Herbert Prior

Herbert Prior (2 July 1867 ? 3 October 1954) was an English silent film actor. He appeared in 268 films between 1908 and 1934. ... more on Wikipedia

Herbert Prior Filmography

movie 1964 The Big Parade of Comedy as Actor on Train in 'Reducing'
movie 1934 Stand Up and Cheer! as Quartet Member
movie 1934 Student Tour as Grouch
movie 1934 This Side of Heaven as Grouch in Movie Theatre
movie 1934 Viva Villa! as 2nd General Told to Leave Room
movie 1932 Are You Listening? as Sponsor
movie 1932 Prosperity as George, the Dentist
movie 1931 Flying High as Angry Investor with Eyeglasses
movie 1931 Help Wanted, Female as Dr. A.B. Foster
movie 1931 Laugh and Get Rich as J.C. Pennypacker
movie 1931 Politics as Abner
movie 1931 Reducing as Man on Ticket Line in a Hurry
movie 1930 Caught Short as Mr. Frisby
movie 1930 Paid as Minor Role
movie 1930 Passion Flower as Party Guest with Glasses
movie 1930 The Girl Said No as Mr. Durham
movie 1929 All at Sea as Mr. Page
movie 1929 The Ace of Scotland Yard as Lord Blanton
movie 1929 The Duke Steps Out as Mr. Corbin
movie 1929 The Winged Horseman as Eben Matthews
movie 1928 The Smart Set as Beleaguered Diner
movie 1927 Blake of Scotland Yard as Lord Blanton
movie 1927 The King of Kings
movie 1927 The Last Outlaw as Bert Wagner
movie 1926 Across the Pacific as Col. Marsh
movie 1926 Doubling with Danger as Manning Davis
movie 1926 Rustling for Cupid as Tom Martin
movie 1926 The Better Man as John Knolwton
movie 1926 The Midnight Kiss as Smith Hastings
movie 1926 Why Girls Go Back Home as Crook in Badger Game
movie 1925 Tearing Through as District Attorney
movie 1925 The Fighting Demon as Jackson Pierce
movie 1925 The Monster as Doctor Edwards
movie 1925 The Taming of the West as Old Man King
movie 1925 The Wild Bull's Lair as James Harbison
movie 1925 Waking Up the Town as Curt Horndyke
movie 1924 Madonna of the Streets as Nathan Norris
movie 1923 Garrison's Finish as Judge of Race Course
movie 1923 Little Johnny Jones as Sir James Smythe
movie 1923 Slave of Desire as Mr. Gaudin
movie 1922 The Dangerous Little Demon as Jay Howard
movie 1922 The Half Breed as Ned Greenwood
movie 1922 The Man from Downing Street as Capt. Graves
movie 1922 The Snowshoe Trail as Kenly Lounsbury
movie 1921 Garments of Truth as Dr. W.H. Palmer
movie 1921 Made in Heaven as Leland
movie 1921 Not Guilty as Newell Craig
movie 1921 Without Benefit of Clergy as Hugh Sanders
movie 1920 Pollyanna as Dr. Chilton
movie 1920 Rose of Nome as Jack Hilton
movie 1920 Stronger Than Death as James Barclay
movie 1920 The Fighting Chance as Kemp Farrell
movie 1920 The House of Whispers as Edward Thayer
movie 1920 The Little 'Fraid Lady as Judge Peter Carteret
movie 1920 The Poor Simp as Dr. Crawford
movie 1919 After His Own Heart as Adrian Keep
movie 1919 Creaking Stairs as Mark Winfield
movie 1919 Heartsease as Major Twombley
movie 1919 Her Kingdom of Dreams as John Hastings
movie 1919 That's Good as Barrett Prentice
movie 1919 The Love Hunger as Hamilton Gregory
movie 1919 You're Fired as Horace Graham
movie 1918 A Burglar for a Night as Wilbur Clayton
movie 1918 A Model's Confession as Bertrand Seldon
movie 1918 After the War as Karl Wertz
movie 1918 Compliments of the Season as The Tramp
movie 1918 Mrs. Leffingwell's Boots as Mr. Tom Brown
movie 1918 Society for Sale as Lord Sheldon
movie 1918 The Marriage Trap
movie 1918 The Menace as Dr. Burnell
movie 1917 Great Expectations as Mr. Jaggers
movie 1917 The Bottom of the Well as 'Long Bill' Parker
movie 1917 The Ghost of Old Morro as Pasito
movie 1917 The Last Sentence as Hoel Calloc
movie 1917 The Poor Little Rich Girl as The Doctor
movie 1917 The Royal Pauper as Undetermined Role
movie 1916 A Message to Garcia as Josi
movie 1916 Miss George Washington as Colonel J.P. Worthington
movie 1916 The Heart of the Hills as Ali
movie 1916 The Martyrdom of Philip Strong as Hikes
