Henry Lehrman

Henry Lehrman (April 21, 1886 ? November 7, 1946) was an American actor, screenwriter and film director and producer. ... more on Wikipedia

Henry Lehrman Filmography

tv movie 1985 Proposta in quattro parti
tv movie 1980 Charlie Chaplin: The Little Tramp as Actor in 'Kid Auto Races at Venice'
movie 1967 The Funniest Man in the World
movie 1945 The Bullfighters
movie 1944 The Big Noise
movie 1943 Jitterbugs
movie 1943 The Dancing Masters
movie 1935 Show Them No Mercy!
movie 1935 Folies Bergère de Paris
movie 1934 Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back
movie 1934 Moulin Rouge
movie 1931 A Butter 'n' Yeggman
movie 1930 The Poor Millionaire
movie 1929 New Year's Eve
movie 1929 Sound Your 'A'
movie 1928 Chicken a La King
movie 1928 Homesick
movie 1928 Why Sailors Go Wrong
movie 1927 Sailor Izzy Murphy
movie 1927 For Ladies Only
movie 1927 Husbands for Rent
movie 1926 The Fighting Edge
movie 1925 Heavy Swells
movie 1924 Children Wanted
movie 1924 On Time
movie 1924 Sweet Papa
movie 1923 Double Dealing
movie 1923 She Supes to Conquer
movie 1923 So This Is Hollywood
movie 1922 Reported Missing
movie 1921 A Game Lady
movie 1921 Ain't Love Grand?
movie 1921 His Fiery Beat
movie 1921 His Meal Ticket
movie 1921 His Unlucky Job
movie 1921 Roaring Lions on Parade
movie 1921 Skirts
movie 1921 The Baby
movie 1921 The Big Secret
movie 1921 The Devilish Romeo
movie 1921 The Golfer
movie 1921 The Hayseed
movie 1921 The Janitors
movie 1921 The Jockey
movie 1921 The Night Before
movie 1921 The Punch of the Irish
movie 1921 The Simp
movie 1921 The Singer Midget's Scandal
movie 1921 The Slicker
movie 1921 Three Good Pals
movie 1921 Verse and Worse
movie 1921 Who's Who
movie 1920 A Lightweight Lover
movie 1920 A Twilight Baby
movie 1920 An Elephant's Nightmare
movie 1920 Chase Me
movie 1920 Chicken à la Cabaret
movie 1920 Dangerous Eyes
movie 1920 Farmyard Follies
movie 1920 Girls and Gunpowder
movie 1920 Her Dog-Gone Wedding
movie 1920 Her Naughty Wink
movie 1920 Her Private Husband
movie 1920 His Noisy Still
movie 1920 His Private Wife
movie 1920 Hold Me Tight
movie 1920 Hungry Lions and Tender Hearts
movie 1920 Kiss Me Quick
movie 1920 Mary's Little Lobster
movie 1920 Monkey Business
movie 1920 Monkey Tales
movie 1920 Pals and Petticoats
movie 1920 Pretty Lady
movie 1920 She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not
movie 1920 Sheriff Nell's Comeback
movie 1920 Should Dummies Wed?
movie 1920 Slippery Feet
movie 1920 Slipping Feet
movie 1920 Ten Nights Without a Barroom
movie 1920 The Great Nickel Robbery
movie 1920 The Heart Snatcher
movie 1920 The Jazz Bandits
movie 1920 Through the Keyhole
movie 1920 Training for Husbands
movie 1920 The Kick in High Life
movie 1920 Wet and Warmer
movie 1919 A Lady Bell Hop's Secret
movie 1919 A Schoolhouse Scandal
movie 1919 Back to Nature Girls
movie 1919 Dabbling in Society
movie 1919 Footlight Maids
movie 1919 Her First Kiss
movie 1919 His Musical Sneeze
movie 1919 His Naughty Wife
movie 1919 Money Talks
movie 1919 Oh, What a Knight
movie 1919 The Merry Jailbirds
movie 1919 The Roaming Bathtub
movie 1919 The Yellow Dog Catcher
movie 1919 Virtuous Husbands
movie 1919 Wild Waves and Women
movie 1919 Fantasy
movie 1919 Fools and Duels
movie 1918 A High Diver's Last Kiss
movie 1918 A Husband's Wife
movie 1918 A Neighbor's Keyhole
movie 1918 A Self-Made Lady
movie 1918 A Tight Squeeze
movie 1918 A Waiter's Wasted Life
movie 1918 Are Married Policemen Safe?
movie 1918 Beaches and Peaches
movie 1918 Choose Your Exit
movie 1918 Her Husband's Wife
movie 1918 Hungry Lions in a Hospital
movie 1918 Mongrels
movie 1918 Roaring Lions on the Midnight Express
movie 1918 Shadows of Her Pest
