Hunter Johnson

Hunter Johnson Filmography

movie 2014 The Los Box as Cane
movie 2014 Melody
video movie 2012 Bikini Spring Break
movie 2011 Night Shift
video movie 2010 Carnage, Chaos & Creeps as Dave
movie 2010 Driver's Ed Mutiny as Nick
movie 2010 Spots as Jerry
movie 2009 Carnage on Graves Farm as Dave
movie 2003 Portrait of a Dog as Martin
movie 2003 Wrong Side

Hunter Johnson on Youtube

Recorded live in the Airstream (Our Green Room for Bands) at Last Exit Live. Check out upcoming shows at 717 S. Central Ave. Phoenix,...

The Water They Didn't Drink - a film by RalphGM (2014). Lucy Engelman □ Lily Goldberg □ Ivy Miller □ Corley Henderson Also appearing Hunter Johnson. @LAHORRORCOM.

a trailer to my upcoming video series.