movie 1915 A Pipe Dream as Meerschaum Bowles
movie 1915 A Sad Dog's Story as The Husband
movie 1915 An Unwilling Thief as James Harrison
movie 1915 Breaking the Shackles as Dr. Gilbroy
movie 1915 Cartoons on a Yacht as Ellis Harcourt - the Actor
movie 1915 Eugene Aram as Richard Housman
movie 1915 Not Wanted as Mr. Bowen
movie 1915 Oh! Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight
movie 1915 Olive and the Burglar as Vance's Father
movie 1915 Olive and the Heirloom as Vance's Father
movie 1915 Olive in the Madhouse as Vance's Father
movie 1915 Olive's Greatest Opportunity as Vance's Father
movie 1915 Olive's Manufactured Mother as Vance's Father
movie 1915 Only the Maid as Ralph Sterling
movie 1915 Snap Shots as Meerschaum Bowles
movie 1915 The Boston Tea Party
movie 1915 The Broken Word
movie 1915 The Family Bible as Henry Gerson
movie 1915 The Human Investment
movie 1915 The King of the Wire as Bob Hunter
movie 1915 The Magic Skin as The Antique Dealer
movie 1915 The Newly Rich as The Suitor
movie 1915 The Struggle Upward as Philip Atwood
movie 1915 The Test as Lawyer Burley
movie 1915 The Tragedies of the Crystal Globe as Pasha - the Sheik
movie 1915 The Truth About Helen as Gregory
movie 1914 A Gypsy Madcap as General Coleman - Vance's Father
movie 1914 A Night at the Inn as Carlo
movie 1914 A Romance of the Everglades as Wayne Barrow
movie 1914 A Tale of Old Tucson as The Gambler
movie 1914 A Warning from the Past as Arthur Trevor
movie 1914 Across the Burning Trestle as Jake Mills
movie 1914 Bootle's Baby as Lieutenant Gilchrist
movie 1914 Dick Potter's Wife as Dick Potter
movie 1914 Farmer Rodney's Daughter
movie 1914 Grand Opera in Rubeville as Will Green
movie 1914 His Wife as Old Talfourd
movie 1914 In Lieu of Damages
movie 1914 In the Days of Slavery as Colonel Fairfax
movie 1914 In the Shadow of Disgrace as Seth
movie 1914 Meg o' the Mountains as Hugh Gregory
movie 1914 Mr. Daly's Wedding Day as Secondary Role
movie 1914 On the Lazy Line as George Black - the Son
movie 1914 The Colonel of the Red Hussars as Richard Courtney, U.S. Ambassador to Valaria
movie 1914 The Girl of the Open Road as General Coleman - Vance's Father
movie 1914 The Letter That Never Came Out as Will Harn
movie 1914 The Message in the Rose
movie 1914 The Message of the Sun Dial as Ens. Gridley Thurston
movie 1914 The Mexican's Gratitude
movie 1914 The One Who Loved Him Best as Derick Webb
movie 1914 The Rose at the Door as General Coleman - Vance's Father
movie 1914 The Sultan and the Roller Skates as The Sultan
movie 1914 The Two Vanrevels as Tom Vanrevel
movie 1914 Twins and Trouble as Bob - the Father
movie 1914 When East Met West in Boston
movie 1913 A Good Sport as The Hon. Reginald Clifford Devenham
movie 1913 A Perilous Cargo as Captain Jack Arnold
movie 1913 A Pious Undertaking as The Policeman
movie 1913 A Race to New York
movie 1913 A Taste of His Own Medicine as Mr. Jones - the Suspicious Husband
movie 1913 An Unsullied Shield as The Admiral Ancestor
movie 1913 At Bear Track Gulch as Big Slim
movie 1913 By Fire and Water as Richard Garvie
movie 1913 His First Performance
movie 1913 His Undesirable Relatives as Cousin Clarence
movie 1913 How Did It Finish? as Villain
movie 1913 How They Got the Vote as The Magician
movie 1913 How They Outwitted Father as Jay Forsythe - Annette's Father
movie 1913 Jan Vedder's Daughter as The British Officer - Katrina's Sweetheart
movie 1913 Janet of the Dunes as John Devant - the Gentleman from the City
movie 1913 Jones Goes Shopping as Mr. Jones
movie 1913 Othello in Jonesville as James Reginald Whitestone
movie 1913 Rule Thyself as Smilax
movie 1913 Saved by the Enemy as John
movie 1913 Scenes of Other Days
movie 1913 Slander's Tongue as Jim
movie 1913 The Desperate Condition of Mr. Boggs as John Boggs
movie 1913 The Doctor's Photograph as Dr. Gilderbrand
movie 1913 The Ghost of Granleigh
