Hay Plumb

Hay Plumb Filmography

movie 1939 Cheer Boys Cheer as Greenleaf Employee
movie 1939 Flying Fifty-Five
movie 1939 Let's Be Famous as Announcer
movie 1938 Sailing Along
movie 1938 Strange Boarders
movie 1937 Song of the Forge as Assistant
movie 1935 Car of Dreams as Chauffeur
movie 1935 Things Are Looking Up as Tennis Umpire
movie 1935 Widow's Might as Sergeant Dawkins
movie 1934 Guest of Honour as Mr. Bodfish
movie 1934 Jew Süss as Pfaeffle
movie 1934 Orders Is Orders as Pvt. Goffin
movie 1934 The Blue Squadron
movie 1933 Channel Crossing as Steward
movie 1933 The House of Trent as Jury Foreman
movie 1932 The Midshipmaid as Sailor
movie 1931 Deadlock as Publicist
movie 1931 The Professional Guest as Sir Alfred Phibsby
movie 1920 A Son of David
movie 1915 Hawkeye, King of the Castle as Hawkeye
movie 1915 A Losing Game
movie 1915 Cock o' the Walk
movie 1915 Jill and the Old Fiddle
movie 1915 The Man Who Wasn't
movie 1915 Things We Want to Know
movie 1915 What'll the Weather Be?
movie 1914 A Friend in Need as Gamekeeper
movie 1914 Hawkeye, Hall Porter as Hawkeye
movie 1914 The Heart of Midlothian as Fiscal Sharpitlaw
movie 1914 A Bother About a Bomb
movie 1914 A Doubtful Deal in Dogs
movie 1914 A Ghostly Affair
movie 1914 A Misleading Miss
movie 1914 Aladdin: or, a Lad Out
movie 1914 Algy's Little Error
movie 1914 All in a Day's Work
movie 1914 An Engagement of Convenience
movie 1914 Caught Bending
movie 1914 Cinder-Elfred
movie 1914 Entertaining Uncle
movie 1914 Follow Your Leader
movie 1914 Getting His Own Back
movie 1914 How Things Do Develop
movie 1914 Judged by Appearances
movie 1914 Mr. Meek's Missus
movie 1914 Mr. Meek's Nighmare
movie 1914 Oh What a Day!
movie 1914 On a False Scent
movie 1914 Once Aboard the Lugger
movie 1914 Out of the Frying Pan
movie 1914 Outlined and Outwitted
movie 1914 Over the Garden Wall
movie 1914 Rhubarb and Rascals
movie 1914 Simpkins' Little Swindle
movie 1914 Simpkins' Sunday Dinner
movie 1914 Simpkins, Special Constable
movie 1914 Tango Mad
movie 1914 That Mysterious Fez
movie 1914 The 'Simple Life' Cure
movie 1914 The Also-Rans
movie 1914 The Chick That Was Not Eggs-Tinct
movie 1914 The Dead Heart
movie 1914 The Magic Glass
movie 1914 The Maid and the Money
movie 1914 The Sneeze
movie 1914 The Terrible Two
movie 1914 The Terrible Two Join the Police Force
movie 1914 Tilly at the Football Match
movie 1914 Topper Triumphant
movie 1914 Two of a Kind
movie 1914 We Don't Think!
movie 1914 What a Sell!
movie 1913 A Precious Cargo as Lieutenant Troon
movie 1913 Blood and Bosh as The Sawman
movie 1913 Captain Jack V.C. as Mullah Chief
movie 1913 David Garrick as Billie Banter
movie 1913 Drake's Love Story as Francis Drake
movie 1913 Haunted by Hawkeye as Hawkeye
movie 1913 Hawkeye Has to Hurry as Hawkeye
movie 1913 Hawkeye Meets His Match as Hawkeye
movie 1913 Hawkeye Rides in a Point-to-Point as Hawkeye
movie 1913 Ragtime Mad as A Second
movie 1913 The Cloister and the Hearth as Denys
movie 1913 Prop's Angel
movie 1913 A Damp Deed
movie 1913 A Policy of Pinpricks
movie 1913 All's Fair
movie 1913 An Eggs-traordinary Affair
movie 1913 As the Sparks Fly Upwards
movie 1913 Bounding Bertie's Bungalow
movie 1913 Deceivers Both
movie 1913 Fairies' Revenge
movie 1913 George Barnwell the London Apprentice
movie 1913 Hamlet
movie 1913 Highwayman Hal
