Hugh Walters

Hugh Walters Filmography

video movie 2012 Nice or Nasty?: The Making of Vengeance on Varos as Vogel
video movie 2008 The Rise and Fall of Gallifrey as Rucnible
video movie 2008 The Ties That Bind Us as Runcible
video movie 2006 The Dalek Tapes as Vogel
video movie 2005 'Revelation' Exhumed as Himself
tv movie 2003 Hear the Silence as Dean Dr. Richard Stein
movie 2002 Pas de Trois as Vicar
tv movie 2000 Cor, Blimey! as Charles Hawtrey
movie 1997 Firelight as Dr. Geddes
movie 1996 The Innocent Sleep as Lewis
tv movie 1987 Comeback as First Official
movie 1984 Nineteen Eighty-Four as Artsem Lecturer
tv movie 1984 The Body in the Library as Mr Prescott
tv movie 1982 Baal as Pianist
movie 1982 Brimstone & Treacle as Man
movie 1982 The Missionary as Fermleigh's Doctor
tv movie 1982 The World Cup: A Captain's Tale as Reader
tv movie 1981 Wet Job as Hunter
movie 1980 George and Mildred as Waiter
movie 1976 Alfie Darling as Hugh, Advertising Man
tv movie 1973 Secrets as Jackson
tv movie 1973 Total Eclipse as Etienne Carjat
movie 1967 Rocket to the Moon as Carruthers
movie 1965 Catch Us If You Can as Grey

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The ultimate evil=INGSOC=Oligarchical Collectivism. National Socialism. The trailer for the 1984 movie adaptation of Nineteen Eighty-Four, novel by the Briti...

A reel of some of my work from the last few years. CONTACT: or if Business relayed at ( hugh.hamilton92 (at) gmail .

And now here's the real ezCap! After a brief pause wherein my VCR was taping absolutely nothing whatsoever (and why was the bloody tab even still on, I mean ...

NOTE: THE FILM IS NOW DONE! You can find the final cut here: *** This was my big project for my animation ...