movie 1913 The Haunted Bedroom as Jean Germaine
movie 1913 The Honor of a Soldier as Private Stanley
movie 1913 The Lost Deed as Robert - Betty's Sweetheart
movie 1913 The Phantom Ship as Allen - the Husband
movie 1913 The Pied Piper of Hamelin as The Pied Piper
movie 1913 The Ranch Owner's Love-Making as Jim Hunt
movie 1913 The Red Old Hills of Georgia as Bub Floyd - Pinkie's Brother
movie 1913 The Risen Soul of Jim Grant as Mr. Grant - Jim's Father
movie 1913 The Substitute Stenographer as Mr. Clark
movie 1913 The Unprofitable Boarder as Jones - the Unprofitable Boarder
movie 1913 The Widow's Suitors
movie 1913 Tired Bill's Career as a Butler
movie 1913 Why Girls Leave Home as The Villain
movie 1913 The Golden Wedding
movie 1912 A Dangerous Model as John Gray
movie 1912 A Disputed Claim as Neil McLeane - the Stranger
movie 1912 A Game for Two as John Hartman
movie 1912 A Game of Chess
movie 1912 A Garrison Joke as Lieutenant Harris
movie 1912 A Higher Thought as The Poet
movie 1912 A Mother's Sacrifice as Herbert Harman
movie 1912 A Warrior Bold as Joe - Tom's Friend
movie 1912 A Woman Alone as A Young Lawyer
movie 1912 All for Jim as Jim Goodman
movie 1912 An Old Lady of Twenty as Robert Armitage
movie 1912 Arresting Father as Dick Remington
movie 1912 Buncoed
movie 1912 Captain Ben's Yarn as Captain Ben Bobstay
movie 1912 Dick and Daisy as Dick
movie 1912 Does Your Wife Love You? as Paul
movie 1912 Dogs
movie 1912 Down and Out as Thomas Walton
movie 1912 Farmer Allen's Daughter as Stephen - the Hired Man
movie 1912 Getting Rich Quick as Mr. Simp
movie 1912 Gossip as John Davis
movie 1912 Hazel Kirke as Arthur Carringford
movie 1912 His Dress Suit as Handsome Harry
movie 1912 His Fate's Rehearsal as James Dillon
movie 1912 His Step-Mother as Jack Morton - the Artist
movie 1912 Leap Year as The Tramp
movie 1912 Lola's Sacrifice as The Minister
movie 1912 Lucky Man as Mr. Smith
movie 1912 Mabel's Beau as Ralph Page - Mabel's Beau
movie 1912 Mary's Chauffeur as Hal Stowe
movie 1912 Next as Edward Robbins - Suitor
movie 1912 Not on the Programme as Phillip Allen - Madge's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Papa's Double as Jim Thomas
movie 1912 Petticoat Perfidy as Jack Waltham
movie 1912 Spare the Rod as John Morton
movie 1912 Stage Struck Mamie
movie 1912 Strip Poker
movie 1912 The Best Man Wins as Manning - the Gymnasium Instructor
movie 1912 The Better Influence as Henry Marion
movie 1912 The Bowery Pearl Fishers
movie 1912 The Butterfly as Will - the Husband
movie 1912 The Call of the Blood as John Ford
movie 1912 The Closed Bible as John Manners
movie 1912 The Eternal Masculine as Jack Wilson - the Husband
movie 1912 The Flat Upstairs as Mr. Slavin
movie 1912 The Installment Plan as The French Count
movie 1912 The Lesser Evil
movie 1912 The Lighted Candle as John Bennett - the Owner of the Powder Mill
movie 1912 The Little Music Teacher as The Great Pianist
movie 1912 The Little Quakeress as The Diamond Drummer
movie 1912 The Lost Messenger as Tom Saunders
movie 1912 The New Butler as Mr. Jones
movie 1912 The Return of Life as Henry Boardman
movie 1912 The Silent Call as The Hotel Clerk
movie 1912 The Tree Imp as Rex
movie 1912 The Unwilling Bigamist as Jones
movie 1912 The Winner and the Spoils as The Marquis de Fornay
movie 1912 Thorns of Success as Robert Vale
movie 1912 Tomboy as Bob Whitman - Tomboy's Sweetheart
movie 1912 Two of a Kind as Jack Morton
movie 1912 Weary's Revenge as Weary
movie 1912 Willie's Dog as Willie's Father
movie 1911 A Case of High Treason as Lt. Brewster
movie 1911 A Perilous Ride as Captain Lorraine
movie 1911 A Romance of the Cliff Dwellers as First Romantic Rival
movie 1911 All for the Love of a Lady as Will Norfalk - The Lieutenant
movie 1911 At Jones Ferry as John - Jones' Son - a Lumberman
movie 1911 Buckskin Jack, the Earl of Glenmore as Buckskin Jack
movie 1911 Christian and Moor as Sir Charles - a Christian Knight
