Henry King

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Henry King Filmography

tv movie 1977 Gregory Peck: A Living Biography as Himself
movie 1962 Tender Is the Night
movie 1959 Beloved Infidel
movie 1959 This Earth Is Mine
movie 1958 The Bravados
movie 1958 The Old Man and the Sea
movie 1957 The Sun Also Rises
movie 1956 Carousel
movie 1955 Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
movie 1955 Untamed
movie 1953 King of the Khyber Rifles
movie 1952 Full House
movie 1952 The Snows of Kilimanjaro
movie 1952 Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie
movie 1951 I'd Climb the Highest Mountain
movie 1951 David and Bathsheba
movie 1950 The Gunfighter
movie 1949 Twelve O'Clock High
movie 1949 Prince of Foxes
movie 1948 Deep Waters
movie 1947 Captain from Castile
movie 1946 Margie
movie 1945 A Bell for Adano
movie 1944 Wilson
movie 1943 The Song of Bernadette
movie 1942 The Black Swan
movie 1941 Remember the Day
movie 1941 A Yank in the R.A.F.
movie 1940 Chad Hanna
movie 1940 Little Old New York
movie 1940 Maryland
movie 1939 Jesse James
movie 1939 Stanley and Livingstone
movie 1938 Alexander's Ragtime Band
movie 1937 In Old Chicago
movie 1937 Seventh Heaven
movie 1936 Lloyd's of London
movie 1936 Ramona
movie 1936 The Country Doctor
movie 1935 One More Spring
movie 1935 Way Down East
movie 1934 Marie Galante
movie 1934 Carolina
movie 1933 I Loved You Wednesday
movie 1933 State Fair
movie 1932 The Woman in Room 13
movie 1931 Merely Mary Ann
movie 1931 Over the Hill
movie 1930 Hell Harbor
movie 1930 Lightnin'
movie 1930 The Eyes of the World
movie 1929 She Goes to War
movie 1928 The Woman Disputed
movie 1927 The Magic Flame
movie 1926 Partners Again
movie 1926 The Winning of Barbara Worth
movie 1925 Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ as Chariot Race Spectator
movie 1925 Sackcloth and Scarlet
movie 1925 Any Woman
movie 1925 Stella Dallas
movie 1924 Romola
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 3, No. 17 as Himself
movie 1923 Fury
movie 1923 The White Sister
movie 1922 Sonny
movie 1922 The Bond Boy
movie 1922 The Seventh Day
movie 1921 Tol'able David
movie 1921 Salvage
movie 1921 The Mistress of Shenstone
movie 1921 The Sting of the Lash
movie 1921 When We Were 21
movie 1920 Help Wanted - Male as Tubbs
movie 1920 Dice of Destiny
movie 1920 One Hour Before Dawn
movie 1920 The White Dove
movie 1920 Uncharted Channels
movie 1919 23 1/2 Hours' Leave
movie 1919 A Fugitive from Matrimony
movie 1919 A Sporting Chance
movie 1919 Brass Buttons
movie 1919 Haunting Shadows
movie 1919 Six Feet Four
movie 1919 Some Liar
movie 1919 This Hero Stuff
movie 1919 When a Man Rides Alone
movie 1919 Where the West Begins
movie 1918 Hearts or Diamonds?
movie 1918 The Locked Heart as Harry Mason
movie 1918 All the World to Nothing
movie 1918 Beauty and the Rogue
movie 1918 Hobbs in a Hurry
movie 1918 King Social Briars
movie 1918 Powers That Prey
movie 1918 Social Briars
movie 1918 The Ghost of Rosy Taylor
movie 1918 Up Romance Road
movie 1917 In the Hands of the Law
movie 1917 Scepter of Suspicion
movie 1917 Sunshine and Gold as The Chauffeur
movie 1917 The Climber as William Beerheiim Van Broon
movie 1917 The Devil's Bait as Eric Reese
movie 1917 The Mainspring as Ned Gillett
movie 1917 Told at Twilight as The Father
movie 1917 Twin Kiddies as Jasper Hunt
movie 1917 Vengeance of the Dead
movie 1917 A Game of Wits
movie 1917 Souls in Pawn
movie 1917 Southern Pride
movie 1917 The Bride's Silence
movie 1917 The Mate of the Sally Ann
movie 1916 Big Brother as John Harrison
movie 1916 Crooked Road
movie 1916 Faith's Reward as Joseph Haynes
movie 1916 Joy and the Dragon as Hal Lewis
movie 1916 Little Mary Sunshine as Bob Daley
movie 1916 Pay Dirt as The Easterner
movie 1916 Shadows and Sunshine as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 The Crooked Road as Dave Fenton
movie 1916 The Oath of Hate as Captain Mark Stone
movie 1916 The Power of Evil as Stuart Merwin
movie 1916 The Sand Lark as Joe Manley
movie 1916 The Stained Pearl as Captain Ray
movie 1916 When Might Is Right as Jack Crawford
movie 1916 Who Knows? as Dick
movie 1915 A Bolt from the Sky as Frederick Dale
movie 1915 Blue Blood and Yellow as Paul Reed
movie 1915 Eyes That Cannot See
movie 1915 For the Commonwealth as Ellis Mason
