Henry B. Walthall

Henry Brazeale Walthall (March 16, 1878? June 17, 1936) was an American film actor. ... more on Wikipedia

Henry B. Walthall Filmography

tv movie 2002 London After Midnight
video movie 1998 Star Power: The Creation of United Artists as Col. Ben Cameron
video movie 1998 The Making of 'The Birth of a Nation' as Himself
tv movie 1997 20th Century-Fox: The First 50 Years as Actor 'Steamboat Round the Bend'
movie 1990 Hollywood Mavericks as Actor 'Birth of a Nation'
tv movie 1985 Proposta in quattro parti
tv movie 1975 Black Shadows on the Silver Screen as Himself
tv movie 1968 Black History: Lost Stolen, or Strayed as Himself
tv movie 1961 Hollywood: The Golden Years as Himself - in Birth of a Nation
movie 1954 Long Time No See as From 'The Sealed Room '
movie 1947 Flicker Flashbacks No. 2, Series 5 as Himself
movie 1939 Land of Liberty
movie 1938 Personality Parade as Himself
movie 1936 China Clipper as Dad Brunn
movie 1936 Hearts in Bondage as Capt. Buchanan
movie 1936 The Devil-Doll as Marcel
movie 1936 The Garden Murder Case as Dr. Garden
movie 1936 The Last Outlaw as Cal Yates
movie 1936 The Mine with the Iron Door as David Burton
movie 1935 A Tale of Two Cities as Dr. Manette
movie 1935 Dante's Inferno as Pop McWade
movie 1935 Helldorado as Abner Meadows
movie 1934 A Girl of the Limberlost as Dr. Amon
movie 1934 Bachelor of Arts as Professor Barth
movie 1934 Beggars in Ermine as Marchant the Blind Man
movie 1934 City Park as Colonel Henry Randolph Ransome
movie 1934 Dark Hazard as Schultz
movie 1934 Judge Priest as Rev. Ashby Brand
movie 1934 Love Time as Duke Johann von Hatzfeld
movie 1934 Men in White as Dr. McCabe
movie 1934 The Lemon Drop Kid as Jonas Deering
movie 1934 The Murder in the Museum as Bernard Latham Wayne, alias Prof. Mysto
movie 1934 The Scarlet Letter as Roger Chillingworth
movie 1934 Viva Villa! as Francisco Madero
movie 1933 42nd Street as Concerned Actor
movie 1933 Headline Shooter as Judge Beacon
movie 1933 Her Forgotten Past as Mr. Maynard - Doris' Father
movie 1933 Hold Your Man as Clergyman in Alternate Version
movie 1933 Laughing at Life as President Valenzuela
movie 1933 Somewhere in Sonora as Bob Leadly
movie 1933 The Film Parade as Himself, film clip
movie 1933 The Flaming Signal as Rev. Mr. James
movie 1933 The Sin of Nora Moran as Father Ryan
movie 1933 The Whispering Shadow as J.D. Bradley - Company President [Chs. 1-11]
movie 1933 The Wolf Dog as Jim Courtney
movie 1932 Alias Mary Smith as Atwell
movie 1932 Central Park as Eby
movie 1932 Chandu the Magician as Robert Regent
movie 1932 Hotel Continental as Winthrop
movie 1932 Klondike as Mark Armstrong
movie 1932 Me and My Gal as Sgt. John Collins aka Sarge
movie 1932 Movie Album Featurettes
movie 1932 Police Court as Nat Barry
movie 1932 Ride Him, Cowboy as John Gaunt
movie 1932 Self Defense as Doctor Borden
movie 1932 Strange Interlude as Professor Leeds
movie 1932 The Cabin in the Cotton as Eph Clinton
movie 1931 Anybody's Blonde as Mr. Evans
movie 1931 Is There Justice? as District Attorney John Raymond
movie 1930 Abraham Lincoln as Colonel Marshall
movie 1930 Temple Tower as Blackton
movie 1930 The Love Trader as Captain Adams
movie 1930 Tol'able David as Amos Hatburn
movie 1929 Black Magic as Dr. Bradbroke
movie 1929 Blaze o' Glory as Burke
movie 1929 From Headquarters as Buffalo Bill Ryan
movie 1929 In Old California as Don Pedro De León
movie 1929 River of Romance as General Jeff Rumford
movie 1929 Speakeasy as Piano Player
movie 1929 Stark Mad as Capt. Rhodes, yacht commander
movie 1929 Street Corner
movie 1929 The Bridge of San Luis Rey as Father Juniper
movie 1929 The Jazz Age as Mr. Maxwell
movie 1929 The Phantom in the House as Boyd Milburn
movie 1929 The Trespasser as Fuller
movie 1928 Freedom of the Press as John Ballard
movie 1928 Retribution as Henry
movie 1927 A Light in the Window as Johann Graff
movie 1927 Fighting Love as Filipo Navarro
