Howard C. Hickman

Howard C. Hickman (9 February 1880 - 31 December 1949) was an accomplished stage leading man, who entered films through the auspices of producer Thomas H. Ince. He co-starred with his wife, actress Bessie Barriscale, in several productions before returning to the theatre. Hickman is also fondly remembered for his brief appearance as John Wilkes in Gone with the Wind. ... more on Wikipedia

Howard C. Hickman Filmography

tv movie 1966 Sakima and the Masked Marvel as Warren Hamilton
movie 1944 Bowery to Broadway as Showman
movie 1944 Captain America as Lyman's Attorney [Ch. 4]
movie 1944 Casanova in Burlesque as Dean Wyatt
movie 1944 Follow the Boys as Dr. Wood
movie 1944 Gypsy Wildcat
movie 1944 Her Primitive Man as Bilson
movie 1944 Mrs. Parkington as Dr. Herrick
movie 1944 National Barn Dance as Mr. Hollander
movie 1944 The Heavenly Body as Scientist
movie 1944 The Last Ride as Mr. Bronson
movie 1943 The Masked Marvel as Warren Hamilton
movie 1943 Three Hearts for Julia as Mr. Doran
movie 1943 Watch on the Rhine as Cyrus Penfield
movie 1942 Andy Hardy's Double Life as Lincoln Lumber's Attorney
movie 1942 Bells of Capistrano as Doctor
movie 1942 Born to Sing as Critic
movie 1942 I Was Framed as Stuart Gaines
movie 1942 Kid Glove Killer as Clemence - First Politician
movie 1942 Lady for a Night as Civil War General
movie 1942 Tarzan's New York Adventure as Blake Norton, Tarzan's Lawyer
movie 1942 The Male Animal as Faculty Member
movie 1942 The Vanishing Virginian as Dr. Edwards
movie 1942 Tish as Mr. Fielding Kelbridge
movie 1942 True to the Army as Brigadier General
movie 1941 Angels with Broken Wings
movie 1941 Back Street as Mr. Williams
movie 1941 Belle Starr as Col. Thornton
movie 1941 Blossoms in the Dust as Texas Senator
movie 1941 Cheers for Miss Bishop as Professor Lancaster
movie 1941 Dick Tracy vs. Crime Inc. as Stephen Chandler
movie 1941 Dive Bomber as Admiral
movie 1941 Doctors Don't Tell as Dr. Watkins
movie 1941 Four Mothers as Music Foundation Director
movie 1941 Golden Hoofs as Calvin Harmon
movie 1941 Hold That Ghost as Judge
movie 1941 Hurricane Smith as Sen. Bradley
movie 1941 Ice-Capades as Lawyer
movie 1941 Lady from Louisiana as Judge William Harding
movie 1941 Maisie Was a Lady as Dr. Stephen W. Fredericks
movie 1941 Nine Lives Are Not Enough as Col. Andrews
movie 1941 Paris Calling as French General
movie 1941 Robbers of the Range as Roy Tremaine
movie 1941 Robin Hood of the Pecos as Col. Davis
movie 1941 Scattergood Pulls the Strings as Withers
movie 1941 Tuxedo Junction as Judge Leo Rivers
movie 1941 Uncle Joe as Banker Jones
movie 1941 Washington Melodrama as Bishop Chatterton
movie 1941 You Belong to Me as Mr. Deker
movie 1940 Boom Town as McCreery's Associate #1
movie 1940 Bowery Boy as Dr. Axel Winters
movie 1940 Bullet Code as John Mathews
movie 1940 Castle on the Hudson as The Judge
movie 1940 Dark Command as Southerner Orating for Votes
movie 1940 Gangs of Chicago as Judge Whitaker
movie 1940 Girls of the Road as Gov. Warren
movie 1940 Island of Doomed Men as Judge
movie 1940 It All Came True as Mr. Prendergast
movie 1940 Little Men as Doctor
movie 1940 Spring Parade as Colonel
movie 1940 Strike Up the Band as Doctor
movie 1940 The Man from Dakota as Confederate Colonel
movie 1940 The Secret Seven as Dr. Talbot
movie 1940 They Drive by Night as The Judge
movie 1940 Virginia City as Confederate Gen. Page
movie 1940 Yesterday's Heroes as Trustee
movie 1939 Beware Spooks! as Judge Roth
movie 1939 Convict's Code as Prison Warden
