Hughie Mack

Hughie Mack Filmography

movie 1928 Four Sons as Innkeeper
movie 1928 The Wedding March as Eberle - the Wine-grower
movie 1927 The Arizona Whirlwind as Gonzales
movie 1927 Where Trails Begin as 'Heftie' McNutt
movie 1926 Mare Nostrum as Caragol
movie 1926 The Silent Flyer as Fat Sidekick
movie 1925 A Woman's Faith as François
movie 1925 The Merry Widow as Innkeeper
movie 1924 Greed as Mr. Heise
movie 1924 The Riddle Rider as Willie
movie 1923 Going Up as Sam Robinson
movie 1923 Reno as Justice of the Peace
movie 1923 That Kid from Madrid
movie 1922 Trifling Women as Père Alphonse Bidondeau
movie 1921 Fellow Romans
movie 1921 Make It Snappy
movie 1921 Open Another Bottle
movie 1921 Rush Orders as Lunch Counter Customer
movie 1921 The Morning After
movie 1921 Whirl o' the West as Undetermined Secondary Role
movie 1920 An Arabian Nightmare
movie 1920 An Elephant on His Hands as Jonah Whale
movie 1920 Any Old Port
movie 1920 Call a Taxi
movie 1920 Cash Customers
movie 1920 Go As You Please
movie 1920 Money to Burn
movie 1920 Run 'Em Ragged
movie 1920 Seeing It Through as Mr. Tweeney
movie 1919 All Jazzed Up
movie 1919 Back to the Kitchen as The Cook's 3rd Suitor
movie 1919 Behind the Front
movie 1919 Charlie, the Hero
movie 1919 Cupid's Day Off as Customer's Husband
movie 1919 In Bad All Around
movie 1919 Rip & Stitch: Tailors as An Unusual Husband
movie 1919 The Dentist as The Dentist's 2nd Patient
movie 1918 A Flyer in Folly
movie 1918 A Rural Riot
movie 1918 Barbarous Plots
movie 1918 Bawled Out
movie 1918 Choo Choo Love
movie 1918 Cooks and Crooks
movie 1918 Cupid vs. Art
movie 1918 Gowns and Girls
movie 1918 Her Movie Madness
movie 1918 Her Unmarried Life
movie 1918 Pearls and Girls
movie 1918 Pretty Babies
movie 1918 Saved from a Vamp
movie 1918 Sherlock Ambrose
movie 1918 The Cabbage Queen
movie 1918 The Geaser of Berlin as Buxom Baker
movie 1918 The Torpedo Pirates
movie 1918 The Village Chestnut as Policeman
movie 1918 In Dutch
movie 1917 Are Waitresses Safe? as Minor Role
movie 1917 Big Bluffs and Bowling Balls as A Bluff
movie 1917 Bullies and Bullets as Him
movie 1917 Chinks and Chases
movie 1917 Cops and Cussedness as The Pride of the Force
movie 1917 Fat and Foolish
movie 1917 Gall and Gasoline
movie 1917 He Never Touched Me as A Week -Kneed Husband
movie 1917 Heavy Hugs and Hula-Hula
movie 1917 Hula, Hula Hughie
movie 1917 Jeers and Jailbirds
movie 1917 Jolts and Jewelry as Bunco Charley
movie 1917 Masks and Mishaps
movie 1917 Rips and Rushes as Vernon Rastle
movie 1917 Somewhere in Any Place as Captain S. Service
movie 1917 Speed and Spunk as The Bachelor
movie 1916 A Jealous Guy as Hughey Hunk
movie 1916 A Night Out as Jeff Dorgan
movie 1916 A Villainous Villain as Sherlock Oomph, Detective
movie 1916 Hash and Havoc as The Chef
movie 1916 Help! Help! Help! as Life Saver
movie 1916 His Conscious Conscience as Hughey Mc Turbs
movie 1916 Hughey, the Process Server as Hughey
movie 1916 Jumps and Jealousy as The Masher
movie 1916 Losing Weight as Hughey
movie 1916 Love and Loot as The Hero
movie 1916 More Money Than Manners as Hector McMush
movie 1916 Out Ag'in, in Ag'in as Tubby
movie 1916 Rah! Rah! Rah! as Our Brave Hero
movie 1916 Romance and Roughhouse as Hefty Hughie
movie 1916 Sand, Scamps and Strategy as Percy Pickles
movie 1916 Shanks and Chivalry as Ye Lover
movie 1916 She Who Last Laughs as Spencer Spunk
movie 1916 Terry's Tea Party as The Son
movie 1916 The Battler as The Battler
movie 1916 The Man from Egypt as Hughey
movie 1916 There and Back as Hughie Homer
movie 1916 Tubby Turns the Tables as Tubby
movie 1916 Walls and Wallops as Police Sergeant
movie 1916 When Hooligan and Dooligan Ran for Mayor as Dennis Hooligan
movie 1915 A Man of Parts as Bill Swiggles
movie 1915 A Pair of Queens as Hennessey - the Bricklayer
movie 1915 A Price for Folly
movie 1915 A Queen for an Hour
movie 1915 Bringing Up Father as Jiggs
movie 1915 Count 'Em
movie 1915 Fair, Fat and Saucy as Jerry - the Cook
movie 1915 Hats Is Hats as Mike - the Express Agent
movie 1915 Heavy Villains as Philip Preston - Lucy's Sweetheart
movie 1915 Hughey of the Circus as Hughey
movie 1915 Itsky, the Inventor as Hoozis
movie 1915 Jane Was Worth It as Hughie
movie 1915 Pat Hogan, Deceased as Mike
movie 1915 Some Duel as Hughie the Barber
movie 1915 The Dust of Egypt as Bilings