movie 1927 London After Midnight as Sir.James Hamlin
movie 1927 Love Me and the World Is Mine as Van Denbosch
movie 1927 The Enchanted Island as Tim Sanborn
movie 1927 The Rose of Kildare as Bob Avery
movie 1927 Wings as David's Father
movie 1926 Everybody's Acting as Thorpe
movie 1926 The Barrier as Gale Gaylord
movie 1926 The Road to Mandalay as Father James
movie 1926 The Scarlet Letter as Roger Prynne
movie 1926 The Unknown Soldier as John Phillips
movie 1926 Three Faces East as George Bennett
movie 1925 Dollar Down as Alec Craig
movie 1925 Kentucky Pride as Mr. Beaumont
movie 1925 Kit Carson Over the Great Divide as Dr. Samuel Webb
movie 1925 On the Threshold as Andrew Masters
movie 1925 Simon the Jester as Brandt
movie 1925 The Girl Who Wouldn't Work as William Hale
movie 1925 The Golden Bed as Colonel Peake
movie 1925 The Plastic Age as Henry Carver
movie 1924 Single Wives as Franklin Dexter
movie 1924 The Bowery Bishop as Norman Strong
movie 1924 The Woman on the Jury as Prosecuting Attorney
movie 1923 Boy of Mine as William Latimer
movie 1923 Gimme as John McGimsey
movie 1923 The Face on the Bar-Room Floor as Robert Stevens
movie 1923 The Unknown Purple as Peter Marchmont
movie 1922 One Clear Call as Henry Garnett
movie 1922 The Ableminded Lady as Breezy Bright
movie 1922 The Kickback as Aaron Price
movie 1922 The Long Chance as Harley P. Hennage
movie 1922 The Marriage Chance as Dr. Paul Graydon
movie 1921 The Flower of the North as Philip Whittemore
movie 1920 A Splendid Hazard as Karl Breitman
movie 1920 Parted Curtains as Joe Jenkins
movie 1920 The Confession as Father Bartlett
movie 1919 Modern Husbands as Stephen Duane
movie 1919 The Boomerang as George Gray
movie 1919 The False Faces as Michael Lanyard
movie 1919 The Long Arm of Mannister as George Mannister
movie 1919 The Long Lane's Turning as Harry Sevier
movie 1918 And a Still Small Voice as Clay Randolph
movie 1918 His Robe of Honor as Julian Randolph
movie 1918 Humdrum Brown as Hector 'Humdrum' Brown
movie 1918 The Great Love as Sir Roger Brighton
movie 1918 With Hoops of Steel as Emerson Mead
movie 1917 Burning the Candle as James Maxwell
movie 1917 The Little Shoes as David Noel
movie 1917 The Saint's Adventure as Reverend Paul Manson
movie 1916 Pillars of Society as Karsten Bernick
movie 1916 The Birth of a Man
movie 1916 The Misleading Lady as Jack Craiger
movie 1916 The Sting of Victory as David Whiting
movie 1916 The Strange Case of Mary Page as Phil Langdon, Attorney
movie 1916 The Truant Soul as Dr. John Lancaster
movie 1915 Ashes of Dreams
movie 1915 Beulah as Dr. Guy Hartwell
movie 1915 Blind Justice
movie 1915 Ghosts as Captain Arling
movie 1915 Rod of Wrath as Erickson's Son
movie 1915 Temper as Frank Bradbury
movie 1915 The Birth of a Nation as Col. Ben Cameron
movie 1915 The Circular Path as Reverend Darwin Kirby
movie 1915 The Outer Edge as Dr. Rownlee
movie 1915 The Raven as Edgar Allan Poe
movie 1915 The Woman Hater as Jack Warder
movie 1914 Ashes of the Past
movie 1914 Classmates as Duncan Irving
movie 1914 Home, Sweet Home as John Howard Payne
movie 1914 Judith of Bethulia as Holofernes
movie 1914 Lord Chumley as Lord Chumley
movie 1914 Man's Enemy
movie 1914 Strongheart as Soangataha
movie 1914 The Avenging Conscience: or 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' as The Nephew
movie 1914 The Awakening of Donna Isolla as The President of the Republic
movie 1914 The Floor Above as Stephen Pryde
movie 1914 The Gangsters of New York as Porky Dugan
movie 1914 The Green-Eyed Devil
movie 1914 The Mountain Rat as Douglas Williams
movie 1914 The Mysterious Shot as The Gopher
movie 1914 The Odalisque as Joe, in love with May
movie 1914 The Old Man as The Old Man
movie 1914 The Soul of Honor as Dick Potter - the Son
movie 1913 A Gambler's Honor as Beth's Brother
movie 1913 A Horse on Bill as In Audience
