Hobart Bosworth

Hobart Bosworth (August 11, 1867 ? December 30, 1943) was an American film actor, director, writer, and producer. ... more on Wikipedia

Hobart Bosworth Filmography

video movie 2012 Baby Peggy, the Elephant in the Room as Lighthouse Keeper
movie 1963 Hollywood Without Make-Up as Himself
movie 1951 Strictly Dishonorable as Himself - Actor in Silent Movie 'A Woman of Affairs'
movie 1942 Bullet Scars as Dr. Sidney Carter
movie 1942 Escape from Crime as Chaplain
movie 1942 I Was Framed as D.L. Wallace
movie 1942 Sin Town as Humiston
movie 1942 The Gay Sisters as Clergyman at Wedding
movie 1942 Wild Bill Hickok Rides as Fanatic in Chicago
movie 1941 Bullets for O'Hara as Judge Southerland
movie 1941 Law of the Tropics as Boss Frank Davis
movie 1941 One Foot in Heaven as Richard Hardy Case
movie 1941 Screen Snapshots Series 21, No. 2 as Himself - Narrator
movie 1941 They Died with Their Boots On as Mr. Cartwright
movie 1938 King of the Sierras as Uncle Hank
movie 1938 Personality Parade as Himself
movie 1938 Rollin' Plains as John Gospel Moody
movie 1938 The Secret of Treasure Island as Dr. X
movie 1937 Portia on Trial as Governor
movie 1936 General Spanky as Colonel Blanchard
movie 1936 The Dark Hour as Charles Carson
movie 1936 Wildcat Trooper as Dr. Martin
movie 1936 Wolves of the Sea as Capt. Wolf Hansen
movie 1935 Hollywood Extra Girl as Crusades Actor
movie 1935 Steamboat Round the Bend as Chaplain
movie 1935 The Crusades as Frederick - Duke of the Germans
movie 1935 The Keeper of the Bees as Michael the Bee Master
movie 1935 Together We Live as Col. Dickenson
movie 1934 Music in the Air as Cornelius
movie 1934 Whom the Gods Destroy as Alec Klein
movie 1933 Lady for a Day as Governor
movie 1932 Carnival Boat as Jim Gannon
movie 1932 Million Dollar Legs as Olympics Starter
movie 1932 No Greater Love as Doctor
movie 1932 The County Fair as Col. Ainsworth
movie 1932 The Last of the Mohicans as Chingachgook, 'the Sagamore'
movie 1932 The Miracle Man as The Patriarch
movie 1932 The Phantom Express as Mr. Harrington
movie 1931 Dirigible as Louis Rondelle
movie 1931 Fanny Foley Herself as Seely
movie 1931 Shipmates as Admiral Corbin
movie 1931 Sit Tight as Dunlap
movie 1931 This Modern Age as Mr. Robert Blake Sr.
movie 1930 Abraham Lincoln as General Lee
movie 1930 Du Barry, Woman of Passion as Duc de Brissac
movie 1930 General Crack as Count Hensdorff
movie 1930 Just Imagine as Z-4
movie 1930 Mammy as Meadows
movie 1930 The Devil's Holiday as Ezra Stone
movie 1930 The Office Wife as McGowan
movie 1930 The Third Alarm as Precinct Fire Captain
movie 1929 Eternal Love as Rev. Tass
movie 1929 Hurricane as Hurricane Martin
movie 1929 King of the Mountain
movie 1929 The Man Higher Up as The Doctor
movie 1929 The Show of Shows as Executioner - Guillotine Sequence
movie 1928 A Man of Peace
movie 1928 A Woman of Affairs as Sir Morton
movie 1928 After the Storm as Manin Dane
movie 1928 Annapolis as Father
movie 1928 Freckles as McLean
movie 1928 Hangman's House as Lord Justice O'Brien
movie 1928 Sawdust Paradise as Isaiah
movie 1928 The Smart Set as Durant
movie 1927 Annie Laurie as The MacDonald Chieftain
movie 1927 My Best Girl as Robert Merrill
movie 1927 The Blood Ship as Jim Newman
movie 1927 The Chinese Parrot as P.J. Madden
movie 1927 Three Hours as Jonathan Durkin
movie 1926 Spangles as Robert 'Big Bill' Bowman
movie 1926 The Far Cry as Julian Marsh
movie 1926 The Nervous Wreck as Jud Morgan
movie 1925 Chickie as Jonathan
movie 1925 If I Marry Again as John Jordan
movie 1925 My Son as Sheriff Ellery Parker
movie 1925 Steel Preferred as James Creeth
movie 1925 The Big Parade as Mr. Apperson
movie 1925 The Golden Strain as Maj. Milton Mulford
movie 1925 The Half-Way Girl as John Guthrie
movie 1925 Winds of Chance as Sam Kirby
movie 1925 Zander the Great as The Sheriff
