Heidi Harian

Heidi Harian Filmography

movie 2014 Trespass Into Terror as Mrs. Sara White
movie 2013 All That We See or Seem as Eliza
movie 2013 Animals as Heidi
movie 2013 Romance as Tiffany
movie 2013 In a Land Close to Home
movie 2012 Firefall: An Epic Family Adventure as Dora Armstrong
movie 2011 Build a Better Fastball as Tanya
movie 2011 Finding Hope Now as Mrs. Hurtado
movie 2011 So Shall You Reap as Eliza
movie 2011 The Mystic as Samantha's Mom
movie 2010 Stricken as Waitress Joyce
movie 2010 The Retainer as Kira
movie 2009 Double Fault as Female Fan
movie 2009 Stealing Magnolias
movie 2009 The Lycanthropes as Mother
movie Solstice as A.R.A.
movie The Park as Dora Armstrong

Heidi Harian on Youtube

The book trailer for THE WICKED WE HAVE DONE, a speculative thriller by Sarah Harian. Available at iTunes, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Google Play from ...

A mother and daughter's last night in London.

A slide show of So Shall You Reap, directed by Jessika Satori, and stars Lon Hannah, Heidi Harian, Jim Tuck and James Sherrill III. Copyright 2011 Audacious .

For this germ, the inspiration is Food. Limiters: The film must contain this line of dialogue: "But it tastes so good." And it must contain at least 4 charac...