Harvey Braban

Harvey Braban Filmography

tv movie 1939 1066: And All That
tv movie 1939 A Night at the Hardcastles as Sir Charles Marlow
tv movie 1939 Fox in the Morning as Beech
tv movie 1939 Rake's Progress as Rev. John Horne, a radical parson
tv movie 1939 She Stoops to Conquer as Sir Charles Marlow
tv movie 1939 Six Gentlemen in a Row
tv movie 1938 Androcles and the Lion as Editor
tv movie 1938 R.U.R.
movie 1938 Sixty Glorious Years as Lord Salisbury
movie 1938 Thank Evans as Inspector Pine
tv movie 1938 The Billiard Room Mystery
tv movie 1938 The Rivals as Sir Lucius O'Trigger
movie 1938 The Viper as Jagger
tv movie 1938 The Wooing of Anne Hathaway
movie 1937 Darby and Joan as Coroner
movie 1936 Keep Your Seats, Please as Detective Jones
movie 1935 Bulldog Jack as Sgt. Robinson
movie 1934 Boomerang
movie 1934 Easy Money as Williams
movie 1934 The Path of Glory as Col. Conti
movie 1932 Brother Alfred as Denis
movie 1932 The Callbox Mystery as Inspector Brown
movie 1931 Alibi as Inspector Davis
movie 1931 The Girl in the Night as Inspector
movie 1930 Should a Doctor Tell? as Prosecution
movie 1929 Blackmail as The Chief Inspector
movie 1926 The Golden Spurs as Smithson
movie 1925 A Girl of London as George Durran
movie 1924 The Great Well as Eric
movie 1924 The Reef of Stars as Simon Macquart
movie 1923 The Loves of Mary, Queen of Scots as Ruthven
movie 1923 The Romany as Andrew MacDonald
movie 1922 Bentley's Conscience as Richard Glym
movie 1922 Diana of the Crossways as Rodworth
movie 1922 Man and His Kingdom as Sagasta
movie 1922 Shirley as Nunnally
movie 1922 The Little Mother as John Moore
movie 1921 A Gentleman of France as Baron de Rosnay
movie 1921 Gwyneth of the Welsh Hills as Gwylim Rhys
movie 1921 The Devil's Foot as Mortimer Tregennis
movie 1921 The Prey of the Dragon as Robin Wentworth
movie 1921 The Prince and the Beggarmaid as King Hildred
movie 1920 A Question of Trust as Pierre Dumaresque
movie 1920 The Yellow Claw as Gaston Max

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Director - Maurice Elvey Cast: Eille Norwood - Sherlock Holmes Hubert Willis - Dr. Watson Harvey Braban - Mortimer Tregennis Hugh Buckler - Dr. Sterndale.

Director: Maurice Elvey Stars: Eille Norwood, Hubert Willis, Harvey Braban.

Director: Maurice Elvey Stars: Eille Norwood, Hubert Willis, Harvey Braban.