Harry Russell

Harry Russell Filmography

movie 1919 The Little Boss as Sandy McNab
movie 1917 Luke's Busy Day
movie 1917 The Avenging Trail
movie 1916 The Bond Within as Fidel
movie 1916 Wings and Wheels
movie 1915 A Romance of Mexico as Pablo Cortez - Carmen's Brother
movie 1915 A Species of Mexican Man
movie 1915 A Western Governor's Humanity
movie 1915 Advertising Did It as Rosenthal
movie 1915 From Champion to Tramp
movie 1914 Caught in the Rain as Desk Clerk
movie 1914 Colonel Custard's Last Stand
movie 1914 Cruel, Cruel Love as Bald Doctor
movie 1914 Going Some as Harry
movie 1914 Hello, Mabel as Desk Clerk
movie 1914 Lover's Luck as Father's Minister
movie 1914 Mabel's Blunder as Waiter
movie 1914 Pretzel Captures the Smugglers as Greaser Pete
movie 1914 Slim and the Dynamiters as Rattlesnake Pete
movie 1914 Slim and the Indians as Zake
movie 1914 Slim and the Money Pots as Zake
movie 1914 Slim Joins the Army as Zake
movie 1914 Slim's Last Trick as Zake
movie 1914 Slim's Strategy as Zake
movie 1914 The Colonel of the Nuts
movie 1914 The Faith of Two
movie 1914 The Rounders as Waiter
movie 1914 The Water Dog as Policeman
movie 1913 A Hidden Love as George
movie 1913 A Muddy Romance as Other Groom
movie 1913 My Brudder Sylvester as Harry
movie 1913 Slim Turns the Tables as Zake
movie 1913 The Gusher as Villager
movie 1913 The Rich Uncle as John Henry

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