Henry MacRae

Henry Alexander MacRae (August 29, 1876-October 2, 1944) was a Canadian film director, producer and screenwriter during the silent era, working on many film serials for Universal Studios. One of a number of Canadian pioneers in early Hollywood, MacRae was credited with many innovations in film production, including artificial light for interiors, the wind machine, double exposures and shooting at night. ... more on Wikipedia

Henry MacRae Filmography

tv movie 1966 Peril from the Planet Mongo
tv movie 1966 Purple Death from Outer Space
tv movie 1966 Spaceship to the Unknown
movie 1956 Savage Fury
tv movie 1949 The Phantom Creeps
movie 1944 The Great Alaskan Mystery
movie 1944 The Mystery of the Riverboat
movie 1943 Adventures of the Flying Cadets
movie 1943 Don Winslow of the Coast Guard
movie 1942 Don Winslow of the Navy
movie 1942 Drums of the Congo
movie 1942 Junior G-Men of the Air
movie 1942 Overland Mail
movie 1941 Riders of Death Valley
movie 1941 Sea Raiders
movie 1941 Sky Raiders
movie 1940 Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe
movie 1940 Junior G-Men
movie 1940 The Green Hornet
movie 1940 The Green Hornet Strikes Again!
movie 1940 Winners of the West
movie 1939 Scouts to the Rescue
movie 1939 The Oregon Trail
movie 1939 The Phantom Creeps
movie 1938 Flaming Frontiers
movie 1938 Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars
movie 1938 Forbidden Valley
movie 1937 Jungle Jim
movie 1937 Secret Agent X-9
movie 1937 Tim Tyler's Luck
movie 1937 West Bound Limited
movie 1937 Wild West Days
movie 1936 Flash Gordon
movie 1936 Flash Gordon
movie 1936 The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
movie 1936 The Phantom Rider
movie 1935 Stormy
movie 1935 Tailspin Tommy in The Great Air Mystery
movie 1935 The Call of the Savage
movie 1935 The Roaring West
movie 1935 The Rustlers of Red Dog
movie 1934 Pirate Treasure
movie 1934 Tailspin Tommy
movie 1934 The Red Rider
movie 1934 The Vanishing Shadow
movie 1933 Clancy of the Mounted
movie 1933 Gordon of Ghost City
movie 1933 Perils of Pauline
movie 1933 Phantom of the Air
movie 1933 Rustlers' Roundup
movie 1932 Heroes of the West
movie 1932 Jungle Mystery
movie 1932 Lloyd of the C.I.D.
movie 1932 The Airmail Mystery
movie 1932 The Green Spot Mystery
movie 1932 The Lost Special
movie 1931 Battling with Buffalo Bill
movie 1931 Danger Island
movie 1931 Finger Prints
movie 1931 Heroes of the Flames
movie 1931 Spell of the Circus
movie 1930 Terry of the 'Times'
movie 1930 The Indians Are Coming
movie 1930 The Jade Box
movie 1930 The Lightning Express
movie 1929 Tarzan the Tiger
movie 1929 The Ace of Scotland Yard
movie 1929 Burning the Wind
movie 1929 Hoofbeats of Vengeance
movie 1929 King of the Rodeo
movie 1929 Plunging Hoofs
movie 1929 Smilin' Guns
movie 1929 The Harvest of Hate
movie 1929 Wild Blood
movie 1928 Two Outlaws
movie 1928 Guardians of the Wild
movie 1928 The Danger Rider
movie 1927 The Trail of the Tiger
movie 1927 Wild Beauty
movie 1926 Strings of Steel
movie 1926 The Radio Detective
movie 1925 The Ace of Spades
movie 1925 The Fearless Lover
movie 1925 The Scarlet Streak
movie 1924 A Fight for Honor
movie 1924 Racing for Life
movie 1924 Tainted Money
movie 1924 The Price She Paid
movie 1923 Miss Suwanna of Siam
movie 1923 Glengarry School Days
movie 1922 The Man from Glengarry
movie 1921 Cameron of the Royal Mounted
movie 1921 God's Crucible
movie 1920 The Dragon's Net
movie 1919 Elmo, the Mighty
movie 1919 Tempest Cody, Kidnapper
movie 1918 Parted from His Bride
movie 1918 The Phantom Riders
movie 1918 The Whirlwind Finish
movie 1917 Man and Beast
movie 1917 Bull's Eye