movie 1939 Espionage Agent as Walter Forbes
movie 1939 Everybody's Baby as Dr. Jenkins
movie 1939 Full Confession as Third Doctor
movie 1939 Gone with the Wind as John Wilkes
movie 1939 Good Girls Go to Paris as Jeffers - Brand's Butler
movie 1939 Little Accident as Mr. Allerton
movie 1939 My Son Is Guilty as Commissioner George Dodge
movie 1939 Off the Record as Doctor
movie 1939 On Borrowed Time as Chief Surgeon
movie 1939 Slightly Honorable as Sen. Sam Scott
movie 1939 The Angels Wash Their Faces as Judge Wilson
movie 1939 The Kansas Terrors as Governor-General del Montez
movie 1939 The Kid from Texas as Doctor at Polo Grounds
movie 1939 The Return of Doctor X as Chairman
movie 1939 The Under-Pup as Business Man
movie 1939 Three Smart Girls Grow Up as Conference Room Businessman
movie 1939 Thunder Afloat as Surgeon
movie 1939 Trouble in Sundown as John Cameron
movie 1939 When Tomorrow Comes as Wealthy Man
movie 1939 Wife, Husband and Friend as Concert Manager
movie 1939 Wings of the Navy as Capt. Dreen
movie 1938 Come On, Leathernecks! as Cmdr. Felton
movie 1938 Flight Into Nowhere as Howard Hammond
movie 1938 Holiday as Churchgoer
movie 1938 I Stand Accused as Gilbert
movie 1938 Juvenile Court as Gov. Stanley
movie 1938 Kentucky as Banker
movie 1938 King of the Newsboys as Judge
movie 1938 Love Is a Headache as Editor Williams
movie 1938 My Old Kentucky Home
movie 1938 Next Time I Marry as Judge Jonathan Travers
movie 1938 Numbered Woman
movie 1938 Panamint's Bad Man as Marshal Winston
movie 1938 Rascals as Judge
movie 1938 Smashing the Rackets as James J. Carew
movie 1938 Start Cheering as Dr. Fosdick
movie 1938 Tarzan's Revenge as Mr. Johnson
movie 1938 The Rage of Paris as Man in Opera Box
movie 1938 Woman Against Woman as Mr. Jamison
movie 1938 Young Dr. Kildare as Dr. Harris
movie 1937 Artists & Models as Mr. Currie
movie 1937 Back in Circulation as Judge
movie 1937 Borrowing Trouble as Judge Walters
movie 1937 Charlie Chan at the Olympics as Dr. Burton
movie 1937 Checkers as Race Judge
movie 1937 Criminals of the Air as Harrison
movie 1937 Give Till It Hurts as Dr. Douglas
movie 1937 Jim Hanvey, Detective as Herbert Frost
movie 1937 Join the Marines as Pruitt
movie 1937 Married Before Breakfast as Arthur - Man Bringing in Two Hoboes
movie 1937 Maytime as Opera Director
movie 1937 Motor Madness as Dr. Cadman
movie 1937 Murder in Greenwich Village as Mr. Sloan
movie 1937 One Hundred Men and a Girl as Johnson
movie 1937 One Mile from Heaven as Judge Clarke
movie 1937 Outcast as Dr. Matthews
movie 1937 Roaring Timber as Banker
movie 1937 Roll Along, Cowboy as Dr. Cooper
movie 1937 The Crime Nobody Saw as Robert Mallory
movie 1937 The Great Barrier as Donald Smith - Member of C.P.R. Board
movie 1937 The Lady Escapes as Judge
movie 1937 The Man Who Cried Wolf as Doctor on Stage
movie 1937 Venus Makes Trouble as Howard Clark
movie 1937 We Who Are About to Die as Prison Chaplain
movie 1937 Western Gold as Thatcher
movie 1937 What Do You Think? (Number Two)
movie 1936 August Week End as Spencer
movie 1936 Career Woman as Judge Whitman
movie 1936 Crack-Up as Major White
movie 1936 Dangerous Waters as Ship Doctor
movie 1936 Fifteen Maiden Lane as Mr. Whitman - Jeweller
movie 1936 Fury as Governor
movie 1936 Happy Go Lucky as Dr. Wilson
movie 1936 Hell-Ship Morgan as Cabot
movie 1936 Libeled Lady as Cable Editor
movie 1936 Love Letters of a Star as Dr. Webster
movie 1936 Murder with Pictures as Judge
movie 1936 Parole! as Lawyer
movie 1936 Pennies from Heaven as Chaplain