movie 1915 Houses of Glass as Ray Norris
movie 1915 In Humble Guise as Hubert West
movie 1915 Letters Entangled as John Wilson
movie 1915 Saved from Himself as John Macklyn
movie 1915 Should a Wife Forgive? as Jack Holmes
movie 1915 The Acid Test as Ted Miller
movie 1915 The Bliss of Ignorance
movie 1915 The Butterfly
movie 1915 The Dolls of Intrigue as Lt. Thomas Sheldon
movie 1915 The Fallen Standard as Dick Brent
movie 1915 The Fruit of Folly as Edgar Clay
movie 1915 The Love Liar as Dr. Lloyd Holland - the Intruder
movie 1915 The Maid of the Wild as David Graham
movie 1915 The Nemesis
movie 1915 The Pomp of Earth as Hugh Keen
movie 1915 The Price of Fame as Henry Merwin - The Husband
movie 1915 The Pursuit of Pleasure as James White
movie 1915 The Tomboy as The Mine Superintendent
movie 1915 Today and Tomorrow as Lee Payne
movie 1915 Toil and Tyranny as Karl Hurd
movie 1915 Unto Herself Alone as Felix Lynn
movie 1915 When Justice Sleeps as The Husband
movie 1915 Who Pays?
movie 1914 Abide with Me as Ralph Chalmers
movie 1914 Bitter Sweets as Carl Knight
movie 1914 Called Back
movie 1914 His Excellency
movie 1914 Little Jack as Dan Moran
movie 1914 Nerve as Julius Booth
movie 1914 Sacrificial Fires as Dick Matthews
movie 1914 The Cruise of the Hell Ship
movie 1914 The Dream of Loco Juan as Loco Juan
movie 1914 The Eternal Duel as Gen. Paco Modesto
movie 1914 The Imprint
movie 1914 The Mask as Henry King - Detective
movie 1914 The Measure of a Man as Matthews - the Superintendent
movie 1914 The Power of Print as Robert Whitney
movie 1914 The Rat as The Rat
movie 1914 The Sands of Life as Jack Turner
movie 1914 The Silver Lining as Jack Alden
movie 1914 The Stranger as Henry King - the Detective
movie 1914 The Test of Manhood as Harry Wentworth - John's Son
movie 1914 The Unexpected as Dave Parks
movie 1914 The Will o' the Wisp as Larry Thorn
movie 1914 When Fate Was Kind
movie 1913 A False Friend as Jack Winters - the False Friend
movie 1913 A Mexican Tragedy as Gen. Laredo
movie 1913 A Midnight Call as Will Harvey
movie 1913 A Perilous Ride as Tom - the Ranch Foreman
movie 1913 A Romance of the Ozarks as Zeb
movie 1913 A Tenderfoot Hero as Tom Milford
movie 1913 A Woman's Heart as Lon Hardman
movie 1913 An Actor's Strategy as Pedro Huerta
movie 1913 Back to Primitive
movie 1913 Black Beauty as The Doctor
movie 1913 By Impulse as Robert Harmon
movie 1913 For Her Brother's Sake as Jack Winston
movie 1913 Her Atonement as Rose's Father
movie 1913 Her Father as Maj. Benson - Mary's Father
movie 1913 His Last Crooked Deal as Walt Dawson - the Gambler
movie 1913 Jim's Reward as Jim Dalton
movie 1913 Life, Love and Liberty as Salvador Morelos
movie 1913 Love and War in Mexico as James Hudson
movie 1913 Magic Melody as Charles Lennox
movie 1913 Melita's Sacrifice as Jess Mason
movie 1913 The Apache Kid as The Sheriff
movie 1913 The Birthmark as Charles King - the Sheriff
movie 1913 The Breed of the West
movie 1913 The Burden Bearer as Bob
movie 1913 The Camera's Testimony as Tom Jordan
movie 1913 The Legend of Lovers Leap as Wambau
movie 1913 The Mate of the Schooner 'Sadie' as Lute Drew
movie 1913 The Medal of Honor as Fire Dept. Capt. Dick Wright
movie 1913 The Message of the Rose as Manuel
movie 1913 The Moth and the Flame as Oswald
movie 1913 The Mysterious Hand
movie 1913 The Outlaw's Gratitude as Sheriff Ollie Gage
movie 1913 The Padre's Strategy as The Lieutenant
movie 1913 The Path of Sorrow
movie 1913 The Split Nugget as John Stanton's Son
movie 1913 To Love and Cherish as Bruce Sanford
movie 1913 Turning the Table as Ranger Bob Tenny
movie 1913 When Brothers Go to War
movie 1913 When He Sees as John Taggert
movie 1913 When the Clock Stopped as George Bennett
movie 1913 You've Got to Pay as John Dudley

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Based on one the most popular historical plays by Shakespeare and made in order to boost moral of British troops during WW2, this movie is about English king.

Henry King directed THE SUN ALSO RISES for Darryl F. Zanuck's 20th Century-Fox. It starred Tyrone Power, Eddie Albert, Ava Gardner, and Errol Flynn.

Afilm adaptation of the 1945 Rodgers and Hammerstein stage musical of the same name, starring Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones and Cameron Mitchell, ...