movie 1911 How Willie Raised Tobacco as Willie
movie 1911 Keeping Mabel Home as The Butler
movie 1911 Leaves of a Romance as The Daughter's Eastern Suitor
movie 1911 Pull for the Shore, Sailor! as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 The Actress as John Millroy
movie 1911 The Battle of Trafalgar as Lieutenant Prescott
movie 1911 The Big Dam as George D. Bedford - a Young Contractor
movie 1911 The Black Bordered Letter
movie 1911 The Capture of Fort Ticonderoga as Captain Delaplane
movie 1911 The Crucial Test as Charles Channing - a Discharged Reporter
movie 1911 The Crusader
movie 1911 The Doctor as The Father
movie 1911 The Haunted Sentinel Tower
movie 1911 The Lighthouse by the Sea as Second Young Fisherman
movie 1911 The Link That Held as Carson
movie 1911 The Quarrel on the Cliff as Tom
movie 1911 The Sailor's Love Letter as Jack - a Sailor
movie 1911 The Sheriff as The Sheriff's Wife's Brother
movie 1911 The Sign of the Three Labels as The Groom
movie 1911 The Spirit of the Gorge as Navashote - Kewanee's Rival
movie 1911 The Switchman's Tower as Bill - the Switchman
movie 1911 The Venom of the Poppy as Customs House Inspector at San Pedro
movie 1911 The Wedding Bell
movie 1911 The Writing on the Blotter as The Cashier
movie 1911 The Younger Brother as Older Brother
movie 1911 Three of a Kind as The Student
movie 1911 Under the Tropical Sun as The Foreman of the Sugar Plantation - a Young American
movie 1911 Will You Marry Me? as George
movie 1910 An Unselfish Love as John
movie 1910 His First Valentine
movie 1910 Ranson's Folly
movie 1910 The Attack on the Mill
movie 1910 The Captain's Bride as The Captain
movie 1910 The Little Station Agent
movie 1910 The Winning of Miss Langdon as Jack Norworth
movie 1910 Through the Clouds as The Secretary
movie 1909 A Baby's Shoe as A Butler
movie 1909 A Burglar's Mistake as Policeman
movie 1909 A Drunkard's Reformation as In the Bar
movie 1909 A Fool's Revenge as Fool's Accomplice
movie 1909 A New Trick as Helper
movie 1909 A Sound Sleeper as In Fight
movie 1909 A Troublesome Satchel as Second Thief
movie 1909 At the Altar as Priest
movie 1909 Confidence as Dinner Guest
movie 1909 Eradicating Aunty as Bill Corker
movie 1909 Her First Biscuits as Biscuit Victim
movie 1909 Jones and His New Neighbors as In Crowd
movie 1909 Lady Helen's Escapade as The Footman
movie 1909 Lucky Jim as The Minister
movie 1909 One Busy Hour as Hiram Greengate
movie 1909 Resurrection as At Inn
movie 1909 Schneider's Anti-Noise Crusade as Second Thief
movie 1909 The Cricket on the Hearth as John Peerybingle
movie 1909 The Faded Lilies as At Party
movie 1909 The French Duel
movie 1909 The House of Cards as Sheriff Rattle Snake Jim
movie 1909 The Jilt as Mover
movie 1909 The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals as Theatre Man
movie 1909 The Lonely Villa as A Burglar
movie 1909 The Lure of the Gown as Man on Street
movie 1909 The Necklace as John Kendrick
movie 1909 The Peachbasket Hat as Gypsy
movie 1909 The Politician's Love Story as Crogan's Friend
movie 1909 The Salvation Army Lass as Outside Factory
movie 1909 The Son's Return as The Father
movie 1909 The Suicide Club as Member of Suicide Club
movie 1909 The Violin Maker of Cremona as Taddeo Ferrari
movie 1909 The Voice of the Violin as At Party Meeting
movie 1909 The Way of Man as Wedding Guest
movie 1909 Tis an Ill Wind That Blows No Good as Tim Noonan
movie 1909 Trying to Get Arrested as Second Tough Guy
movie 1909 Twin Brothers as The Second Brother
movie 1909 Two Memories as Party Guest
movie 1909 Was Justice Served? as Policeman
movie 1909 What Drink Did as Workman
movie 1908 After Many Years
movie 1908 Ex-Convict No. 900
movie 1908 Romance of a War Nurse
movie 1908 The Boston Tea Party
movie 1908 The Painter's Revenge
movie 1907 Stage Struck

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