movie 1936 Swing Time as First Minister
movie 1936 The Bohemian Girl as Dignified Captain
movie 1936 The Law in Her Hands as Judge Henry D. Morse
movie 1936 To Mary - with Love as Guest
movie 1936 Too Many Parents as Colonel Colman
movie 1936 Trapped by Television as G.P. Tucker - Board Member
movie 1936 Two Against the World as Dr. Maguire
movie 1936 Wild Brian Kent as Bob Cruikshank
movie 1935 'Hit-and-Run Driver' as Dr. Flynn
movie 1935 Bright Lights as Mr. Aldridge
movie 1935 Captain Hurricane as Jimmy's Father
movie 1935 Carnival as Doctor
movie 1935 Death Flies East as Carlyle
movie 1935 Dinky as Judge Barlow
movie 1935 Fighting Shadows as Inspector Rutledge
movie 1935 Ginger as Juvenile Judge
movie 1935 Great God Gold as Dunbar - Marcia's Attorney
movie 1935 Gypsy Sweetheart as Mr. Van Updyke
movie 1935 I Live My Life as Teacher at Terry's Lecture
movie 1935 I'll Love You Always as Dean
movie 1935 It's in the Air as Mr. Ruby
movie 1935 Law Beyond the Range as Capt. Wood
movie 1935 Let 'em Have It as Assistant Chief Clerk
movie 1935 Little Big Shot as The Judge
movie 1935 Red Hot Tires as Judge Alcott
movie 1935 Rendezvous as G-Man
movie 1935 Straight from the Heart as Police Sergeant
movie 1935 The Flame Within as Man at Hospital Benefit
movie 1935 The Murder Man as Howard Jennings
movie 1935 Three Kids and a Queen as Dr. Bowers
movie 1935 Too Tough to Kill as Billings
movie 1935 West Point of the Air as Army Officer in Former Times
movie 1935 Whipsaw as Hotel Clerk
movie 1935 Woman Wanted as Dr. Griffith
movie 1934 A Lost Lady as Dr. Barlow
movie 1934 A Modern Hero as Dr. McPherson
movie 1934 Baby Take a Bow as Blair
movie 1934 Death on the Diamond as Dr. Cushman
movie 1934 Evelyn Prentice as Mr. Whitlock - Party Guest
movie 1934 Fugitive Lady as Doctor
movie 1934 Gambling Lady as Divorce Judge
movie 1934 Gentlemen Are Born as College President
movie 1934 George White's Scandals as Doctor
movie 1934 Here Comes the Navy as Captain
movie 1934 Hi, Nellie! as Dr. John W. Wilson
movie 1934 Jimmy the Gent as Doctor
movie 1934 Mystery Liner as Dr. Howard
movie 1934 Radio Scout
movie 1934 Return of the Terror as Judge
movie 1934 Side Streets as Dr. Randolph W. Hendricks
movie 1934 Sisters Under the Skin as Dutton
movie 1934 The Big Shakedown as Board Member
movie 1934 The Defense Rests as Judge
movie 1934 The Man with Two Faces as Mr. Jones
movie 1934 The Mighty Barnum as Undetermined Role
movie 1934 The Personality Kid as Joan's Doctor
movie 1934 The Secret Bride as Senate President
movie 1934 The Silver Streak as Member Board of Directors
movie 1934 Three on a Honeymoon as Mr. Foster
movie 1934 Twentieth Century as Dr. Johnson
movie 1934 Upperworld as Judge
movie 1933 I Loved a Woman as Businessman at Meeting
movie 1933 The Man Who Dared as Politician
movie 1933 The Right to Romance as Dr. Macey
movie 1933 The Silk Express as Mill Owner in Association
movie 1933 The World Changes as Doctor
movie 1933 Walls of Gold as Bridge Player
movie 1932 Tess of the Storm Country as Minister
movie 1932 The Age of Consent as Doctor
movie 1931 The Hot Spot
movie 1930 Brothers as John Naughton
movie 1930 Hello Sister as John Stanley
movie 1929 His First Command as Maj. Hall
movie 1929 The Broadway Hoofer as Larry
movie 1928 Alias Jimmy Valentine as Mr. Lane
movie 1921 Nobody's Kid
movie 1921 A Certain Rich Man
movie 1921 Man of the Forest
movie 1921 The Killer
movie 1921 The Lure of Egypt
movie 1920 Screen Snapshots, Series 1, No. 2 as Himself
movie 1920 Just a Wife
movie 1919 Kitty Kelly, M.D.