movie 1915 The Highwayman as Big John
movie 1915 The Smoking Out of Bella Butts
movie 1915 The Sultan of Zulon as Ram Si Ko - the Sultan of Zulon
movie 1915 Victor's at Seven as Hughey White
movie 1915 War as Jean Dubois
movie 1914 C.O.D. as C.O. Drudge
movie 1914 Cherry
movie 1914 Fatty on the Job as Fatty
movie 1914 Fatty's Sweetheart as Fatty
movie 1914 How Burke and Burke Made Good as Burke #1
movie 1914 Mary Jane Entertains as Percy - Mary Jane's Sweetheart
movie 1914 Mr. Bingle's Melodrama as A Villain
movie 1914 Our Fairy Play as Bud - the Judge's Son
movie 1914 Pickles, Art and Sauerkraut
movie 1914 Scotland Forever as Hugh
movie 1914 Stage Struck as Wiley Willy - the Book Agent
movie 1914 Sweeney's Christmas Bird as Sweeney
movie 1914 The Adventure of the Rival Undertakers as Ketchum Quick - 1st Undertaker
movie 1914 The Band Leader as A Rich Baker
movie 1914 The Chicken Inspector
movie 1914 The Girl in the Case
movie 1914 The Hero as Percival - the Hero
movie 1914 The Lost Cord
movie 1914 The Mystery of the Laughing Death
movie 1914 The New Stenographer as Mr. Robinson
movie 1914 The Speeder's Revenge
movie 1914 The Widow of Red Rock as Rogan
movie 1914 The Win(k)some Widow as Hughie, the Star's Manager
movie 1914 Too Many Husbands as Bauer
movie 1913 A Lady and Her Maid
movie 1913 A Millinery Bomb as First Policeman
movie 1913 A Trap to Catch a Burglar as Joseph Miniver
movie 1913 An Elopement at Home as The Milkman
movie 1913 An Error in Kidnapping as Mr. Smith - the Twins' Father
movie 1913 Bunny for the Cause
movie 1913 Buttercups
movie 1913 Cutey and the Chorus Girls as Billy
movie 1913 Cutey and the Twins as The Twins' Father
movie 1913 Cutey's Waterloo
movie 1913 Dick, the Dead Shot
movie 1913 Everybody's Doing It
movie 1913 Fatty's Affair of Honor as Fatty
movie 1913 Flaming Hearts as William Wiffles - Bunny's Secretary
movie 1913 Getting Up a Practice as One of the Doctor's Friends
movie 1913 How Fatty Made Good as Fatty
movie 1913 If Dreams Came True; or, Who'd Have Thunk It? as The Fat Man
movie 1913 It Made Him Mad as John L. Sullivan, Boxer
movie 1913 John Tobin's Sweetheart as John Tobin I
movie 1913 Keeping Husbands Home as Fred King
movie 1913 Matrimonial Manoeuvres
movie 1913 No Sweets as A Shop Clerk
movie 1913 O'Hara and the Youthful Prodigal as Policeman
movie 1913 O'Hara as a Guardian Angel as Policeman
movie 1913 O'Hara Helps Cupid as Larry Doolan, a Policeman
movie 1913 O'Hara's Godchild as Police Officer Callahan
movie 1913 Omens and Oracles
movie 1913 One Over on Cutey
movie 1913 Playing the Pipers as Robert McDonald
movie 1913 Roughing the Cub as Clarence Sniggles - Cub Reporter
movie 1913 Sleuthing as A Policeman
movie 1913 The Amateur Lion Tamer as Ike - the Amateur Lion Tamer
movie 1913 The Ancient Order of Good Fellows as Jerry Monroe - the Policeman
movie 1913 The Autocrat of Flapjack Junction
movie 1913 The Coming of Gretchen as Emil
movie 1913 The Dog House Builders as Hughie - the Big Carpenter
movie 1913 The Honorable Algernon as Blinkers
movie 1913 The Hoodoo Umbrella
movie 1913 The Man Higher Up as Bill Mackay, a Detective
movie 1913 Three to One
movie 1913 Two Souls with But a Single Thought; or, A Maid and Three Men as Mack - Second Elderly Bachelor
movie 1913 Two's Company, Three's a Crowd
movie 1913 Wanted, a Strong Hand as Mrs. Binks' Son
movie 1913 When Glasses Are Not Glasses
movie 1913 When the Press Speaks as One of Peter's Friends
movie 1913 Which Way Did He Go?
movie 1913 Wild Beasts at Large as The Butcher
movie 1912 As You Like It as William
movie 1912 Captain Barnacle's Legacy as Jack Bunce
movie 1912 Captain Barnacle's Waif as Captain Bunce
movie 1912 Captain Barnacle, Reformer as Captain Bunce
movie 1912 O'Hara, Squatter and Philosopher as Callahan - the Policeman
movie 1912 Planting the Spring Garden as Mr. Citiman
movie 1912 The Absent-Minded Valet as Joe Price
movie 1912 The Curio Hunters as One of Bill's Companions
movie 1912 The Godmother as Tubby - First Boy
movie 1912 The Model for St. John
movie 1912 The Servant Problem; or, How Mr. Bullington Ran the House as Mr. Barton Bullington
movie 1911 Captain Barnacle's Courtship as Captain Bunce
movie 1910 Davy Jones and Captain Bragg

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Intertitoli in italiano L'egiziano ( The man from Egypt ) Anno 1916 Con: Hughie Mack Regia di: Larry Semon.