Ian Colin

Ian Colin Filmography

movie 1962 Strongroom as Creighton
tv movie 1962 The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse as Sir William Grant
movie 1961 Dangerous Afternoon as Rev. Everard Porson
tv series 1961 The House Under the Water as Sir Arthur Weldon
tv series 1960 Coronation Street as Arthur Forsythe-Jones
tv movie 1959 A Farthing Damages as Dr. King
movie 1959 The White Trap
movie 1959 Witness in the Dark as Supt. Thompson
movie 1958 The Two-Headed Spy as Col. Heitz
movie 1957 Brothers in Law as County Court Counsel
movie 1957 The Big Chance as Adam Maxwell
tv movie 1957 The Indifferent Shepherd as Group Capt. Walter Cartwright-Godwall
tv movie 1954 Liebelei as A Colonel
movie 1953 The Last Load as Mr. Eden
movie 1949 The Adventures of Jane as Captain Cleaver
movie 1949 The Queen of Spades as Officer in the gaming room
movie 1949 Trapped by the Terror as Count Dupis
movie 1948 The Winslow Boy as Mr. Saunders
movie 1939 The Outsider
movie 1938 A Dream of Love as Franz Liszt
movie 1938 Darts Are Trumps as Harry
movie 1938 The Life of Chopin as Franz Liszt
movie 1937 Born That Way as Hugh
movie 1937 It's Never Too Late to Mend as George Fielding
movie 1936 Blind Man's Bluff as Philip Stanhope
movie 1936 Men of Yesterday
movie 1936 Servants All as Gale
movie 1936 Toilers of the Sea as Peter Caudray
movie 1936 Wings Over Africa as Tony Cooper
movie 1935 Blue Smoke as Chris Steele
movie 1935 Cross Currents as Tony Brocklehurst
movie 1935 Late Extra as Ronnie Carson
movie 1935 The Small Man as Director's son
movie 1933 A Moorland Tragedy as Tom Lee

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"Thirst for Power" Directed by Thorold Dickinson Writing credits Alexander Pushkin (short story "Pikovaya dama") Rodney Ackland writer Arthur Boys writer CAS.

El sueño de Cassandra, narra la historia de Ian y su hermano menor Terry. A pesar de sus apuros económicos, ambos adquieren un velero de segunda mano ...

I had this idea stuck in my head for a really long time and since I have never done a male celebrity video only females I decided to actually do it! Colin Mo...

this is a 4 player coop on ascension with imgobencion iang rtn the cwrm 7 and spirited mist aka ivan ian colin and kevin. this is my first live commentary en...