movie 1918 Son of a Gun
movie 1918 The Fatal Marriage
movie 1918 The Son of a Hun
movie 1918 Who's Your Father?
movie 1918 Wild Women and Tame Lions
movie 1917 The House of Terrible Scandals
movie 1917 A Domestic Hound
movie 1917 A Milk-Fed Vamp
movie 1917 Bombs and Bandits
movie 1917 Counting Out the Count
movie 1917 Damaged, No Goods
movie 1917 Even as Him and Her
movie 1917 High-Class Nonsense
movie 1917 His Smashing Career
movie 1917 Nellie's Nifty Necklace
movie 1917 Roaring Lions and Wedding Bells
movie 1917 The Battle of 'Let's Go'
movie 1917 The Joy Riders
movie 1916 A September Mourning as The Art Dealer
movie 1916 For the Love of Mike and Rosie
movie 1916 A Bold, Bad Breeze
movie 1916 A Busted Honeymoon
movie 1916 A Double, Double Cross
movie 1916 A Friend, But a Star Boarder
movie 1916 A Gambler's Gambol
movie 1916 A Meeting for a Cheating
movie 1916 A Rural Romance
movie 1916 A Surgeon's Revenge
movie 1916 Alice in Society
movie 1916 Bill's Narrow Escape
movie 1916 Billie's Reformation
movie 1916 Billie's Waterloo
movie 1916 Blue Blood But Black Skin
movie 1916 Caught on a Skyscraper
movie 1916 Cold Hearts and Hot Flames
movie 1916 Crooked from the Start
movie 1916 Cupid at the Polo Game
movie 1916 Dad's Dollars and Dirty Doings
movie 1916 Dirty Work in a Beanery
movie 1916 Eat and Grow Hungry
movie 1916 Elevating Father
movie 1916 False Friends and Fire Alarms
movie 1916 Firing the Butler, or The Butler's Fired
movie 1916 Flirtation a la Carte
movie 1916 Gamboling on the Green
movie 1916 Gertie's Awful Fix
movie 1916 Gertie's Busy Day
movie 1916 Gertie's Gasoline Glide
movie 1916 Getting the Goods on Gertie
movie 1916 Her Naughty Eyes
movie 1916 His Temper-Mental Mother-in-Law
movie 1916 How Stars Are Made
movie 1916 Ignatz's Icy Injury
movie 1916 Knocks and Opportunities
movie 1916 Little Billy's School Days
movie 1916 Live Wires and Love Sparks
movie 1916 Lizzie's Lingering Love
movie 1916 Lured But Cured
movie 1916 Mr. Buddy Briggs, Burglar
movie 1916 Mr. McIdiot's Assassination
movie 1916 Murder by Mistake
movie 1916 Pants and Petticoats
movie 1916 Phil's Busy Day
movie 1916 Phoney Teeth and False Friends
movie 1916 Pirates of the Air
movie 1916 Safe in the Safe
movie 1916 Safety First
movie 1916 Saving Susie from the Sea
movie 1916 Scars and Stripes Forever
movie 1916 Sea Dogs and Land Rats
movie 1916 She Wanted a Ford
movie 1916 Shooting His 'Art Out
movie 1916 Snoring in High C
movie 1916 Spring Fever
movie 1916 Tattle-Tale Alice
movie 1916 Terrors of a Turkish Bath
movie 1916 The Bankruptcy of Boggs and Schultz
movie 1916 The Double's Troubles
movie 1916 The Great Smash
movie 1916 The High Diver's Curse
movie 1916 The Jailbird's Last Flight
movie 1916 The Million Dollar Smash
movie 1916 The Perils of a Plumber
movie 1916 The Right Car But the Wrong Berth
movie 1916 The Youngest in the Family
movie 1916 Tillie's Terrible Tumbles
movie 1916 Tough Luck on a Rough Sea
movie 1916 Twenty Minutes at the Fair
movie 1916 Unhand Me, Villain!
movie 1916 Where Is My Husband?
movie 1916 Where Is My Wife?
movie 1915 After Her Millions as Henry
movie 1915 Cupid in a Hospital
movie 1915 Life and Moving Pictures
movie 1915 Silk Hose and High Pressure
movie 1915 The Death of Simon LaGree as Simon LaGree
movie 1915 Thou Shalt Not Flirt
movie 1915 A Bathhouse Tragedy
movie 1915 A Change in Lovers
movie 1915 A Dismantled Beauty
movie 1915 A Doomed Hero
movie 1915 A Game of Love
movie 1915 A Mortgage on His Daughter
movie 1915 A Saphead's Revenge
movie 1915 A Scandal at Sea
movie 1915 A Stool Pigeon's Revenge
movie 1915 A Tale of Twenty Stories
movie 1915 All Aboard
movie 1915 Almost a Scandal
movie 1915 Avenged by a Fish
