Helen Jerome Eddy

Helen Jerome Eddy (February 25, 1897 - January 27, 1990) was a motion picture actress from New York, New York. She was noted as a character actress who played genteel heroines in films such as Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1917). ... more on Wikipedia

Helen Jerome Eddy Filmography

movie 1947 The Secret Life of Walter Mitty as Lingerie Saleswoman
movie 1940 Strike Up the Band as Mrs. Brewster
movie 1939 Blondie Brings Up Baby as Miss Ferguson, School Principal
movie 1939 Burn 'Em Up O'Connor as Susan, Laboratory Analyst
movie 1939 Good Girls Go to Paris as Tearoom Hostess
movie 1939 Mr. Smith Goes to Washington as Paine's Secretary
movie 1939 Scandal Sheet as Mrs. Hazel Scoville Marsh
movie 1938 City Streets as Miss North
movie 1938 Crime Ring as Mrs. Myles
movie 1938 Strange Case of Dr. Meade as Mrs. Lacey
movie 1938 Tarnished Angel as Mrs. Thompson
movie 1937 Jim Hanvey, Detective as Mrs. Tom Ellis
movie 1937 Nancy Steele Is Missing! as Nurse
movie 1937 The Soldier and the Lady as Shepherd's Wife
movie 1937 The Women Men Marry as Sister Martin
movie 1936 Klondike Annie as Sister Annie Alden
movie 1936 Show Boat as Reporter Interviewing in Rehearsal
movie 1936 Stowaway as Mrs. Kruikshank
movie 1936 The Country Doctor as Mrs. Ogden
movie 1936 The Crime of Dr. Forbes as Timid Woman
movie 1936 The Garden of Allah as Nun
movie 1936 Winterset as Maria Romagna
movie 1935 A Shot in the Dark as Miss Lottie Case
movie 1935 Bride of Frankenstein as Gypsy's Wife
movie 1935 Carnival as Dr. Hodges
movie 1935 Helldorado as Miss Fife
movie 1935 Rendezvous at Midnight as Emmy
movie 1935 The Girl from 10th Avenue as Miss Mansfield
movie 1935 The Keeper of the Bees as Priscilla
movie 1934 A Girl of the Limberlost as Margaret Sinton
movie 1934 Dr. Monica as Miss Gelsey
movie 1934 Riptide as Celeste
movie 1934 Unknown Blonde as Miss Adams
movie 1933 Broadway Thru a Keyhole as Esther
movie 1933 Man's Castle as Mother
movie 1933 Night Flight as Worried Mother
movie 1933 Strictly Personal as Mrs. Lovett
movie 1933 The Bitter Tea of General Yen as Miss Reed
movie 1933 The Masquerader as Robbins
movie 1933 Torch Singer as Miss Spaulding
movie 1932 A Parisian Romance as Yvonne
movie 1932 Frisco Jenny as Amah
movie 1932 Madame Butterfly as Cho-Cho's mother
movie 1932 Make Me a Star as Tessie Kearns
movie 1932 No Greater Love as Superintendent
movie 1932 The Impatient Maiden as Mrs. Gilman
movie 1932 The Night of June 13th as Martha Blake
movie 1931 Girls Demand Excitement as Gazella Perkins
movie 1931 Manhattan Parade as Delman's Secretary
movie 1931 Mata Hari as Sister Genevieve
movie 1931 Skippy as Mrs. Wayne
movie 1931 Sooky as Mrs. Wayne
movie 1931 That's News to Me
movie 1931 The Great Meadow as Sally Tolliver
movie 1930 Niagara Falls as Wife
movie 1930 Reaching for the Moon as Larry's Secretary
movie 1930 War Nurse as Kansas
movie 1929 Blue Skies as Second Assistant Matron
movie 1929 Midstream as Mary Mason
movie 1929 Railroadin'
movie 1929 Small Talk as Wheezer's New Mother
movie 1929 The Divine Lady as Lady Nelson
movie 1928 13 Washington Square as Olivetta