movie 1924 A Tour of the Thomas Ince Studio as Himself
movie 1924 Bread as Mr. Corey
movie 1924 Captain January as Jeremiah Judkins
movie 1924 Hearts of Oak as Terry Dunnivan
movie 1924 Hello, 'Frisco as Himself - Hobart Bosworth
movie 1924 Name the Man as Christian Stowell
movie 1924 Nellie, the Beautiful Cloak Model as Thomas Lipton
movie 1924 Sundown as John Brent
movie 1924 The Silent Watcher as John Steele, 'The Chief'
movie 1924 The Woman on the Jury as Judge Davis
movie 1924 Through the Dark as Warden
movie 1923 In the Palace of the King as Mendoza
movie 1923 Little Church Around the Corner as John Morton
movie 1923 Man Alone as Ben Dixon
movie 1923 Rupert of Hentzau as Col. Sapt
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 2 as Himself
movie 1923 Screen Snapshots, Series 4, No. 7 as Himself
movie 1923 Souls for Sale as Himself - Celebrity Actor
movie 1923 The Common Law as Henry Neville
movie 1923 The Eternal Three as Dr. Frank R. Walters
movie 1923 The Man Life Passed By as 'Iron Man' Moore
movie 1923 Vanity Fair as Marquis of Steyne
movie 1922 The Strangers' Banquet as Shane Keogh
movie 1922 White Hands as 'Hurricane Hardy'
movie 1921 Blind Hearts as Lars Larson
movie 1921 The Cup of Life as 'Bully' Brand
movie 1921 The Foolish Matrons as Dr. Ian Fraser
movie 1921 The Sea Lion as John Nelson
movie 1920 A Thousand to One as William Newlands
movie 1920 Below the Surface as Martin Flint
movie 1920 His Own Law as J.C. MacNeir
movie 1920 The Brute Master as Bucko McAllister, The Brute Master
movie 1919 Behind the Door as Oscar Krug
movie 1918 The Border Legion as Jack Kells
movie 1917 A Mormon Maid as John Hogue
movie 1917 Betrayed as Leopoldo Juares
movie 1917 Freckles as John McLean
movie 1917 The Devil-Stone as Robert Judson
movie 1917 The Inner Shrine as Derek Pruyn
movie 1917 The Little American as German Colonel
movie 1917 The Woman God Forgot as Cortez
movie 1917 Unconquered as Henry Jackson
movie 1917 What Money Can't Buy as Govrian Texler
movie 1916 Doctor Neighbor as Dr. Neighbor
movie 1916 Joan the Woman as Gen. La Hire
movie 1916 Oliver Twist as Bill Sykes
movie 1916 The Iron Hand as Tim Noland
movie 1916 The Target as Big Bill Brent
movie 1916 The Way of the World as John Nevill
movie 1916 The Yaqui as Tambor
movie 1916 Two Men of Sandy Bar as John Oakhurst
movie 1916 He Fell in Love with His Wife
movie 1915 'Twas Ever Thus as Hard Muscle
movie 1915 A Little Brother of the Rich as Henry Leamington
movie 1915 Buckshot John as 'Buckshot John' Moran
movie 1915 Business Is Business as Christ
movie 1915 Colorado as Thomas Doyle
movie 1915 Fatherhood as Lon Gilchrist
movie 1915 Help Wanted as Jerrold D. Scott
movie 1915 Little Sunset as Gus Bergstrom the 'Terrible Swede'
movie 1915 Nearly a Lady as Cameo Appearance as Frederica's Father
movie 1915 Pretty Mrs. Smith as Cameo Appearance
movie 1915 Tainted Money
movie 1915 The Beachcomber as The sailor
movie 1915 The Scarlet Sin as Eric Norton
movie 1915 The White Scar as Na-Ta-Wan-Gan
movie 1915 Betty in Search of a Thrill
movie 1914 An Odyssey of the North as Naass
movie 1914 Burning Daylight
movie 1914 Burning Daylight: The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Alaska as Elam Harnish, aka 'Burning Daylight'
movie 1914 Burning Daylight: The Adventures of 'Burning Daylight' in Civilization as Elam Harnish, 'Burning Daylight'
movie 1914 John Barleycorn as Scratch Nelson
movie 1914 Martin Eden
movie 1914 The Country Mouse as Billy Bladerson
movie 1914 The Pursuit of the Phantom as Richard Alden
movie 1914 The Traitor
movie 1914 The Valley of the Moon as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1914 The Chechako
movie 1913 A Plain Girl's Love as Silverton West - the Blacksmith
movie 1913 A Wise Old Elephant as Robert Harding
movie 1913 Alas! Poor Yorick!
