Howard Freeman

Howard Freeman (December 9, 1899 - December 11, 1967) was an American stage actor of the early 20th century, and film and television actor of the 1940s through the 1960s. ... more on Wikipedia

Howard Freeman Filmography

movie 1965 Dear Brigitte as Dean Sawyer
movie 1965 Bad Girls Do Cry
tv movie 1953 Horace Mann's Miracle
movie 1953 Raiders of the Seven Seas as Mayor PompaƱo
movie 1953 Remains to Be Seen as Clark
movie 1952 Million Dollar Mermaid as Aldrich
movie 1952 Scaramouche as Michael Vanneau
movie 1952 The Turning Point as Fogel
movie 1951 Double Dynamite as R.B. Pulsifer Sr.
movie 1951 Here Comes the Groom as Governor
movie 1950 Perfect Strangers as Arthur Timkin
movie 1949 Chicago Deadline as Hotspur Shaner
movie 1949 Take One False Step as Dr. Markheim
movie 1948 Arthur Takes Over as Bert Bixby
movie 1948 Cry of the City as Sullivan the Drunk
movie 1948 Give My Regards to Broadway as Mr. Waldron
movie 1948 If You Knew Susie as Mr. Clinton
movie 1948 Letter from an Unknown Woman as Herr Kastner
movie 1948 Summer Holiday as Mr. Peabody
movie 1948 The Girl from Manhattan as Sam Griffin
movie 1948 The Snake Pit as Dr. Curtis
movie 1948 The Time of Your Life as Society Gentleman
movie 1948 Up in Central Park as Myron Schultz
movie 1947 California as Sen. Creel
movie 1947 Cass Timberlane as Hervey Plint
movie 1947 Cigarette Girl as B.J. Halstead
movie 1947 Easy Come, Easy Go as Magistrate
movie 1947 Magic Town as Nickleby
movie 1947 My Brother Talks to Horses as Hector Damson
movie 1947 That Way with Women as Dr. Harvey
movie 1947 The Long Night as Sheriff Ned Meade
movie 1947 The Perfect Marriage as Peter Haggerty
movie 1946 Abilene Town as Ed Balder
movie 1946 Cross My Heart as Wallace Brent
movie 1946 House of Horrors as Hal Ormiston
movie 1946 Inside Job as Mr. Winkle
movie 1946 Monsieur Beaucaire as King Philip II
movie 1946 Night and Day as Max Fisher
movie 1946 So Goes My Love as Willis
movie 1946 Susie Steps Out as Mr. Starr
movie 1946 Swell Guy as Botsworth
movie 1946 The Blue Dahlia as Corelli
movie 1946 The Killers as Brentwood Police Chief
movie 1945 A Song to Remember as Kalkbrenner
movie 1945 I'll Tell the World as Lester Westchester
movie 1945 Mexicana as Beagle
movie 1945 That Night with You as Wilbur Weedy
movie 1945 This Love of Ours as Dr. Barnes
movie 1945 Where Do We Go from Here? as Kreiger
movie 1945 You Came Along as Drunk
movie 1944 An American Romance as Jarrett's Associate
movie 1944 Carolina Blues as Tom Gordon
movie 1944 Dancing in Manhattan as George Hartley
movie 1944 Meet Miss Bobby Socks as Tom Tyler
movie 1944 Meet the People as Mr. George Peetwick
movie 1944 Mr. Winkle Goes to War as Mayor Williams
movie 1944 Once Upon a Time as McKenzie
movie 1944 Rationing as Cash Riddle
movie 1944 Secret Command as Max Lessing
movie 1944 The Mark of the Whistler as M.K. Simmons
movie 1944 The Unwritten Code as Mr. Norris
movie 1943 Air Raid Wardens as J.P. Norton
movie 1943 Girl Crazy as Governor Tait
movie 1943 Hitler's Madman as Heinrich Himmler
movie 1943 Lost Angel as Professor Richards
movie 1943 Madame Curie as Prof. Constant
movie 1943 Margin for Error as Otto Horst
movie 1943 Pilot #5 as Governor Hank Durban
movie 1943 Slightly Dangerous as Mr. Quill
movie 1943 The Human Comedy as Reverend Holly
movie 1943 Whistling in Brooklyn as Steve Conlon
movie 1942 Inflation as Radio Store Proprietor

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