Henry Hallam

Henry Hallam (9 July 1777 ? 21 January 1859) was an English historian. ... more on Wikipedia

Henry Hallam Filmography

movie 1921 Cousin Kate as Bishop
movie 1921 The Heart of Maryland as Gen. Kendrick
movie 1921 Tol'able David as The Doctor
movie 1920 The Fatal Hour as Anthony
movie 1920 The Prey
movie 1919 Help! Help! Police! as Judson Pendleton
movie 1919 Kathleen Mavourneen as Sir John Clancarthy
movie 1919 My Little Sister as Lord Helmstone
movie 1919 Never Say Quit as Professor Lattimore
movie 1919 Phil-for-Short as College President
movie 1919 Putting One Over as Johnny Thomkins
movie 1919 The Bondage of Barbara as John J. Newton
movie 1919 The Climbers as George Hunter
movie 1919 The Darkest Hour as Mr. Dinsmore
movie 1919 The Lion and the Mouse as Judge Rossmore
movie 1919 Woman, Woman! as Mr. Lindsay
movie 1918 Blue-Eyed Mary as Henry Leffingwell
movie 1918 Bonnie Annie Laurie as Sandy Laurie
movie 1918 Caught in the Act as Dr. McNeil
movie 1918 How Could You, Caroline? as Mr. Rogers
movie 1918 Just for Tonight as Major Blackburn
movie 1918 We Should Worry as George Steele
movie 1917 Aladdin's Other Lamp as Captain Barnaby
movie 1917 Blue Jeans as Colonel Henry Clay Risener
movie 1917 God's Law and Man's as Kunda Ram
movie 1917 Lady Barnacle as John Morling
movie 1917 The Girl Without a Soul as Dominic Beaumont
movie 1916 Audrey as Mr. Darden
movie 1916 Gloria's Romance
movie 1916 The Black Crook as Count Wolfenstein
movie 1916 The Evil Thereof as Her Father
movie 1916 The Girl Telegrapher's Nerve as Sheriff James Ogden
movie 1916 The Moment Before as The Bishop
movie 1916 The War Bride's Secret as MacDougal
movie 1915 A Sister's Burden as Hensley - a Widower
movie 1915 Barriers Swept Aside as Murchison - the Lawyer
movie 1915 Honor Thy Father as John Dayton - the Father
movie 1915 In the Hands of the Jury as Hugh - Butler's Servant
movie 1915 The Bondwoman as Richie Lewis
movie 1915 The Coquette as Cadwell, Doris' Father
movie 1915 The Crooked Path as Father Deering - Prison Chaplain
movie 1915 The Destroyer as Wentworth - Dick's Father
movie 1915 The Face of the Madonna as Fry - Tige's Father
movie 1915 The Game of Life as Grayson - College President
movie 1915 The Haunted House of Wild Isle as Pete - a Guide
movie 1915 The Haunting Fear as Father Richard
movie 1915 The Luring Lights as Enwright - a Theatrical Manager
movie 1915 The Maker of Dreams as Daddy Greene
movie 1915 The Night Operator at Buxton as Rice - Express Superintendent
movie 1915 The Pretenders as Major Dunbar - Elsie Father
movie 1915 The Scorpion's Sting as Marston - the Father
movie 1915 The Siren's Reign as Hardy - a Faithful Employee
movie 1915 The Stolen Ruby as Patrolman Killegren
movie 1915 The Swindler as Miller - Bess's Father
movie 1915 The Vanderhoff Affair as Roscoe Vanderhoff - Helen's Uncle
movie 1915 Voices in the Dark as David Granger - a Widower
movie 1915 When the Mind Sleeps as Dr. Carlson
movie 1915 Wife for Wife
movie 1914 A Midnight Tragedy as Doctor Blackman
movie 1914 Chest of Fortune as Ward - a Banker
movie 1914 Home Run Baker's Double as Lorimer Johnson - a Millionaire
movie 1914 In Wolf's Clothing as Stephen Brooks - Daisy's Father
movie 1914 Into the Depths as Stanford - the Husband
movie 1914 Nina o' the Theatre as Meldon - Stage Manger
movie 1914 The Brand as John Halleck - Mary's Father
movie 1914 The Dance of Death as Mr. Hartley - Richard's Father
