Heather Angel

Heather Angel Filmography

movie 1975 Gone with the West as Old Little Moon
tv series 1964 Peyton Place as Mrs. Andrea Dowell
movie 1962 Premature Burial as Kate Carrell
movie 1953 Peter Pan as Mrs. Darling
movie 1951 Alice in Wonderland as Alice's Sister
movie 1948 The Saxon Charm as Vivian Saxon
movie 1944 In the Meantime, Darling as Mrs. Nelson
movie 1944 Lifeboat as Mrs. Higgins
movie 1944 Three Sisters of the Moors as Anne Bronte
movie 1943 Cry 'Havoc' as Andra
movie 1942 The Undying Monster as Helga Hammond
movie 1942 Time to Kill as Myrle Davis
movie 1941 Shadows on the Stairs as Sylvia Armitage
movie 1941 Singapore Woman as Frieda
movie 1941 Suspicion as Ethel
movie 1941 That Hamilton Woman as A Streetgirl
movie 1940 Half a Sinner as Anne Gladden
movie 1940 Kitty Foyle as Wife in Prologue
movie 1940 Pride and Prejudice as Kitty Bennet
movie 1939 Arrest Bulldog Drummond as Phyllis Clavering
movie 1939 Bulldog Drummond's Bride as Phyllis Clavering
movie 1939 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police as Phyllis Clavering
movie 1939 Undercover Doctor as Cynthia Weld
movie 1938 Army Girl as Mrs.Gwen Bradley
movie 1938 Bulldog Drummond in Africa as Phyllis Clavering
movie 1937 Bulldog Drummond Escapes as Phyllis Clavering
movie 1937 Portia on Trial as Elizabeth Manners
movie 1937 The Duke Comes Back as Susan Corbin Foster
movie 1937 Western Gold as Jeannie Thatcher
movie 1936 Daniel Boone as Virginia Randolph
movie 1936 The Bold Caballero as Lady Isabella Palma
movie 1936 The Last of the Mohicans as Cora
movie 1935 It Happened in New York as Chris Edwards
movie 1935 Mystery of Edwin Drood as Rosa Bud
movie 1935 The Headline Woman as Myrna Van Buren
movie 1935 The Informer as Mary McPhillip
movie 1935 The Perfect Gentleman as Evelyn Alden
movie 1935 The Three Musketeers as Constance
movie 1934 Murder in Trinidad as Joan Cassell
movie 1934 Orient Express as Coral Musker
movie 1934 Romance in the Rain as Cynthia Brown
movie 1934 Springtime for Henry as Miss Smith
movie 1933 Berkeley Square as Helen Pettigrew
movie 1933 Charlie Chan's Greatest Case as Carlotte Eagan
movie 1933 Early to Bed as Grete
movie 1933 Pilgrimage as Suzanne
movie 1932 After Office Hours as Pat
movie 1932 Frail Women as Girl
movie 1932 Men of Steel as Ann Ford
movie 1932 Mr. Bill the Conqueror as Rosemary Lannick
movie 1932 Self Made Lady as Sookey Roberts
movie 1932 The Hound of the Baskervilles as Beryl Stapleton
movie 1931 City of Song as Carmela
movie 1931 Night in Montmartre as Annette Lefevre

Heather Angel on Youtube

Great atmospheric tale of lycanthropy. Starring james ellison and heather angel...this movie didn't have any big names but its every bit as good.

Le avventure di Peter Pan Trailer Ufficiale 2013 Le avventure di Peter Pan, di Wilfred Jackson, Hamilton Luske, Clyde Geronimi con protagonisti Heather Angel.

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