movie 1913 Altar of the Aztecs as Edwin Dalton - the Mining Engineer
movie 1913 As a Father Spareth His Son as Dr. May - the Father
movie 1913 Buck Richards' Bride as Buck Richards
movie 1913 Fate Fashions a Letter as Detective Rand
movie 1913 Greater Wealth as John Sharon
movie 1913 Her Guardian as John Broderick
movie 1913 In God We Trust as Bill - the Burglar
movie 1913 In the Days of Witchcraft as Adam Radcliffe
movie 1913 In the Midst of the Jungle as Col. Jackson
movie 1913 Nan of the Woods as Don's Father
movie 1913 Pierre of the North as Pierre
movie 1913 Seeds of Silver as Ralph Arnold
movie 1913 Songs of Truce as Joe Elliott - a Northern Sympathizer
movie 1913 The Artist and the Brute as Barker - the Brute
movie 1913 The Beaded Buckskin Bag as Secondary Supporting Role
movie 1913 The Girl and the Judge as Judge Goff
movie 1913 The Love of Penelope as Henry Brent
movie 1913 The Rancher's Failing as Jonas Meade - the Ranch Foreman
movie 1913 The Sea Wolf as Wolf Larsen
movie 1913 The Unseen Defense
movie 1913 The Young Mrs. Eames as Bob Cary
movie 1913 Yankee Doodle Dixie as Col. Grey
movie 1912 A Child of the Wilderness as Larry Tompkins
movie 1912 A Cowboy Damon and Pythias
movie 1912 A Crucial Test
movie 1912 A Messenger to Kearney as Clay Davis
movie 1912 A Reconstructed Rebel as Col. Yancey
movie 1912 Arthur Preston Hankins
movie 1912 As Told by Princess Bess as The Retired Army Officer
movie 1912 Atala as Chactas
movie 1912 Bunkie as Lt. Brook
movie 1912 Darkfeather's Strategy as Rain Cloud
movie 1912 Disillusioned as Mark Manley - the Cowboy
movie 1912 Getting Atmosphere as The Director of the Mutoscope M.P.C.
movie 1912 Harbor Island as Hardin Cole
movie 1912 In the Tents of the Asra
movie 1912 Land Sharks vs. Sea Dogs as Old Olsen
movie 1912 Merely a Millionaire as Brewer - the Millionaire
movie 1912 Miss Aubry's Love Affair
movie 1912 Monte Cristo as Edmond Dantes
movie 1912 Rivals as Big Bill
movie 1912 Tenderfoot Bob's Regeneration as Bob Haines
movie 1912 The Danites as Sandy
movie 1912 The End of the Romance as John Strong
movie 1912 The Fisherboy's Faith as The Fisherman
movie 1912 The Girl of the Lighthouse as Old Manuel - the Lighthouse Keeper
movie 1912 The Girl of the Mountains as Hank - the Mountaineer Miner
movie 1912 The Hand of Fate as Emil Kiznoff
movie 1912 The Hobo as Harry Larned - the Hobo
movie 1912 The Junior Officer as John Hampton - the Junior Officer
movie 1912 The Legend of the Lost Arrow
movie 1912 The Love of an Island Maid as John Dalton
movie 1912 The Mate of the Alden Bessie as The First Mate
movie 1912 The Other Fellow as Jack Brown
movie 1912 The Pirate's Daughter
movie 1912 The Polo Substitute as Probyn Hampstead
movie 1912 The Price He Paid as Dr. Blake
movie 1912 The Professor's Wooing as Professor John Farley
movie 1912 The Shrinking Rawhide as Alcalde
movie 1912 The Test as Luke Connors
movie 1912 The Trade Gun Bullet as Jim Redfield - Ranch Foreman
movie 1912 The Vintage of Fate as Bob Owen
movie 1912 The Vision Beautiful
movie 1912 The Substitute Model
movie 1912 A Night Out
movie 1912 John Colter's Escape
movie 1912 The Awakening
movie 1912 When Edith Played Judge and Jury
movie 1911 A Counterfeit Santa Claus
movie 1911 A Cup of Cold Water
movie 1911 A Frontier Girl's Courage as Jim Hawkins
movie 1911 A Modern Rip
