Helen Foster

Helen Foster Filmography

movie 1956 Around the World in Eighty Days as Extra
movie 1953 Never Wave at a WAC as Capt. Finch
movie 1948 Call Northside 777 as Secretary
movie 1948 Good Sam as Minor Role
movie 1948 When My Baby Smiles at Me as Waitress
movie 1943 Swing Out the Blues as Minor Role
movie 1942 Parachute Nurse as Company 'C' Girl
movie 1940 The Westerner as Janice
movie 1939 North of Shanghai as Undetermined Role
movie 1934 School for Girls as Eleanor
movie 1934 The Road to Ruin as Ann Dixon
movie 1932 Ghost City as Laura Martin
movie 1932 Lucky Larrigan as Virginia Bailey
movie 1932 Sinister Hands as Vivian Rogers
movie 1932 Temptation's Workshop
movie 1932 The Big Flash as Fifi - Nadine's Maid
movie 1932 The Boiling Point as Lora Kirk
movie 1932 The Saddle Buster as 'Sunny' Hurn
movie 1932 Young Blood as Gail Winters
movie 1931 Is There Justice? as June Lawrence
movie 1931 The Primrose Path as Molly Malone
movie 1930 Should a Girl Marry? as Alice Dunn
movie 1929 Circumstantial Evidence as Jean Benton
movie 1929 Finders Keepers
movie 1929 Gold Diggers of Broadway as Violet
movie 1929 Hoofbeats of Vengeance as Mary Martin
movie 1929 Irish Fantasy
movie 1929 Linda as Linda
movie 1929 Painted Faces as Nancy
movie 1929 So Long Letty as Sally Davis
movie 1929 The Harvest of Hate as Margie Smith
movie 1929 The Sky Skidder as Stella Hearns
movie 1928 13 Washington Square as Mary Morgan
movie 1928 Haunted Island as Rosalind Joy
movie 1928 Hellship Bronson as Mary Younger
movie 1928 Sweet Sixteen as Cynthia Perry
movie 1928 The Mating Call as Jessie
movie 1928 The Road to Ruin as Sally Canfield
movie 1928 Won in the Clouds as Grace James
movie 1927 California or Bust as Nadine Holtwood
movie 1927 Hands Off as Myra Perkins
movie 1927 Naughty Nanette as Lucy Dennison
movie 1927 The Courage of Collins as Rose Foster
movie 1927 The Outlaw Dog as Helen Meadows
movie 1927 When a Dog Loves as Agnes Flanagan
movie 1926 Brotherly Love
movie 1926 Close Shaves as The Manicurist
movie 1926 Move Along as The Girl
movie 1926 Sky Hooks
movie 1925 Maid in Morocco as The Bride
movie 1925 On the Go as Nell Hall
movie 1925 Reckless Courage as Doris Bayne
movie 1925 The Bandit's Baby as Esther Lacy
movie 1925 The Tourist

Helen Foster on Youtube

Fringe Convos on Camera - Fresh & fun, rough & ready conversations from Ed Fringe Fest 2014. Lucy Diver talks to Helen Foster, who's bringing her debut solo .

Helen also had a go at the after eight mint challenge. Take a look how she did.

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