Harry Spingler

Harry Spingler Filmography

movie 1921 The Last Trail as Campbell
movie 1920 Flames of the Flesh as Charles Eastcoat
movie 1920 Merely Mary Ann as Peter
movie 1920 Sherry as Jimmy Burton
movie 1920 The Scuttlers as George Pitts
movie 1919 The Black Gate as Wade DeForrest
movie 1919 The Lincoln Highwayman as Danny Murphy
movie 1919 The Woman Under Cover as Billy Jordan
movie 1918 A Perfect Lady as Bert Snyder
movie 1917 Les Misérables as Marius
movie 1917 The Devil's Playground as The Boy
movie 1917 The Spreading Dawn as Bentley Vanderpyl
movie 1916 Cheaters
movie 1916 Driftwood as Lawrence Grove
movie 1916 Her Surrender as Burton Woodrow
movie 1916 Scorched Wings
movie 1916 Sunlight and Shadows as Harry
movie 1916 The Bondman as Sunlocks
movie 1916 The House of Mirrors as Fred Probert, Jr., age 21
movie 1915 A Gilded Fool as Undetermined Role
movie 1915 From the Valley of the Missing as Horace Shellington
movie 1915 Man or Money? as Paul Ferris
movie 1915 Samson as Max D'Andolin
movie 1915 The Amazing Mr. Fellman as J. Crawford Alexander
movie 1915 The Bribe
movie 1915 The Plunderer as Dick Townsend
movie 1915 The Reward as Egbert Smythe
movie 1915 The Springtime of the Spirit as Paul Potter
movie 1914 A Lesson in Bridge as The Traveling Man
movie 1914 Captain Swift as Harry Seabrook, his son
movie 1914 Caught in the Web as Daniel Martin - the Son
movie 1914 Northern Lights as Wallace Gray
movie 1914 Slim Hogan's Getaway as Dr. West
movie 1914 The Banker's Daughter as Count de Carojac
movie 1914 The Coming of the Real Prince as Bud
movie 1914 The Faith of Her Father as Dick North - Ruth's Sweetheart
movie 1914 The Greyhound as Whispering Alex
movie 1914 The Hidden Clue as Tom Ashley
movie 1914 The Idler
movie 1914 The Ordeal as The Patriot
movie 1914 The Thief as Fernand Legardes
movie 1913 A Study in Sociology as Phillip
movie 1913 Her Father's Daughter as Young Dick Graham
movie 1913 The Bracelet as Harry
movie 1913 The Grafters as The Young Reporter
movie 1913 The Higher Justice as Young Brice - the Rich Son
movie 1913 The Hoodoo Pearls as John Mason
movie 1913 The Social Secretary