movie 1913 A Woman in the Ultimate as Member of the Badger Gang
movie 1913 Beyond All Law
movie 1913 Broken Ways as The Road Agent
movie 1913 Death's Marathon as The Husband
movie 1913 Diversion as Mr. Wilson
movie 1913 During the Round-Up as The Stranger
movie 1913 Her Mother's Oath as The Actor
movie 1913 Her Wedding Bell as Pedro
movie 1913 If We Only Knew as The Father
movie 1913 Influence of the Unknown as First Revenue Officer
movie 1913 Love in an Apartment Hotel as The Young Woman's Fiance
movie 1913 Oil and Water as The Idealist
movie 1913 Red Hicks Defies the World as In Crowd
movie 1913 The Battle at Elderbush Gulch as The Indian Chief's Son
movie 1913 The Fly Leaf of Fate as Ralph Cummings
movie 1913 The House of Darkness as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1913 The Lady and the Mouse as The 1st Rival
movie 1913 The Little Tease as The Valley Man
movie 1913 The Mirror as The Station Agent
movie 1913 The Mistake as Jack, the Friend, a Prospector
movie 1913 The Mothering Heart as Club Patron
movie 1913 The Perfidy of Mary as Storybook Lover
movie 1913 The Sheriff's Baby as First Bandit
movie 1913 The Stolen Loaf as The Poor Man
movie 1913 The Switch Tower as The Switchman
movie 1913 The Tenderfoot's Money as The Prospector
movie 1913 The Unwelcome Guest as At Auction
movie 1913 The Vengeance of Galora
movie 1913 The Wanderer as The Wanderer
movie 1913 The Wedding Gown
movie 1913 Three Friends as Ned Billings - the Husband
movie 1913 Two Men of the Desert as First Partner
movie 1912 A Change of Spirit as First Gentleman Thief
movie 1912 A Feud in the Kentucky Hills as Psalm Singer
movie 1912 A Tragic Experiment as Findlay - Jane's Beau
movie 1912 An Opportune Burglar as The Elderly Husband's Nephew
movie 1912 Brutality as In Play
movie 1912 Friends as Dandy Jack
movie 1912 Fur Smugglers as Walter Leggett - Customs Officer
movie 1912 Hide and Seek
movie 1912 Home Folks
movie 1912 In the Aisles of the Wild as Jim Watson
movie 1912 Iola's Promise
movie 1912 Jealousy as The Husband
movie 1912 Love Is Blind as Foster - the Artist
movie 1912 Mixed Identities as Tom Brandon
movie 1912 Mother as The Son
movie 1912 My Baby as The Husband
movie 1912 My Hero as Indian Charlie
movie 1912 So Near, Yet So Far
movie 1912 Solomon's Son as Morris - Solomon's Son
movie 1912 The Appointed Hour as Mrs. Neville's Paramour
movie 1912 The Better Man as Walter Earl - Dot's Suitor
movie 1912 The Birthday Present
movie 1912 The Burglar's Dilemma as The Author's Weakling Brother
movie 1912 The Burglar's Reformation as The Reformed Burglar
movie 1912 The Deception as Walter
movie 1912 The District Attorney's Conscience as James Douglas - the District Attorney
movie 1912 The Duel as Jackson - a Mountain Moonshiner
movie 1912 The Forbidden Way as Graham - a Surveyor
movie 1912 The Gambler's Daughter as Weston - the Minister's Son
movie 1912 The Gangfighter as The Gang Leader
movie 1912 The God Within as The Woodsman
movie 1912 The Informer as The False Brother
movie 1912 The Inner Circle
movie 1912 The Man Under the Bed as The Escaped Convict
movie 1912 The Miser's Daughter as The Miser's Daughter's Sweetheart
movie 1912 The One She Loved as The Husband
movie 1912 The Painted Lady as At Ice Cream Festival
movie 1912 The Quarrel as The Husband
movie 1912 The Recoil as Giovanni - the Labor Agitator
movie 1912 The Return of John Gray as John Gray
movie 1912 The Ruling Passion as Van Wert
movie 1912 The Stolen Letter as John Carroll
movie 1912 The Yeggman as The Yeggman
movie 1912 Two Daughters of Eve as The Father
movie 1912 When the Heart Calls as The Hermit
movie 1911 A Daughter of Italy as The Kidnapper
movie 1911 A Little Child as The Burglar
movie 1911 A Narrow Escape as Jim Smith - the Workman
movie 1911 A Trick of Fortune as Harry Wilson
movie 1911 As the Master Orders as The Artist
movie 1911 Clouds and Sunshine as John Ryan
movie 1911 Divorce as Jack Evans
movie 1911 For His Sake
