Hobart Henley

Hobart Henley ( November 23, 1887, Louisville, Kentucky - May 22, 1964, Beverley Hills, California) was an American silent film actor, director and screenwriter. ... more on Wikipedia

Hobart Henley Filmography

movie 1934 Unknown Blonde
movie 1932 Night World
movie 1931 Captain Applejack
movie 1931 Expensive Women
movie 1931 The Bad Sister
movie 1930 Free Love
movie 1930 La grande mare
movie 1930 Mothers Cry
movie 1930 Roadhouse Nights
movie 1930 The Big Pond
movie 1929 The Lady Lies
movie 1928 A Certain Young Man
movie 1928 His Tiger Wife
movie 1928 Wickedness Preferred
movie 1927 Tillie the Toiler
movie 1926 The Auction Block
movie 1925 1925 Studio Tour as Himself - a Director
movie 1925 A Slave of Fashion
movie 1925 Exchange of Wives
movie 1925 His Secretary
movie 1925 The Denial
movie 1924 Married Flirts as Himself, Guest at party
movie 1924 A Lady of Quality
movie 1924 Sinners in Silk
movie 1924 So This Is Marriage?
movie 1924 The Turmoil
movie 1923 The Thrill Chaser as Cameo appearance
movie 1923 Abysmal Brute
movie 1923 The Flame of Life
movie 1922 Her Night of Nights
movie 1922 Stardust
movie 1922 The Flirt
movie 1922 The Scrapper
movie 1921 Cheated Hearts
movie 1921 Society Snobs
movie 1920 The Miracle of Money
movie 1920 The Sin That Was His
movie 1919 A Gay Old Dog
movie 1919 One Week of Life
movie 1919 The Peace of Roaring River
movie 1919 The Woman on the Index
movie 1918 Stake Uncle Sam to Play Your Hand
movie 1918 All Woman
movie 1918 Laughing Bill Hyde
movie 1918 Money Mad
movie 1918 Mrs. Slacker
movie 1918 The Face in the Dark
movie 1918 The Glorious Adventure
movie 1918 Too Fat to Fight
movie 1917 A Woman of Clay as Robert Marvin - the Janitor
movie 1917 Parentage as Robert Smith Jr.
movie 1917 The Case of Doctor Standing
movie 1917 June Madness
movie 1917 The Double Room Mystery
movie 1917 Tit for Tat
movie 1916 A Child of Mystery as Tony
movie 1916 A Dead Yesterday
movie 1916 A Knight of the Night
movie 1916 America Saved from War as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1916 Grinding Life Down as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1916 Jungle Gentleman
movie 1916 Partners
movie 1916 Somewhere on the Battle Field
movie 1916 Temptation and the Man as Jim Crosby
movie 1916 The Crystal's Warning
movie 1916 The Devil's Image
movie 1916 The Evil Women Do as Daniel Champcey
movie 1916 The Illegal Bucket Shops as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1916 The Insurance Swindlers as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1916 The Milk Battle as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1916 The Railroad Monopoly as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1916 The Rogue with a Heart
movie 1916 The Sign of the Poppy as Alvin Marston
movie 1915 A Little Brother of the Rich as Paul Potter
movie 1915 A Photoplay Without a Name, or: A $50.00 Reward
movie 1915 A Substitute Widow as Gentleman Hawkins
movie 1915 Agnes Kempler's Sacrifice as Tom Wren
movie 1915 Courtmartialed
movie 1915 Extravagance as William Marsden
movie 1915 Graft as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1915 Jane's Declaration of Independence as Lt. Richard Benton
movie 1915 Liquor and the Law as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1915 Matty's Decision
movie 1915 Professional Jealousy as Dr. Grant
movie 1915 She Was His Mother as The Grown Son
movie 1915 The Black Pearl as The Colonel's Nephew
movie 1915 The Bombay Buddha as Barnard Power
movie 1915 The Deficit
movie 1915 The Eagle as Glynn Savoy - a White Slaver
movie 1915 The Flight of a Night Bird
movie 1915 The House of Fear as Hobart Henderson
movie 1915 The Man in the Chair as Vincent Bryon
movie 1915 The Measure of Leon Du Bray as Leon DuBray
movie 1915 The Phantom Fortune as Stuart Duncan
movie 1915 The Pursuit Eternal as Stanton Leeds
movie 1915 The Son of His Father
movie 1915 The Tenement House Evil as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1915 The Tenor as Antonio
movie 1915 The Traction Grab as Bruce Larnigan
movie 1915 The White Terror as Matthew Brand
movie 1914 Forgetting
movie 1914 His Last Chance as Carl Ritz
movie 1914 In Self Defense as Noble - the Detective
movie 1914 Love and Baseball as Jack Prescott
movie 1914 Miss Nobody from Nowhere
movie 1914 On the Chess Board of Fate
movie 1914 Peg o' the Wilds as Dean - the Detective
movie 1914 Redemption
movie 1914 Temper vs. Temper as Horace Gray
movie 1914 The Great Universal Mystery as Himself
movie 1914 The Man Who Lost, But Won as Phillips Denver
movie 1914 The Old Bell-Ringer as Richard Stowe
movie 1914 The Opal Ring as Will
movie 1914 The Silver Loving Cup
movie 1914 The Tenth Commandment
movie 1914 When the Heart Calls
movie 1914 Where There's a Will There's a Way

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Depression era romantic romp that took the audience out of their depressing existence with its frequently naughty and sexual innuendos and double entendres e ...

The Bad Sister (1931) 68 min - Drama - 29 March 1931 (USA) Marianne falls in love with con man Valentine who uses their relation to get her father's endorsem.

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