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Herbert Smith LLP is a London-headquartered law firm, with an Asian practice, plus offices and representation in the Middle East and Europe. The firm was founded in the City of London in 1882 by Norman Herbert Smith and today has 240 partners and 1,300 fee-earners. ... more on Wikipedia

Herbert Smith Filmography

movie 1960 Too Young to Love
movie 1958 The 6.5 Special
movie 1957 Cat Girl
movie 1957 The Tommy Steele Story
movie 1957 The Truth About Women
movie 1952 The Faithful City
movie 1950 They Were Not Divided
movie 1950 Treasure Island
movie 1949 Adam and Evelyne
movie 1949 Trottie True
movie 1948 Hamlet
movie 1948 The Weaker Sex
movie 1948 Woman Hater
movie 1947 Odd Man Out
movie 1947 The October Man
movie 1946 Green for Danger
movie 1946 Men of Two Worlds
movie 1944 Mr. Emmanuel
movie 1944 Tawny Pipit
movie 1944 The Chronicle History of King Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agincourt in France
movie 1944 The Way Ahead
movie 1942 Alibi
movie 1942 In Which We Serve
movie 1940 All at Sea
movie 1939 Home from Home
movie 1938 Around the Town
movie 1938 I've Got a Horse
movie 1938 Return of the Frog
movie 1937 Calling All Stars
movie 1937 Fine Feathers
movie 1937 Variety Hour
movie 1937 It's a Grand Old World
movie 1937 Leave It to Me
movie 1936 A Wife or Two
movie 1936 It's You I Want
movie 1936 Jury's Evidence
movie 1936 Soft Lights and Sweet Music
movie 1936 The Happy Family
movie 1936 The Interrupted Honeymoon
movie 1936 They Didn't Know
movie 1935 Charing Cross Road
movie 1935 Equity Musical Revue No. 1
movie 1935 Equity Musical Revue No. 2
movie 1935 Equity Musical Revue No. 3
movie 1935 Equity Musical Revue No. 4
movie 1935 Equity Musical Revue No. 5
movie 1935 In Town Tonight
movie 1935 Line Engaged
movie 1935 Marry the Girl
movie 1935 Night Mail
movie 1935 The Big Splash
movie 1935 The Case of Gabriel Perry
movie 1934 Flat Number Three
movie 1934 Gay Love
movie 1934 On the Air
movie 1934 Passing Shadows
movie 1934 The Green Pack
movie 1934 The Man I Want
movie 1934 Warn London
movie 1934 Without You
movie 1933 Cleaning Up
movie 1933 Great Stuff
movie 1933 I'll Stick to You
movie 1933 Keep It Quiet
movie 1933 Marooned
movie 1933 Strike It Rich
movie 1933 That's My Wife
movie 1933 This Is the Life
movie 1933 Yes, Madam
movie 1933 King of the Ritz

Herbert Smith on Youtube

Herbert Smith Freehills' careers provides an interesting insight into working for a global law firm.

Herbert Smith Freehills' careers provides an interesting insight into working for a global law firm (2014 edition).

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