Horace Davey

Horace Davey Filmography

movie 1920 His Mis-Step
movie 1920 Thru the Keyhole
movie 1920 Cards and Cupid
movie 1920 Cutting Out His Vacation
movie 1920 Her Night Out
movie 1920 Kid-ing the Landlord
movie 1920 Ringing His Belle
movie 1920 The Belle and the Bill
movie 1920 The Nuisance
movie 1920 Who's Crazy Now
movie 1917 A Smoky Love Affair
movie 1917 Father's Bright Idea
movie 1917 Five Little Widows
movie 1917 His Flirting Ways
movie 1917 Kidding Sister
movie 1917 Oh, for a Wife!
movie 1917 Twice in the Same Place
movie 1916 A Brass-Buttoned Romance
movie 1916 Across the Hall
movie 1916 Almost a Widow
movie 1916 Cupid's Uppercut
movie 1916 Dad's Masterpiece
movie 1916 Good Night, Nurse
movie 1916 He Loved the Ladies
movie 1916 Her Hero Maid
movie 1916 Her Steady Carfare
movie 1916 Her Sun-Kissed Hero
movie 1916 His Baby
movie 1916 His Neighbor's Wife
movie 1916 His Wooden Leg
movie 1916 Inoculating Hubby
movie 1916 Love and Brass Buttons
movie 1916 Lovers and Lunatics
movie 1916 Mixed Kids
movie 1916 Nearly a Hero
movie 1916 Putting Her Foot in It
movie 1916 Sea Nymphs
movie 1916 Some Kid
movie 1916 That Doggone Baby
movie 1916 The Boy the Girl and the Auto
movie 1916 The Browns See the Fair
movie 1916 The Disappearing Groom
movie 1916 The Lion's Breath
movie 1916 The Making Over of Mother
movie 1916 The Wooing of Aunt Jemima
movie 1916 The Wrong Bird
movie 1916 Their Awful Predicament
movie 1916 Those Primitive Days
movie 1916 Twixt Love and the Iceman
movie 1916 When Clubs Were Trumps
movie 1915 It Happened While He Fished
movie 1915 A Coat's a Coat
movie 1915 A Looney Love Affair
movie 1915 A Maid and a Man
movie 1915 A Mix-up at Maxim's
movie 1915 A One Cylinder Courtship
movie 1915 And the Best Man Won
movie 1915 Circumstantial Scandal
movie 1915 Dan Cupid: Fixer
movie 1915 Father's Helping Hand
movie 1915 Father's Lucky Escape
movie 1915 Her Speedy Affair
movie 1915 His Lucky Vacation
movie 1915 It Almost Happened
movie 1915 Keeping It Dark
movie 1915 Kids and Corsets
movie 1915 Lizzie's Dizzy Career
movie 1915 Molly's Malady
movie 1915 On His Wedding Day
movie 1915 Operating on Cupid
movie 1915 Saved by a Skirt
movie 1915 The Frame-Up on Dad
movie 1915 The Rise and Fall of Officer 13
movie 1915 The Tale of His Pants
movie 1915 There's Many a Slip
movie 1915 Those Kids and Cupid
movie 1915 When a Man's Fickle
movie 1915 When Father Had the Gout
movie 1915 When Father Was the Goat
movie 1915 When He Proposed
movie 1915 When Hubby Grew Jealous
movie 1915 When the Mummy Cried for Help
movie 1915 When Their Dads Fell Out
movie 1915 When Three Is a Crowd