movie 1911 Grandfather
movie 1911 His Dream
movie 1911 His Son as The Son
movie 1911 Locked in the Vaults as Robert Tyler
movie 1911 Souls Courageous
movie 1911 The Anonymous Letter as Paul Carter
movie 1911 The Birth-Mark
movie 1911 The Broken Vows as The Rejected Suitor
movie 1911 The Command from Galilee as The Lover
movie 1911 The Godfather
movie 1911 The Greater Love as Harris
movie 1911 The Hour of Fate
movie 1911 The Injustice of Man as Jim Brown
movie 1911 The Moonshiners as Barrett - the Wounded Moonshiner
movie 1911 The Pitfall as Ted
movie 1911 The Poison Cup as John Adams - the First Husband
movie 1911 The Society Girl and the Gypsy as Antonio
movie 1911 The Stepsisters as The Lover
movie 1911 The Track Walker as Willis - the Track Walker
movie 1911 The Turn of the Wheel as James Harrison
movie 1911 The Turnstile as Mr. Gail
movie 1911 Three Men
movie 1911 Waiting
movie 1910 A Child of the Ghetto as The Farmer
movie 1910 A Summer Idyll as Albert
movie 1910 Gold Is Not All as At Party
movie 1910 His Last Burglary as William Standish
movie 1910 His Last Dollar
movie 1910 In Life's Cycle as Vincent, as an Adult
movie 1910 In Old California as Perdita's Son
movie 1910 In the Border States as Confederate Corporal
movie 1910 Love Among the Roses as The Lord
movie 1910 On the Reef as Mr. Wilson
movie 1910 One Night, and Then -- as Henry Ravol
movie 1910 Ramona as Alessandro
movie 1910 Rose O'Salem Town as The Trapper
movie 1910 The Armorer's Daughter
movie 1910 The Banker's Daughters as Criminal
movie 1910 The Call as Billy Harvey
movie 1910 The Call to Arms as The Lord
movie 1910 The Cloister's Touch as The Father
movie 1910 The Converts as The Man
movie 1910 The Face at the Window as Ralph Bradford
movie 1910 The Gold Seekers as The Prospector
movie 1910 The Gray of the Dawn
movie 1910 The Honor of His Family as George Pickett Jr.
movie 1910 The House with Closed Shutters as The Confederate soldier
movie 1910 The Iconoclast as The Worker
movie 1910 The Impalement as At First Party
movie 1910 The Kid as Walter Holden
movie 1910 The Newlyweds as A Friend
movie 1910 The Oath and the Man as Henri Prevost
movie 1910 The Sorrows of the Unfaithful as Bill
movie 1910 The Tenderfoot's Triumph as A Horse Thief
movie 1910 The Thread of Destiny as Estrada
movie 1910 The Two Brothers as Pedro
movie 1910 The Usurer as One of the Second Debtors
movie 1910 The Way of the World as The Young Priest
movie 1910 Thou Shalt Not as Edgar Thurston
movie 1910 Western Justice
movie 1910 Where Sea and Shore Doth Meet
movie 1910 Wilful Peggy as The Lord
movie 1909 A Convict's Sacrifice as The Convict's Friend
movie 1909 A Corner in Wheat as Wheat King's Assistant
movie 1909 A Fair Exchange as Peasant
movie 1909 A Strange Meeting as A Thief
movie 1909 A Trap for Santa Claus as Arthur Rogers
movie 1909 Choosing a Husband as Harry
movie 1909 Fools of Fate
movie 1909 Getting Even as Miner
movie 1909 In a Hempen Bag as Couple on Road
movie 1909 In Little Italy as Victor
movie 1909 In Old Kentucky as Robert, the Confederate Son
movie 1909 Leather Stocking
movie 1909 Pippa Passes; or, The Song of Conscience
movie 1909 Pranks as Sunbather
movie 1909 The Better Way as Oliver Sylvester
movie 1909 The Broken Locket as Mexican Man
movie 1909 The Children's Friend
movie 1909 The Day After as Party Guest
movie 1909 The Expiation
movie 1909 The Heart of an Outlaw as The Mexican Lover
movie 1909 The Hessian Renegades
movie 1909 The Little Darling as In Boarding House
movie 1909 The Mended Lute as Indian
movie 1909 The Mills of the Gods as At Party
movie 1909 The Sealed Room as The Minstrel
movie 1909 The Slave as A Messenger
movie 1909 The Test as At the Hotel
movie 1909 They Would Elope as In Group
movie 1909 Wanted, a Child
movie 1909 With Her Card as At Larkin's
movie 1908 Rescued from an Eagle's Nest as Woodsman

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