Henry Vibart

Henry Vibart Filmography

movie 1931 Potiphar's Wife as Judge
movie 1931 Stranglehold as Farren
movie 1930 School for Scandal as Squire Hunter
movie 1929 High Treason as Lord Sycamore
movie 1929 The Bondman as Father Ferrati
movie 1929 The Flying Squad as Tiser
movie 1928 Love's Option as Lucien Wake
movie 1928 The Physician as Rev. Peregrine Hinde
movie 1928 Toni as Gardo
movie 1927 Land of Hope and Glory as Sir John Maxeter
movie 1927 Poppies of Flanders as Earl of Strangeways
movie 1927 Quinneys as Lord Melchester
movie 1927 The Poor Nut as Professor Demming
movie 1926 Just Suppose as Baron Karnaby
movie 1926 La flamme as Lord Sedley
movie 1926 Prince of Tempters as Duke of Chatsfield
movie 1926 The Dancer of Paris as Doctor Frank
movie 1926 The Wilderness Woman as The Colonel
movie 1925 A Kiss for Cinderella as Richard Bodie
movie 1924 The Great Prince Shan as Earl of Dorminster
movie 1924 The Prude's Fall as Dean Carey
movie 1924 The World of Wonderful Reality as Thomas Grey
movie 1924 Who Is the Man? as Dr. Juvenal
movie 1923 Boden's Boy as Flower
movie 1923 Comin' Thro the Rye as Mr. Tempest
movie 1923 Should a Doctor Tell? as Dr. Thornton Davies
movie 1923 The Naked Man as Mr. Janson
movie 1923 Woman to Woman
movie 1922 A Bill of Divorcement as Dr. Aliot
movie 1922 Flames of Passion as Lord Chief Justice
movie 1922 Simple Simon as Abbot
movie 1922 The Bohemian Girl as Count Arnheim
movie 1922 The Crimson Circle
movie 1922 Weavers of Fortune as Jackson
movie 1921 A Woman of No Importance as Farquhar
movie 1921 Mr. Justice Raffles as Mr. Garland
movie 1921 Sonia as Reverend Burgess
movie 1921 The Bargain as Grosvenor Wentworth
movie 1921 The Beryl Coronet as Alexander Holder
movie 1921 The Four Feathers as General Faversham
movie 1920 Aylwin as Philip Aylwin
movie 1920 Burnt In as Mr. Heron
movie 1920 Enchantment as Father Casey
movie 1920 John Forrest Finds Himself as Mr. Forrest
movie 1920 Judge Not
movie 1920 The Amazing Quest of Mr. Ernest Bliss as Sir James Alroyd
movie 1919 Castle of Dreams as David Redfern
movie 1919 Gamblers All as Sir George Longworthy
movie 1919 The City of Beautiful Nonsense as Thomas Grey
movie 1918 God and the Man as Mr. Sefton
movie 1918 Herself as Sir John Bonfield
movie 1918 Towards the Light as Reverend Thorne
movie 1918 Victory and Peace as Bishop
movie 1917 Her Marriage Lines as Lord Ransly
movie 1917 Masks and Faces as Burdock
movie 1917 The Blindness of Fortune as Dr. Lindley
movie 1916 Annie Laurie as The Doctor
movie 1916 Molly Bawn as Marigny
movie 1916 Partners as Father
movie 1916 The Grand Babylon Hotel as King of Ragatz
movie 1916 The Marriage of William Ashe as Lord Parham
movie 1915 As Ye Repent as Father Anselm
movie 1915 Barnaby Rudge as Sir John Chester
movie 1915 Behind the Curtain as Sir Geoffrey Atherton
movie 1915 Spies as The Father
movie 1915 The Baby on the Barge as The Doctor
movie 1915 The Golden Pavement as The nobleman
movie 1915 The Incorruptible Crown as John Milton
movie 1915 The Little Minister as Rob Dow
movie 1915 The Nightbirds of London
movie 1915 The Passing of a Soul as The Father
movie 1915 The Shepherd of Souls as Mr. Weston
movie 1915 The Traitor as Reverend James Mavis
movie 1915 Tilly and the Nut as Father
movie 1914 Creatures of Clay as Hilary Sinclair
movie 1914 Dr. Fenton's Ordeal as Mr Harding
movie 1914 In the Shadow of Big Ben as Mr. Hamel
movie 1914 Life's Dark Road as Adopting father
movie 1914 The Hills Are Calling as Thomas Stacey
movie 1914 The Schemers: or, The Jewels of Hate as Mr Milford
movie 1914 The Stress of Circumstance as Mr. Barton
movie 1914 The Terror of the Air as Prof. Doubleday
movie 1911 Princess Clementina as Major Richard Gaydon