Hugh Webster

Hugh Webster Filmography

movie 1985 Bayo as Wilf Taylor
tv movie 1985 Love & Larceny as Mr. Hobday
movie 1985 Martin's Day as Gas Station Attendant
tv movie 1985 The Suicide Murders as Glassock
movie 1983 Never Cry Wolf as Drunk
tv movie 1983 Pygmalion as Sarcastic Bystander
movie 1982 If You Could See What I Hear as Sean
movie 1981 Dirty Tricks as Mr. Darcy
movie 1981 The Last Chase as Fetch
movie 1980 Agency as Inmate
movie 1980 Mr. Patman as Mr. Wolfe
movie 1980 Nothing Personal as Emerson
movie 1978 Drying Up the Streets as Doctor
movie 1977 Who Has Seen the Wind as Ab
movie 1976 Find the Lady as Eddie
movie 1976 For Gentlemen Only
tv movie 1975 The Canary as Stanley
movie 1973 Between Friends as Coker
movie 1971 Fortune and Men's Eyes as Rabbit
movie 1971 Rip-Off as Mr. Duncan
movie 1971 The Reincarnate as Berryman
movie 1970 King of the Grizzlies as Shorty
movie 1964 The Last Voyage of Henry Hudson as Juet
movie 1956 Is It a Woman's World?

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Game Clip.

Directed by: Robert Day (I) Written by: John W. Bloch Thomas Chastain (novel) Released: Cast: Vince Edwards as. Jack Trahey Anjanette Comer as. Pat Trahey ...

Ginno (right) tormenting poor Ralphy (left)

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