movie 1917 Her Great Mistake
movie 1917 The Call for Help
movie 1917 The Right Man
movie 1917 Welcome Home
movie 1917 Dropped from the Clouds
movie 1917 Hands in the Dark
movie 1917 Money and Mystery
movie 1917 Money Madness
movie 1917 Number 10, Westbound
movie 1917 One Wild Night
movie 1917 Steel Hearts
movie 1917 The Bronze Bride
movie 1917 The Indian's Lament
movie 1917 The Kidnapped Bride
movie 1917 The Last of the Night Riders
movie 1917 The Mystery Ship
movie 1917 The Star Witness
movie 1916 The Soul Man
movie 1916 It's All Wrong
movie 1916 Tammany's Tiger
movie 1916 The Human Pendulum
movie 1916 The Torrent of Vengeance
movie 1916 A Railroad Bandit
movie 1916 Are You an Elk?
movie 1916 Behind the Lines
movie 1916 For Love and Gold
movie 1916 Giant Powder
movie 1916 Guilty
movie 1916 Liberty
movie 1916 Onda of the Orient
movie 1916 Patterson of the News
movie 1916 The Captain of the Typhoon
movie 1916 The Conspiracy
movie 1916 The Hoax House
movie 1916 The Iron Rivals
movie 1916 The Law of Life
movie 1916 The Leap
movie 1916 The Lost Lode
movie 1916 The Money Lenders
movie 1916 The Rival Pilots
movie 1916 Through Flames to Love
movie 1916 Who Pulled the Trigger?
movie 1915 A Daughter of the Jungles
movie 1915 Terrors of the Jungle
movie 1915 The Blood of His Brother
movie 1915 The Circus Girl's Romance
movie 1915 The Jungle Queen
movie 1915 The Mysterious Contragrav
movie 1915 The Test of a Man
movie 1915 The Toll of the Sea
movie 1915 The Torrent
movie 1915 The War of the Wild
movie 1915 Almost a Papa
movie 1915 Chasing the Limited
movie 1915 Coral
movie 1915 Custer's Last Scout
movie 1915 Lone Larry
movie 1915 Man or Money?
movie 1915 Ridgeway of Montana
movie 1915 The Blood of the Children
movie 1915 The Governor Maker
movie 1915 The Lost Ledge
movie 1915 The Oaklawn Handicap
movie 1915 The Reward
movie 1915 When Love Is Love
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 A Mexican Spy in America
movie 1914 From the Lion's Jaws
movie 1914 Rescued by Wireless
movie 1914 The Danger Line
movie 1914 The Silent Peril
movie 1914 A Redskin Reckoning
movie 1914 Cast Adrift in the South Seas
movie 1914 Our Enemy's Spy
movie 1914 The Brand of His Tribe
movie 1914 The Eleventh Hour
movie 1914 The Fulfillment
movie 1914 The Jungle Master
movie 1914 The Law of the Lumberjack
movie 1914 The Law of the Range
movie 1914 The Lure of the Geisha
movie 1914 The Phantom Light
movie 1914 The Trail Breakers
movie 1914 The Trey o' Hearts
movie 1914 The Vagabond Soldier
movie 1913 Tapped Wires
movie 1913 The Hero Coward
movie 1913 The Old Clerk
movie 1913 Two Too Many
movie 1913 War of the Cattle Range
movie 1913 A Plain Girl's Love
movie 1913 In the Coils of the Python
movie 1913 In the Midst of the Jungle
movie 1913 In the Secret Service
movie 1913 Love, Life and Liberty
movie 1913 Pierre of the North
movie 1913 The Artist and the Brute
movie 1913 The Girl and the Tiger
movie 1913 The Grand Old Flag
movie 1913 The Iron Trail
movie 1913 The Miner's Justice
movie 1913 The Return of Thunder Cloud's Spirit
movie 1913 The Vengeance of the Skystone
movie 1913 The Water War
movie 1913 The Werewolf
movie 1913 The White Squaw
movie 1913 Yankee Doodle Dixie
movie 1912 A Heart in Rags
movie 1912 Our Lady of the Pearls

Henry MacRae on Youtube

RARE ARCHIVE Popular post WW2 serial of navy captain Don Winslow.

1st of 3 files of Chapter One of the classic 1940 Saturday matinee serial. Part 2 is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b3h6niSnzWE.

1932 directed by Henry Macrae starring Frank Albertson, Ernie Nevers, Cecilia Parker and Caryl Lincoln. Early Universal serial directed by Canadian film pion...