movie 1911 A Painter's Idyl
movie 1911 A Sacrifice to Civilization
movie 1911 An Englishman's Honor as Drayton
movie 1911 An Indian Vestal
movie 1911 Blackbeard as Gov. Gonzales
movie 1911 Coals of Fire as Bill Ewing
movie 1911 Evangeline as Gabriel
movie 1911 George Warrington's Escape as George Warrington
movie 1911 How They Stopped the Run on the Bank as Undetermined Role
movie 1911 In Old California When the Gringos Came as Scudder
movie 1911 In the Days of Gold as Dick Harding 'A black sheep'
movie 1911 In the Shadow of the Pines as James Anderson - Fur Trader
movie 1911 It Happened in the West as The Squaw Man
movie 1911 John Oakhurst, Gambler as John Oakhurst
movie 1911 Little Injin
movie 1911 McKee Rankin's '49' as An Old Miner - the '49'
movie 1911 One of Nature's Noblemen
movie 1911 Range Pals as Steve Murdock
movie 1911 Stability vs. Nobility as Colonel Bradley
movie 1911 The Buccaneers as The Husband
movie 1911 The Chief's Daughter as Daniel Boone
movie 1911 The Code of Honor
movie 1911 The Convert of San Clemente
movie 1911 The Eye of Conscience as Harold Burton
movie 1911 The Knight Errant as The Knight Errant
movie 1911 The Little Circus Rider
movie 1911 The Maid at the Helm as Bill Hartley
movie 1911 The New Faith as Caius Valerius
movie 1911 The Novice
movie 1911 The Padre as The Padre - Father Sebastian
movie 1911 The Profligate as Capt. Dubois - the Profligate
movie 1911 The Right Name, But the Wrong Man as Jack Hargrave
movie 1911 The Sheriff of Tuolomne as Rev. Kirby - the Sheriff of Tuolomne
movie 1911 The Spy as The Spy
movie 1911 The Totem Mark as Lotokah
movie 1911 The Voyager: A Tale of Old Canada
movie 1911 The White Medicine Man as Sitting Horse
movie 1911 Thelma as Olaf Guldmar
movie 1911 Unto Us a Child Is Born as Robert Watson
movie 1911 The Bootlegger
movie 1910 A Tale of the Sea as Bill
movie 1910 Across the Plains
movie 1910 Davy Crockett
movie 1910 In the Great Northwest as Jules
movie 1910 Justinian and Theodora as Justinian
movie 1910 The Barge Man of Old Holland
movie 1910 The Common Enemy
movie 1910 The Courtship of Miles Standish as John Alden
movie 1910 The Long Trail
movie 1910 The Roman
movie 1910 The Schoolmaster of Mariposa as The Schoolmaster of Mariposa
movie 1910 The Sergeant as Sergeant Robert Adams
movie 1910 The Sheriff as John Mason
movie 1910 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz as Wizard of Oz and King
movie 1910 Willie
movie 1909 Boots and Saddles
movie 1909 Briton and Boer
movie 1909 Fighting Bob as Fighting Bob
movie 1909 In the Badlands
movie 1909 In the Sultan's Power
movie 1909 On the Border
movie 1909 On the Little Big Horn or Custer's Last Stand
movie 1909 Pine Ridge Feud
movie 1909 The Christian Martyrs
movie 1909 The Leopard Queen
movie 1909 The Stampede
movie 1909 The Tenderfoot
movie 1909 Up San Juan Hill
movie 1908 Damon and Pythias
movie 1908 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde as Dr. Jekyll
movie 1908 On Thanksgiving Day
movie 1908 Rip Van Winkle as Rip Van Winkle
movie 1908 The Count of Monte Cristo as Edmond Dantes
movie 1908 The Spirit of '76

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This silent melodrama is set against the 1840s westward migration of the Mormons. Dora, a young woman, and her family are saved from an Indian attack by a ...