movie 1915 Beach Birds
movie 1915 Bill's Blighted Career
movie 1915 Bill's New Pal
movie 1915 Blackmail in a Hospital
movie 1915 Blue Blood and Yellow Backs
movie 1915 Broken Hearts and Pledges
movie 1915 Caught with the Goods
movie 1915 Cupid and the Scrub Lady
movie 1915 Disguised But Discovered
movie 1915 Does Flirting Pay?
movie 1915 Easy Money
movie 1915 Every Inch a Hero
movie 1915 Father Was a Loafer
movie 1915 Father Was Neutral
movie 1915 Father's First Murder
movie 1915 Fatty's Infatuation
movie 1915 From Beanery to Billions
movie 1915 Gem and Germs
movie 1915 Gertie's Joy Ride
movie 1915 Greed and Gasoline
movie 1915 Hearts and Flames
movie 1915 Hello, Bill!
movie 1915 Her Ups and Downs
movie 1915 In and Out of Society
movie 1915 In the Claw of the Law
movie 1915 Lizzie's Shattered Dreams
movie 1915 Lizzie's Watery Grave
movie 1915 Love and Sour Notes
movie 1915 Love on an Empty Stomach
movie 1915 Married on Credit
movie 1915 Mister Flirt in Wrong
movie 1915 No Flirting Allowed
movie 1915 Park Johnnies
movie 1915 Peggy's Sweethearts
movie 1915 Poor But Dishonest
movie 1915 Poor Policy
movie 1915 Ready for Reno
movie 1915 Room and Board: A Dollar and a Half
movie 1915 Rough But Romantic
movie 1915 Scandal in the Family
movie 1915 Shaved in Mexico
movie 1915 Shot in a Bar Room
movie 1915 Sin on the Sabbath
movie 1915 Stolen Hearts and Nickels
movie 1915 Tears and Sunshine
movie 1915 The Avenging Dentist
movie 1915 The Butcher's Bride
movie 1915 The Child Needs a Mother
movie 1915 The Curse of a Name
movie 1915 The Curse of Work
movie 1915 The Doomed Groom
movie 1915 The Fatal Note
movie 1915 The Idle Rich
movie 1915 Their Last Haul
movie 1915 Through a Knot Hole
movie 1915 Too Many Bachelors
movie 1915 Under New Management
movie 1915 Under the Table
movie 1915 Vendetta in a Hospital
movie 1915 Zip and His Gang
movie 1914 A Film Johnnie as Himself
movie 1914 Kid Auto Races at Venice as Film Director
movie 1914 Lizzy's Escape as 2nd City Gink
movie 1914 Love and Surgery
movie 1914 Love and Vengeance as Schmaltz's Rival
movie 1914 Mabel's Busy Day as Spectator
movie 1914 Mabel's Strange Predicament as Guest in lobby
movie 1914 Making a Living as Reporter
movie 1914 Partners in Crime
movie 1914 The Fatal Marriage
movie 1914 The Manicure Girl as The Head Barber
movie 1914 The Rural Demons as Henry
movie 1914 Fido's Dramatic Career
movie 1914 The Baron's Bear Escape
movie 1914 The Blighted Spaniard
movie 1914 The Groom's Doom
movie 1914 A Rural Demon
movie 1914 Baffles
movie 1914 Between Showers
movie 1914 Gentleman Burglar
movie 1914 Hearts and Swords
movie 1914 How Villains Are Made
movie 1914 San Francisco and Her Environs
movie 1914 Sergeant Hofmeyer
movie 1913 A Landlord's Troubles
movie 1913 A Tangled Affair
movie 1913 Cohen Saves the Flag as Lt. Goldberg
movie 1913 Her Birthday Present as The Bandit's Rival
movie 1913 Murphy's I.O.U. as Cohen
movie 1913 Saving Mabel's Dad as Undetermined Role
movie 1913 The Champion
movie 1913 The Cure That Failed as One of George's Friends
movie 1913 The Peddler as The Peddler's Rival
movie 1913 The Sleuths at the Floral Parade
movie 1913 The Stolen Purse as Thief
movie 1913 A Chip Off the Old Block
movie 1913 A Deaf Burglar
movie 1913 A Dollar Did It
movie 1913 Abalone Industry
movie 1913 Algy on the Force
movie 1913 Bangville Police
movie 1913 Cupid in a Dental Parlor
movie 1913 Father's Choice
movie 1913 Foiling Fickle Father
movie 1913 For the Love of Mabel
movie 1913 Help! Help! Hydrophobia!
movie 1913 Her New Beau
movie 1913 Just Kids
movie 1913 Love and Courage
movie 1913 Love and Pain
movie 1913 Love and Rubbish
movie 1913 Mother's Boy
movie 1913 Out and In
movie 1913 Passions, He Had Three
