Howard Calvert

Howard Calvert Filmography

movie 2014 Franky as Killa Kody
movie 2014 Lars the Emo Kid as Baking Soda
movie 2014 My Time to Die as Josh
movie 2014 Patriot Act as Diner Trucker #1
movie 2014 Sorrow as Bouncer
movie 2014 The Good Friend as Bouncer
movie 2013 Crack of Dawn as Flo
movie 2013 Restorative Justice as Prisoner #1
movie 2012 Race War: The Remake as Baking Soda
movie 2012 The Haunted Trailer as Evil Aaron
movie 2012 The Order of Things as Security Guard
movie 2011 Jacob as Amos
movie 2011 The Legend of El Diablo

Howard Calvert on Youtube

Houston Actor Howard Calvert takes the time and opportunity to promote C47 Houston Entertainment Magazine. Mr. Calvert will be in our September issue of the ...

Josh physically and emotionally abuses his wife... then he is kidnapped paired with a female victim named Eve. Together, they are stalked and terrorized by a...

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