movie 1919 A Trick of Fate
movie 1919 All of a Sudden Norma
movie 1919 Beckoning Roads
movie 1919 Hearts Asleep
movie 1919 Her Purchase Price
movie 1919 Josselyn's Wife
movie 1919 Tangled Threads
movie 1918 Blue Blood as Spencer Wellington
movie 1918 Madam Who as Henry Morgan
movie 1918 Maid o' the Storm as Jules Picardo
movie 1918 Rose o' Paradise as Lafe Grandoken
movie 1918 Social Ambition as Vincent Manton
movie 1918 The Cast-Off as Dr. Jim Thorpe
movie 1918 The Heart of Rachael
movie 1918 The White Lie
movie 1918 Two-Gun Betty
movie 1917 Blood Will Tell as James Black
movie 1917 Chicken Casey as 'Dickey' Cochran
movie 1917 The Snarl as Jack Mason
movie 1917 Those Who Pay as George W. Graham
movie 1917 Wooden Shoes as Jack Smith
movie 1916 Civilization as Count Ferdinand
movie 1916 Somewhere in France as Lt. Charles Ravignac
movie 1916 The Female of the Species as Carleton Condon
movie 1916 The Honorable Algy as Lord Rockmore
movie 1916 The Jungle Child as Ridgeway Webb
movie 1916 The Moral Fabric as Mackley Stuart
movie 1916 The Sin Ye Do as Robert Darrow
movie 1916 The Wolf Woman as John Morton
movie 1915 Hostage of the North as Andrews
movie 1915 In the Warden's Garden as Jim Haley
movie 1915 Matrimony as Weston Rossmore
movie 1915 The Bride of Guadaloupe as Felipe
movie 1915 The Chinatown Mystery as Frank Sloan
movie 1915 The Cup of Life as Higsby
movie 1915 The Human Octopus as Tom Horton
movie 1915 The Kite as Hammond
movie 1915 The Man from Oregon as 'Honest' Jim Martin
movie 1915 The Play of the Season as David Aubrey
movie 1915 The Roughneck as Lord Cecil Oakleigh
movie 1915 The Shadowgraph Message as Blackwell - a Forger
movie 1915 The Winged Messenger as Jim Harris
movie 1915 His Mother's Portrait
movie 1915 When Love Leads
movie 1914 A Murderous Elopement as Jimmie
movie 1914 Almost a White Hope as Wouldby Strong
movie 1914 An Academy Romance as Ed
movie 1914 Divorce
movie 1914 Hawkeye and the Cheese Mystery
movie 1914 Her First Arrest as Chief of Police Hickman
movie 1914 Just Mother
movie 1914 Love and Politics
movie 1914 On the Chess Board of Fate
movie 1914 The Bells of Austi as Undetermined Leading Role
movie 1914 The Circus Man as Artful Dick Cronk
movie 1914 The Deuce and Two Pair as George Love
movie 1914 The Making of Bobby Burnit as Daniel Johnson
movie 1914 The Saint and the Singer as Mr. Smith
movie 1914 The Tale of a Dog
movie 1913 Captain Kidd as Frank Curtis
movie 1913 The Buccaneers as Blackbeard
movie 1913 The Doctor's Orders as Dist. Atty. John Martin
movie 1913 Under the Black Flag as Juan
movie 1912 The Dead Pay as Lt. Kane

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