movie 1913 Lieutenant Lilly and the Splodge of Opium
movie 1913 Lieutenant Pie's Love Story
movie 1913 Love and a Burglar
movie 1913 Many Happy Returns
movie 1913 Peter's Little Picnic
movie 1913 Petticoat Perfidy
movie 1913 The Burglar at the Ball
movie 1913 The Curate's Bride
movie 1913 The Defective Detective
movie 1913 The Lover Who Took the Cake
movie 1913 The Of-Course-I-Can Brothers
movie 1913 The Old Nuisance
movie 1913 The Princes in the Tower
movie 1913 The Real Thing
movie 1913 The Tailor's Revenge
movie 1912 A Curate's Love Story as Reverend Harry Seaton
movie 1912 A Fisherman's Love Story as Jack
movie 1912 For a Baby's Sake as Doctor
movie 1912 Hawkeye, Coastguard as Hawkeye
movie 1912 Hawkeye, Showman as Hawkeye
movie 1912 Our Bessie as Jack Hard
movie 1912 P.C. Hawkeye Goes Fishing as PC Hawkeye
movie 1912 P.C. Hawkeye, Sportsman
movie 1912 PC Hawkeye Falls in Love as PC Hawkeye
movie 1912 The Bishop's Bathe as Bishop
movie 1912 The Lieutenant's Bride as The Lieutenant
movie 1912 The Mermaid as The Man
movie 1912 A Harlequinade Let Loose
movie 1912 A Man and a Serving Maid
movie 1912 Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight
movie 1912 For Love and Life
movie 1912 Ghosts
movie 1912 Her 'Mail' Parent
movie 1912 Her Awakening
movie 1912 Her Only Son
movie 1912 King Robert of Sicily
movie 1912 Lieutenant Lilly and the Plans of the Divided Skirt
movie 1912 Mary Has Her Way
movie 1912 Mr. Poorluck's River Suit
movie 1912 Oh for a Smoke!
movie 1912 Pamela's Party
movie 1912 Plot and Pash
movie 1912 Poorluck's Picnic
movie 1912 She Asked for Trouble
movie 1912 The Apache
movie 1912 The Burglar Helped
movie 1912 The Emperor's Messenger
movie 1912 The Last of the Black Hand Gang
movie 1912 The Luck of the Red Lion
movie 1912 The Traitress of Parton's Court
movie 1912 The Transit of Venus
movie 1912 The Unmasking of Maud
movie 1912 Tilly in a Boarding House
movie 1912 Town Mouse and Country Mouse
movie 1912 Two Brothers and a Spy
movie 1912 Was He a German Spy?
movie 1912 Welcome Home
movie 1912 Whist! Here Comes the Picture Man
movie 1911 A Double Deception as The Man
movie 1911 A Seaside Introduction as Dude
movie 1911 A Touch of Nature as Frank Hardy
movie 1911 All's Right with the World as Pete
movie 1911 Children Mustn't Smoke as PC Hawkeye
movie 1911 Envy, Hatred and Malice as Artist
movie 1911 Faust as Faust
movie 1911 Harry the Footballer as Harry
movie 1911 Hawkeye Learns to Punt as Hawkeye
movie 1911 Love and the Sewing Machine as The Salesman
movie 1911 Mother's Boy as Tom
movie 1911 P.C. Hawkeye Turns Detective
movie 1911 PC Hawkeye Leaves the Force as PC Hawkeye
movie 1911 PC Hawkeye's Busy Day as PC Hawkeye
movie 1911 Rachel's Sin as Jacob
movie 1911 The Demon Dog as The Father
movie 1911 The Greatest of These as The Artist
movie 1911 The Heat Wave
movie 1911 The Road to Ruin
movie 1911 The Smuggler's Step-Daughter as The Coast Guardsman
movie 1911 The Stolen Letters as Husband
movie 1911 The Three Lovers as The Curate
movie 1911 Till Death Us Do Part as Jack
movie 1911 Tilly and the Smugglers as Smuggler
movie 1911 Tilly's Party
movie 1911 Twin Roses as The Boy
movie 1910 Heart of Oak as Jack
movie 1910 The Heart of a Fishergirl as Jack
movie 1910 Tilly the Tomboy Visits the Poor

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