movie 1913 Professor Bean's Removal
movie 1913 Protecting San Francisco from Fire
movie 1913 The Darktown Belle
movie 1913 The Gangsters
movie 1913 The Horse Thief
movie 1913 The Land Salesman
movie 1913 The New Baby
movie 1913 The Tale of a Black Eye
movie 1913 The Two Widows
movie 1913 The Woman Haters
movie 1913 Their Husbands
movie 1913 Toplitsky and Company
movie 1913 Twixt Love and Fire
movie 1913 Two Old Tars
movie 1912 A Beast at Bay as A Guard
movie 1912 A Temperamental Husband as A Cop
movie 1912 Algy the Watchman
movie 1912 His Own Fault as In Gambling Hall
movie 1912 Iola's Promise as Mexican Cutthroat
movie 1912 Stolen Glory
movie 1912 The Would-Be Shriner
movie 1912 Willie Becomes an Artist
movie 1912 Beat at His Own Game
movie 1912 Priscilla's Capture
movie 1911 A Knight of the Road as A Dishonest Tramp
movie 1911 Comrades as The Butler
movie 1911 Conscience as Stenographer
movie 1911 Enoch Arden: Part II as On Rescue Ship
movie 1911 Her Sacrifice
movie 1911 Madame Rex
movie 1911 Priscilla and the Umbrella as At Club
movie 1911 The Blind Princess and the Poet as Courtier
movie 1911 The Broken Cross as Boarder
movie 1911 The Italian Barber as Buying Newspapers
movie 1911 The Midnight Marauder as Guest
movie 1911 The New Dress as The Drinking Companion
movie 1911 The Two Paths as At Party
movie 1911 Bearded Youth
movie 1911 Curiosity
movie 1911 Josh's Suicide
movie 1911 The Jealous Husband
movie 1911 The Villain Foiled
movie 1911 Why He Gave Up
movie 1910 A Child of the Ghetto as In Sweatshop
movie 1910 A Child's Faith as Well-Wisher
movie 1910 A Child's Impulse as At Second Party
movie 1910 A Child's Stratagem as One of the Lawyer's Aides
movie 1910 A Flash of Light as At Second Party
movie 1910 A Mohawk's Way as Patient
movie 1910 A Victim of Jealousy as At Reception
movie 1910 An Arcadian Maid as In Gambling Hall
movie 1910 As the Bells Rang Out! as Wedding Guest
movie 1910 Happy Jack, a Hero as At Party
movie 1910 His Sister-In-Law as Wedding Guest
movie 1910 In Life's Cycle as In Bar
movie 1910 In the Border States as Union Soldier
movie 1910 Little Angels of Luck as At Work
movie 1910 Rose O'Salem Town as Captor
movie 1910 Sunshine Sue as Harry's Friend
movie 1910 The Cloister's Touch as At the Palace
movie 1910 The Course of True Love as A Servant
movie 1910 The Face at the Window as At Second Club
movie 1910 The Iconoclast
movie 1910 The Last Deal as At Card Game
movie 1910 The Love of Lady Irma as Rogue
movie 1910 The Message of the Violin as Music Student
movie 1910 The Rocky Road as Outside Bar
movie 1910 The Woman from Mellon's as In Second Office
movie 1910 White Roses as At Station
movie 1910 Wilful Peggy as Bumpkin
movie 1909 A Corner in Wheat as On the Floor of the Exchange
movie 1909 In Little Italy as At the Ball
movie 1909 Nursing a Viper as In Mob
movie 1909 The Day After as Party Guest
movie 1909 The Red Man's View as Conqueror
movie 1909 Through the Breakers as At the Ball
movie 1909 To Save Her Soul as In Audience

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The film debut of Charles "Charlie" Chaplin, who plays a swindler and not his lovable tramp character. This is also the 6th of 12 movies featuring the Keysto...

Kid Auto Races at Venice is a 1914 American film starring Charles Chaplin in which his "Little Tramp" character makes his first appearance in a film exhibite...

The first film appearance of Charles "Charlie" Chaplin's character, The Tramp. Note that this was not the first time Chaplin donned the famous costume - that...

An out-of-work swindler takes a job as a reporter. After witnessing a car go over cliff, he grabs a rival reporter's camera and races to the newspaper office...