barfly
movie 1914 Fatty's Finish
movie 1914 Fatty's Magic Pants as Fatty's Rival
movie 1914 Fatty's Wine Party as Soda Fountain Customer
movie 1914 Gentlemen of Nerve as Spectator
movie 1914 Getting Acquainted as Flirt in Park
movie 1914 Hello, Mabel as Mabel's Boyfriend
movie 1914 His Favorite Pastime as Bar Patron
movie 1914 His Second Childhood as The Rival Suitor
movie 1914 How Heroes Are Made as The Boy Friend
movie 1914 Leading Lizzie Astray as Pianist
movie 1914 Mabel at the Wheel as Mabel's Boyfriend
movie 1914 Mabel's Blunder as Harry - the Boss's Son
movie 1914 Mabel's Busy Day as Hot Dog Thief
movie 1914 Mabel's Married Life as Man in Bar
movie 1914 Mabel's Nerve as Mabel's Sweetheart
movie 1914 Mabel's Stormy Love Affair as Mabel's Sweetheart
movie 1914 Mabel's Strange Predicament as Mabel's Admirer
movie 1914 Mike and Jake Go in for Matrimony as Jake
movie 1914 Mike and Jake in the Clutch of Circumstances as Jake
movie 1914 Mike and Jake Join the Army as Jake
movie 1914 Mike and Jake Live Close to Nature as Jake
movie 1914 Mike Searches for His Long-Lost Brother as Jake
movie 1914 Stout Hearts But Weak Knees as The Police Chief
movie 1914 Tango Tangles as Piano Player
movie 1914 The Bucket Sharpers as Jake
movie 1914 The Face on the Bar Room Floor as Drinker
movie 1914 The Great Toe Mystery as The Police Chief
movie 1914 The Knockout as Society Piano Player
movie 1914 The Masquerader as Actor
movie 1914 The Mystery of a Taxicab as Jake
movie 1914 The Noise of Bombs as 1st Desperado
movie 1914 The Property Man as Drunk in Audience
movie 1914 The Sea Nymphs as Cop
movie 1914 The Star Boarder as Boarder assisting with magic lantern show
movie 1914 Their Little Ones
movie 1914 Tillie's Punctured Romance as Singer in First Restaurant
movie 1914 Zip, the Dodger as 2nd Customer
movie 1913 A Doctored Affair
movie 1913 A Tangled Affair
movie 1913 A Wife Wanted
movie 1913 Billy Dodges Bills as Creditor
movie 1913 For Art and Love as Willie
movie 1913 Her Birthday Present
movie 1913 Hubby's Job
movie 1913 Love and Pain
movie 1913 Mike and Jake Among the Cannibals as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake as Heroes as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake as Pugilists as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake at College as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake at the Beach as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake Go Fishing as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in Mexico as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in Society as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in the Oil Fields, or The Stinger Stung as Jake
movie 1913 Mike and Jake in the Wild, Wild West as Jake
movie 1913 The Jealous Waiter
movie 1913 The Joy Riders
movie 1912 Got a Match as Ben
movie 1912 Lily's Lovers as Paul
movie 1912 Pants and Pansies as May's Suitor
movie 1912 The Engagement Ring

Harry McCoy on Youtube

A little of everything: film trailers, music videos, a couple commercials. 2013 ready.

Created for the Brattle Theatre's 2013 Trailer Smackdown, held 7/11/13, in Cambridge yo. They gave us the title, we had to pick - Genre: thriller. Location: ...

Trailer to the Award winning 2008 short, Pepper.

HELLO MABEL Keystone-Mutual 2 reels, rel. Oct. 8, 1914 (The Hello Girl) dir. Mabel Normand cast: Mabel Normand, Mack Swain, Harry McCoy, Alice Davenport ...