movie 1914 The Dancer as The Theatrical Agent
movie 1914 The False Guardian as Butts - Graham' s Valet
movie 1914 The Hazards of Helen
movie 1914 The Man of Iron as Lucius Stanley - the Man of Iron
movie 1914 The Menace of Fate as Richard Wilton
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Sleeping Death as Afgab
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Yellow Sunbonnet as Major Maynard - a Foreign Spy
movie 1914 The Old Army Coat as Dr. Walton
movie 1914 The Shadow as Thomas Dean
movie 1914 The Swamp Fox as Jacques Videau - Mary's Father
movie 1914 The Viper as Isadore Putnam - a Millionaire
movie 1914 The Weakling as Judge Berry - Nancy's Father
movie 1914 Through the Flames as Mr. Rogers - Milly's Father
movie 1913 A Mississippi Tragedy as Calhoun - the Planter
movie 1913 A Plot for a Million as Logan
movie 1913 A Stolen Identity as Hodges - a Valet
movie 1913 A Treacherous Shot as Maj. Erskine - Delphine's Father
movie 1913 A Virginia Feud as McDonald - Rose's Father
movie 1913 An Unseen Terror as Warren Leonard - Frank's Father
movie 1913 Breaking Into the Big League as Mr. Wallace - Mamie's Father
movie 1913 Captured by Strategy
movie 1913 John Burns of Gettysburg
movie 1913 Our New Minister as Hannibal Chapman - an Unscrupulous Lawyer
movie 1913 Primitive Man as Doctor Sturgis
movie 1913 Prisoners of War as Frederick Howan - the Congressman
movie 1913 Shenandoah as General Haverhill
movie 1913 Shipwrecked as Thomas Jelds - the Millionaire
movie 1913 The Battle of Bloody Ford
movie 1913 The Escape as Jasper Binns - the Farmer
movie 1913 The Exposure of the Land Swindlers as Senator Archer
movie 1913 The Fighting Chaplain as Captain Wells - Marian's Father
movie 1913 The Fire-Fighting Zouaves as Herbert Minton - Roxana's Father
movie 1913 The Gypsy's Brand as The Gypsy Chief
movie 1913 The Infamous Don Miguel as Francesco Dias - a Planter
movie 1913 The Lost Diamond as John Holden
movie 1913 The Message of the Palms as Colonel Carlton
movie 1913 The Midnight Message as Thomas Douglas - Harold's Father
movie 1913 The Riddle of the Tin Soldier as Thornton Andrews - a Millionaire
movie 1913 The River Pirates as Robert Judson Sr.
movie 1913 The Scimitar of the Prophet
movie 1913 The Turning Point as Stella's Father
movie 1913 The Vampire as Martin, Harold's Employer
movie 1913 The War Correspondent as The Editor
movie 1913 The Wartime Siren as Colonel Ashby
movie 1913 The Woe of Battle as Gen. Green
movie 1913 Uncle Tom's Cabin as Uncle Tom
movie 1912 'Fighting' Dan McCool
movie 1912 A Railroad Lochinvar
movie 1912 Battle in the Virginia Hills
movie 1912 Battle of Pottsburg Bridge
movie 1912 His Mother's Picture
movie 1912 Saved from Court Martial
movie 1912 The Bugler of Battery B
movie 1912 The Darling of the CSA as Maj. Gen. Prentiss, U.S.A.
movie 1912 The Drummer Girl of Vicksburg
movie 1912 The Farm Bully as The Farmer
movie 1912 The Fraud at the Hope Mine
movie 1912 The Girl in the Caboose
movie 1912 The Grit of the Girl Telegrapher
movie 1912 The Prison Ship
movie 1912 The Rival Engineers as Thorn - Jenny's Father
movie 1912 The Siege of Petersburg as Judge Pemberton
movie 1912 The Soldier Brothers of Susanna as The Father
movie 1912 The Toll Gate Raiders
movie 1912 Tide of Battle as John Stafford
movie 1912 Under a Flag of Truce as Colonel Neville
movie 1912 Victim of Circumstances
movie 1912 War's Havoc

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