I. Elijah Baughman

I. Elijah Baughman Filmography

movie 2014 Abducted as Character Witness
movie 2014 An American in Hollywood as Hip Hop Artist
movie 2014 Angel of Death as Club Security #1
movie 2014 Bullet as Man In Hospital
movie 2014 Children of Sorrow as Screening Audience
movie 2014 Damn Foreigners as Officer Cross
movie 2014 Eternity: The Movie as DJ High-Pitch
movie 2014 Ex-Free as Wedding Guest
movie 2014 Fight to the Finish as MMA Fan #2
movie 2014 Terms & Conditions as Killer Goon
movie 2014 Underdogs as Sho-Nuff
movie 2013 2 Dead 2 Kill as Strip Club Attendee
movie 2013 Alpha House as Bennie 'The Bear' Stevenson
movie 2013 April Rain as Desert Combatant
movie 2013 Are There Women on Kepler? as Wise Man
movie 2013 Blind Date-ish as The Real David
movie 2013 God Don't Like Ugly as Leroy
movie 2013 Hollywood Chaos as Man at Bar
movie 2013 Lurid as Bar Patron
movie 2013 Mobster as Gangster At Party
movie 2013 My Girlfriend's Crazy Parents as Mr. Taylor
movie 2013 Our Real Love as Eric
movie 2013 Sneakin Into Movies and Sh#! as Reggie
video movie 2013 Star Wars Speed Dating as Lando Calrissian
movie 2013 The Ladies Room as Fight Spectator
movie 2013 X Confident as Fred
tv series 2013 The Creepy Girl as Adam Johnson
movie 2012 Ana's Story as Thug 1
movie 2012 Brother White as Homeless Man
movie 2012 DGK: Parental Advisory as The Chef
movie 2012 Diary of Successful Black Men as Himself
movie 2012 Foxfur as Sundafu
video movie 2012 Global Novations Books as Brian
movie 2012 In the Hive as Hive Boy Family Member
movie 2012 Liberator as DOT Worker
movie 2012 Middle of Nowhere as Prison Inmate
movie 2012 Mono as Adam
movie 2012 Noobz as Restaurant Customer
movie 2012 Pawnshop Express as Steve
movie 2012 Pleasure or Pain as Guy on Set
movie 2012 The Hideout as Hugo Duran
movie 2012 The Undershepherd as First Baptist Church Member
movie 2012 What If... as Rod
movie 2011 Cyborg Clone Rambocop 12: This Time It's Personal the Revenge Redux Reloaded to the Limit as Terrorist clone
movie 2011 God Bless America as Bodyguard
movie 2011 Grace as Concert Attendee
video movie 2011 Halfway to a Blackout Trailer as Filipino James
video movie 2011 Strengths as Case Manager #3
movie 2011 Super M. as Mike
movie 2011 The Secret of His Success as Jamal
movie 2011 The Wizard of Ozcar as Leo
movie 2011 Transients as Drummer
movie 2011 Vigilant as Silk
movie The Challenger as Fight Fan

I. Elijah Baughman on Youtube

I.Elijah Baughman New Reel (2012)

Adam (I. Elijah Baughman) goes to meet a guy off craigslist to buy a pair of speakers, and all types of weirdness ensues.

Young C.B. resents that his mother married a black man. Featuring Actress Jennifer Taing Filmed, Written & Directed By, Kvon Chen.

The Hideout is about five thieves that retreat back to their hideout after a heist. Slowly, they begin to distrust and turn against one another and then chao...