Howard Ryshpan

Howard Ryshpan Filmography

movie 2005 A Year in the Death of Jack Richards as The Psychiatrist
movie 2005 The Greatest Game Ever Played as Gallery Member
movie 2004 Pinocchio 3000 as Geppetto
tv movie 2003 The Reagans as Gridiron Emcee
tv movie 2001 Varian's War as Konditorei Owner
movie 1999 Babel as Kazam's Voice
tv movie 1999 P.T. Barnum as James Heath
movie 1990 To Be as Scientist
movie 1989 Canada's Capital: Behind the Scenes
movie 1989 Enemies: A Love Story as Onlooker
tv movie 1989 The Phone Call as Harold
movie 1987 Charles et François
video movie 1987 The Marvelous Land of Oz
video movie 1987 The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
tv movie 1986 Choices as Paul
movie 1986 Out of a Job
tv series 1986 Ozu no Mahotsukai
movie 1983 Bonheur d'occasion as Docteur Katz
tv movie 1983 Illusions as Englishman
movie 1982 Canada Vignettes: Ice
movie 1978 Canada Vignettes: Land of the Maple Leaf as Narrator
movie 1978 Canada Vignettes: News Canada as John A. Macdonald
movie 1978 Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang as Toy Store Owner
movie 1978 Les liens de sang as Doctor
movie 1978 The Nearest Point to Everywhere as Narrator
movie 1977 Rabid as Dr. Dan Keloid
movie 1976 The Street
movie 1975 Lies My Father Told Me
movie 1974 The Happy Prince as Additional Voices

Howard Ryshpan on Youtube

Here is a short clip featuring Howard Ryshpan [as the doctor], who voiced Mendoza in the classic cartoon The Mysterious Cities of Gold. He also served as the...

See the English cast of Mysterious Cities of Gold (Adrian Knight, Shiraz Adam, Janice Chaikelson, and Howard Ryshpan)dub a scene for the Fabulous Films ...

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