Herb Kossover

Herb Kossover Filmography

movie 2012 Awakening
tv movie 2011 Standup Guys
movie 2011 WWII Flying Ace: Robert L. Scott
movie 2010 Flowers of the Son
movie 2009 A New Hope
movie 2008 Delgo
tv movie 2007 Atlanta
tv movie 1998 Nagano '98 Olympics: Bud Greenspan's Stories of Honor and Glory
tv movie 1997 Atlanta's Olympic Glory
movie 1995 Congo
movie 1991 First Flights with Neil Armstrong
movie 1979 Wise Blood as Jacob Wood

Herb Kossover on Youtube

Herb Kossover, Steve Ostrander and a super professional production crew put together a series of videos for the NAMB, under the direction of Kevin Harrington.

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Circa 1990; we were an all-girl rock band with big hair with big dreams. Although we didn't "make it" we had alot of fun. The song was produced by Brendan O'...

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