movie 1928 Chicago After Midnight as Mrs. Boyd
movie 1928 The Speed Classic as Keziah Stubbs
movie 1928 Two Lovers as Inez
movie 1927 Quality Street as Susan Throssel
movie 1926 Camille as Camille's maid
movie 1926 Padlocked as Belle Galloway
movie 1925 Marry Me as Sarah Hume
movie 1925 The Dark Angel as Miss Bottles
movie 1924 The Fire Patrol as Emma Thatcher
movie 1923 An Old Fashioned Sweetheart of Mine
movie 1923 An Old Sweetheart of Mine as Mary Ellen Anderson, as an adult
movie 1923 The Country Kid as Hazel Warren
movie 1923 To the Ladies as Elsie Beebe
movie 1922 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 12 as Herself
movie 1922 The Flirt as Laura Madison
movie 1922 When Love Comes as Jane Coleridge
movie 1921 One Man in a Million as Flora Valenzi
movie 1921 The First Born as Loey Tsing
movie 1921 The March Hare as Susie
movie 1921 The Other Woman as Avery Kirven
movie 1921 The Ten Dollar Raise as Emily
movie 1920 A City Sparrow as Hester Neil
movie 1920 A Light Woman as Doris Kane
movie 1920 Miss Hobbs as Beulah Hackett
movie 1920 Pollyanna as Nancy Thing
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 9 as Herself
movie 1920 The County Fair as Sally Greenway
movie 1920 The Forbidden Thing as Joan
movie 1920 The House of Toys as Esther Summers
movie 1919 A Very Good Young Man as Osprey Bacchus
movie 1919 The Blinding Trail as Adele Grey
movie 1919 The Boomerang as Nora Yorke
movie 1919 The Man Beneath as Kate Erskine
movie 1919 The Tong Man as Sen Chee
movie 1919 The Trembling Hour as Margy Webb
movie 1919 The Turn in the Road as Jane Barker
movie 1918 Breakers Ahead as Agnes Bowman
movie 1918 Jules of the Strong Heart as Joy Farnsworth
movie 1918 Old Wives for New as Norma Murdock
movie 1918 One More American as Lucia
movie 1918 The Spirit of '17 as Susan Brand
movie 1918 Winner Takes All as Frances Landcrafe
movie 1917 As Men Love as Marjorie Gordon
movie 1917 His Sweetheart as Trina Capino
movie 1917 Lost in Transit as Nita Lapi
movie 1917 Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm as Hannah Randall
movie 1917 The Cook of Canyon Camp as Marie
movie 1917 The Fair Barbarian as Maid
movie 1917 The Marcellini Millions as Antoinetta Bartelli
movie 1917 The Wax Model as Helen Ilchester
movie 1916 Her Father's Son as Betty Fletcher
movie 1916 Madame la Presidente as Denise Galipaux
movie 1916 Pasquale as Margarita
movie 1916 Redeeming Love as Katie
movie 1916 The Candle
movie 1916 The Code of Marcia Gray as Crane's Daughter
movie 1916 The Crash as Mary - the Maid
movie 1916 The Final Payment
movie 1916 The Old Watchman as Hazel
movie 1916 The Tongues of Men as Winifred Leeds
movie 1915 A Night in Old Spain as Mary
movie 1915 As the Twig Is Bent as Grace Thomas
movie 1915 Jealousy as Mrs. Bob Walker - the Friend's Wife
movie 1915 Jim West, Gambler
movie 1915 The Discontented Man as A Girl of the Mountains
movie 1915 The Gentleman from Indiana
movie 1915 The Inner Chamber as Marian Day
movie 1915 The Red Virgin as Rose - the Mother
movie 1915 The Strange Unknown as Meta Clark
movie 1915 The Web of Hate as Louisa Pordoni

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