Hedda Nova

Hedda Nova Filmography

movie 1926 My Own Pal as Mrs. Jud McIntire
movie 1925 A Jungle Heroine
movie 1925 A Jungle Tragedy
movie 1925 Beasts of the Veldt
movie 1925 Folly of Youth as Leona Haynes
movie 1925 The Gold Hunters as Minnetake
movie 1925 The Last Man
movie 1925 The Lion's Mate
movie 1925 The Were-Tiger
movie 1924 The Man Who Would Not Die
movie 1924 The Mandan's Oath
movie 1923 Golden Silence
movie 1923 The Miracle Baby as Violet
movie 1921 Shadows of the West as Mary
movie 1921 The Mask as Helen Traynor
movie 1920 The Turning Point as Mrs. Wemyss
movie 1919 Calibre 38 as Joan
movie 1919 Mary Regan as Nina Cordova
movie 1919 The Crimson Gardenia as Madelon Dorette
movie 1919 The Spitfire of Seville as Carmelita Delgado
movie 1918 By the World Forgot as Truda
movie 1918 The Changing Woman as Nina Girard
movie 1918 The Sign Invisible as Winona
movie 1918 The Woman in the Web as Princess Olga Muratoft
movie 1917 The Bar Sinister as Belle Davis